Thursday, November 27, 2008

UN To Help Syria Build Bomb

Not really. Syria isn't looking to build a bomb, and even if they were, going through the U.N. isn't the way to do it (ask the Koreans).

"UN agency approves nuclear aid to Syria" by George Jahn, Associated Press | November 27, 2008

VIENNA - The UN nuclear agency overrode US concerns and approved sensitive technical aid for Syria yesterday, despite allegations the country has a secret atomic program that could be used to make weapons.

In the end, Washington and its allies agreed to the deal, which provides IAEA expertise and equipment to help Syria build a power-producing reactor. But they did so only after three days of deadlock at a closed meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The dispute pitted Western nations against backers of Syria, which included Iran, Russia and China.

The agreement appeared to have been a painful concession for the United States, Canada, Australia, France and Britain - the nations that at the start of the meeting spearheaded the effort to deny Syria the aid.... --more--"

See the sides for WWIII being drawn up?