Monday, November 24, 2008

Criminal State Senator Returns For Cover-Up

"Senate prez boots Dianne Wilkerson from State House after pop-in" by Hillary Chabot and Laurel J. Sweet November 25, 2008

Senate President Therese Murray booted disgraced ex-Sen. Dianne Wilkerson out of her third-floor office yesterday after Wilkerson showed up unannounced and began tossing out pounds of paperwork....

Meanwhile, a federal judge yesterday declared Wilkerson flat broke based on financial statements Hillman ordered her to submit. Wilkerson is so poor, it seems, that Hillman has appointed Stern, who she had privately retained, as her public counsel, explaining in court documents, “It would not be economical or efficient to appoint a new counsel for Ms. Wilkerson.” --more--"

Oh, so now TAXPAYERS are going to have to PAY FOR HER LAWYER?


What happened to the bribe money? Was it all squandered on trips to Foxwoods?

And WHO was paying for the FOUR THUGS?

But she is broke? LYING AGAIN, 'eh, Diane?

And WTF? SHE is a LAWYER!!!!

"Wilkerson, who joined the bar in 1981 but has not practiced in a decade"

Yeah, right about when she started sucking on the public teet!