Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tempest in Thailand

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"Thai government, protesters reject army's plan; General's call for an end to crisis falls short" by Chris Blake and Ambika Ahuja, Associated Press | November 27, 2008

BANGKOK - A call by Thailand's powerful army commander to end the country's deepening political crisis was rebuffed yesterday, as the prime minister rejected his suggestion to step down, and protesters refused to end their occupation of the country's main airport.

Early today, Thai authorities closed a second airport after protesters stormed the terminal.... As the deadlock continued, political violence spread yesterday to Chiang Mai, where government supporters attacked a radio station aligned with the protesters. Separately, there were unconfirmed reports that one man was killed and several people assaulted in an attack on the city's local airport....

Yes, the old AGENT PROVOCATEUR game!!!!


Several thousands passengers were bused to city hotels yesterday to await developments, but many other passengers spent a second night at the airport after a day of behind-the-scenes negotiations failed. All flights have been suspended until further notice. Some travelers took the inconvenience in stride.

"It's really horrible to be delayed and I'm missing my friend and things, but the local people have given us food, offered us drinks, and the airport's actually quite a nice place at the moment," said Andy Du Bois-Barclay, an English traveler....

Translation: The PEOPLE are engaged in PEACEFUL PROTEST!!

PAD, as the protest alliance is known, launched its current campaign on Aug. 26 with a failed attempt to take over a government television station, after which they stormed the grounds of the prime minister's office, which they continue to use as their stronghold.

They prepared for their "final showdown" Sunday in an almost festive atmosphere at their Government House stronghold. Even as they pushed through police lines Monday to blockade parliament and the temporary government office at Don Muang airport, crowds remained relaxed as police yielded to them.

So the ARMY and POLICE are basically on the side of the protesters, 'eh?

Time to GO, government!!!!!

The situation soured Tuesday, with scattered violence between political rivals in different parts of Bangkok. At one point, government supporters threw rocks at a truckload of alliance members, who shot back with pistols and then chased and beat their attackers. Skirmishes continued in several spots Tuesday night and yesterday, leaving more than a dozen people hurt.... --more--"

So the VIOLENCE is being INSTIGATED by the GOVERNMENT, 'eh?

Nothing UNUSUAL about that!!!!