Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Concert Over?

The writer captures the way I have felt for a while after five long years of blogging:

"A Citizen wonders

I wonder about a lot of things -maybe too many.  One of the things I wonder about is war.

Those involved in the run-up to war with Iran are people I will not suffer.

We've all heard reports from un- named sources regarding the recent panic for war with Iran - I've not bought the bullshit - I hope you have not.

It's all fake my friends.

Fake from the start.  Fake based on previous trumped-up allegations that lead the US into the last two wastes of time, human lives and ....this is the important part to you immoral pukes - money.

America is wasting away - and the wars based on lies are one of the mainstreet avenues the country is taking on the way to hell paved with phony "good intentions."

We are sitting ducks - victims of a corrupt bought-and-paid-for lying GEetc... corporate media - just sitting here awaiting the next bombs to drop - and turn innocent men, women, and children into hamburger.  I hope you - reader - are comfortable with this.  I'm not.

There is not much to say, or write, these days, since it is common knowledge that the US FEderal government is corrupt, the elections are stolen, and the will of We The People goes ignored.

We all know that there is no hope for a legal solution to the mess we are in.  By "legal" I mean "consistient with the US Constitution."  The executive, judicial, and the bought-off houses are all lining their pockets with the loot - oblivious to the wasteland they leave behind  - for the rest of us to sort out, wallow in, and try to fix.

Our republic is under attack - from within - that means  - by elected and unelected "officials" at the highest levels - with the ability to influence the "rule of law" - to form the law - into any shape that suits their nefarious needs.

Population control.  Geoengineering.  911 Truth swept under the rug.  GM food funnelled down the throats of an already obese/dying electorate/population swilling this garbage unbenknowst to them - thanks to a  malfunctioned paid-for-by-the-same-crooks-selling-snake-oil media.

The project to meld America, Canada and Mexico - continues - unabated.

The project to inject you and yours with "vaccines" to "save" you continue - while the same filthy lying corpora-govt lets veterans starve in the streets - pretending to "care."  Why believe these monsters?

The wars for "democracy" overseas continue - selling the blood and bodies of your loved ones for no really good reason that can survive 5 minutes of intellectual interrogation.

No - we are supposed to continue this charade so the powers that be can continue thier agenda - free from questioning - free from the ballot box - free from protesters - yes - the perfect slave-state.

I wonder folks - when you will wake up.  I wonder when YOU will say ENOUGH!  I'm just not seeing it.

Recently, as a philosopher, I've been wondering if you all deserve slavery - since you are all willing to take it.  Slavery as a comfortable curled-up position as if it will last.  Slavery over Liberty - the stretched-out "fuck you!" attitude I've been accustomed to my entire life as an American.

There is no more sense in writing - I understand that - only in action.  I support all guerilla activities to make sure that stolen elections are outed.  I support all whistleblowers that can no longer watch the news tell thepublic the opposite of what is REALLY  going on.

I support anyone that supports the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence of the United States - and I support anyone opposing those in opposition to the above.

There is no good reason to murder an American citizen without due process - and many good reason NOT TO MURDER an American citizen WITH due process.


Where are the professors in this country - especially the JEWISH PROFESSORS - given the history of scapegoats in NAZI Germany?  Where the hell are you people?

In the meantime - maybe I should feather my nest, sandbag the house, stock ammo, buy non-perishable food and watch the tyrannical scum-fest about to befall the US - compliments of the sick and twisted Sheriffs, Police, and their "big-brother" fed "leaders" as they all must be followers - unable to understand that the ONLY purpose any of the serve is to protect the Constitutional rights of those living within their jurisdictions.

Yes - maybe it is time to knock off the writing - and just wait.