Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Does Condeleeza Rice Think She is Doing?

Trying to start ANOTHER WAR?!!

US pushing NATO to admit two states

BERLIN - The United States has started a diplomatic offensive among NATO capitals in Europe, urging top officials to offer Georgia and Ukraine membership to the alliance without first fulfilling requirements under the Membership Action Plan, the process that sets out the criteria and conditions for eventually joining the military pact, according to NATO diplomats.

In an unexpected new initiative, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has already held lengthy telephone conversations with French, German, and other senior envoys, asking them to discard the Membership Action Plan, the diplomats added....


NATO envoys are already divided over the US initiative. Up to 10 countries, including France, Germany, Norway, Luxembourg, Spain, and Italy, opposed the proposal during a meeting yesterday at NATO headquarters in Brussels. Rice's determined stance has surprised diplomats who say the alliance has worked hard to rebuild trans-Atlantic unity after the bitter divisions over Iraq. They say there are now risks of new disputes with the outgoing Bush administration. --more--"

Ummm, here's a news flash: YOU PEOPLE ARE ON YOUR WAY OUT!!!!


Haven't you MANIACS done ENOUGH DAMAGE?!!!!!