Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mossad Behind Mumbai Bombing?

What is behind the staged events taking place today? If you think I'm buying the Islamist bit, well, been there, done that. Here are some interesting perspectives. We are no longer fooled.


"As usual, a "never before heard of" group is claiming responsibility. FOX News is also reporting that the "terrorists" at the tourist hotel were specifically searching for people with American passports.

This reeks of a false-flag attack to get the US into another war."

"Okay, here are the reason I think this is a false-flag operation.

1. Brand new terror groups have tight budgets. This group, the "Deccan Muhajedeen" (sounds like a sports team, like Cleveland Indians or Cincinnati Pirates) appears from nowhere with a large force, fully automatic weapons, grenades, and intelligence resources on the scale of a nation state.

2. FOX News and CNN are now both reporting that the "terrorists" who took hostages at the Oberoi hotel were specifically seeking people with US and British passports. So, regardless of whatever the "Deccan Muhajedeen" claims their objective may be, the real agenda is to provoke a British and US response.

3. The timing is suspect, occurring just when Bush needs an excuse to kick off one more war of Obama to have to deal with and certainly convenient timing for Israel, which sees Obama as far less likely to engage in more wars for Israel. And, for the last several; weeks Israel has been starving Gaza mercilessly, in advance of an obvious military action, and has kept reporters and even the Papel Envoy out of Gaza."

Worth remembering as the events in Mumbai unfold:

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There is NO Satan. There is NO Hell. There Is Only The MOSSAD

More from the web:

"Mossad behind the mass terror attack in Mumbai, India?

When I first read the news of the coordinated attacks on specific places firing automatic rifles and lobbing grenades in the city of Mumbai on the west coast of India that occured Wednesday night, I deduce it is Mossad in the planning and execution of the attack -- by themselves or the deployment of Manchurian candidates -- to provoke international outrage towards the designated enemy. Over 80 persons died and more than 250 wounded.

Turns out this might be the case. Mossad allegedly had a hand in Mumbai train attacks two years prior.

In BBC online article, it reported "A witness told local television that the gunmen were looking for people with British or US passport."

Here's the bizarre article ("CIA, MOSSAD HAND BEHIND SANGH PARIVAR'S EXTREMISTS") recently posted as translated from Urdu.

Why Mossad chose to attack Mumbai is not a mystery. It is a financial capital of the entire country, similar to Wall Street of New York City in the U.S. But for what motives? We can only speculate.

A reminder, Crime of Zion exposed Mossad's role in attack on U.S. Embassy in Yemen.



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