Friday, November 28, 2008

Coming Along For the Ride


"As technology emerges, so does the dashboard snitch; GPS systems are doubling as tools for crime-fighting" by Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times | November 28, 2008

LOS ANGELES - .... Global positioning systems and factory-installed "black box" event data recorders effectively keep late-model vehicles under surveillance 24/7, providing evidence that can place a suspect at a crime scene, undermine an alibi, expose a cheating spouse, or prove liability in an accident.

Although privacy rights advocates warn that the devices augment an already intrusive network of security cameras, speed-monitoring radars, and instantly available databases, police and prosecutors hail the technologies as powerful investigative and forensic tools....

The evidence is sometimes the product of unwitting self-surveillance. GPS units keep positioning tracks that, if not erased, create a record of a person's movements.

Erased? So POWERFUL PEOPLE with ACCESS can ALTER or ELIMINATE Big Brother, 'eh?

Event data recorders are standard equipment in most new cars. They record speed, braking, signaling, and other driving behaviors, and can show investigators vital details about what led to a crash. Wisconsin attorney David A. Schumann, who did some of the earliest legal analysis of GPS potential, points out its usefulness in tracking suspects, locating victims, and monitoring released convicts.

Yup, RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSES and you didn't even see it!

"There are cases where people have gotten hung by their own GPS, bought for purposes of evading the law only to have it used against them," Schumann said of drug traffickers and migrant smugglers caught with evidence they unknowingly gathered against themselves.


Isn't their something in the CONSTITUTION about SELF-INCRIMINATION?

Especially if it is "unwitting" and BUILT INTO the CAR?

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