Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is Going On in Israel?

"What isn’t hotting up in Israel?

by Divining the News (DTN)

A couple of days ago a Mafia don was assassinated by a car bomb. This has sent shockwaves throughout the society. Public killings of Jewish underworld figures are virtually unheard of. It pushed the news of Gaza’s missiles off as the lead story. It is the type of news to be discussed in every house and cafe. And is possibly a turning point in Israeli society, a heralding of divisions within, and therefore of a weakness within. Any country with a ghetto mentality is likely to encourage mafiosos, yet it is true they exist in most societies. Mind you few societies have as many trained munition experts. Fortunately I know nothing of the Israeli underworld. But if there is a reprisal killing, then this is likely to open up deep divisions....


Killing of Arabs and Muslims for land and resources has been going on for some time, but not Jew against Jew. The Jewish heads of Banks like Citigroup (and all the others) must have supported the ‘war on terror’ and also the big corporations like Monsanto. Monsanto specialises in life killing substances like Agent Orange etc. It is a prime suspect in the (CCD Colony Collapse Disorder) current disaster befalling the Bee Hives. Yet no Jewish voice speaks out against the company! How is that possible? Without Bees the survival of everyone is at stake. Just what are Jewish values? Advising soldiers how to fight galantly for a secure Israel?

.Jewish values are now about the family, God and the Mother. And in a dogmatic way. Aggressive wars, killings and harm to nature are of no interest to the religious powerbase. Nor is the pursuit of money, this is a wholly acceptable singular pursuit. Israel and the Jews are a reflection of the Jewish religion. It has enormess power, Israel is a religious state, and everywhere Jews are pursuing money. But killing is entering the picture more and more, over a million dead in Iraq for starters, hardly a Jewish whisper of protest can be heard. But there are plenty of these Jews worried about who I will talk to, they are worried for the reputation of the Jews, they believe in killing and wars and a singular pursuit of money. They are losing their right to govern, not in my eyes, but in everyone’s eyes (except the settlers movement)....