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Letter From a Father to a Minister

Sigh. Will the slaughter and genocide ever end.

You yell, you scream, you cry. Where are you world?


The blood of Abir will remain as a black crown on the brow of every Israeli and every Jew in the world until her murderer is brought to justice and passes the remainder of his days in jail, among the murderers and the criminals.

May 30, 2008

Honorable General Ehud Barak, you don’t know me personally. I am a seeker of peace, and I struggle with all my strength and ability for the realization of a just peace that will bring calm and prosperity to Palestinians and Israelis together. I have suffered personally from your criminal occupation and I have paid a heavy price. Firstly, I was imprisoned when I was 17 years old and wasted seven years of my life in your barbaric prisons. Secondly, have you perhaps read or heard about what happened to the young girl Abir Aramin? She was a ten-year-old whom your soldiers killed with a rubber bullet from a distance of 15 feet on January 16, 2007 in front of her eleven-year-old sister Areen. Despite this I, the father of Abir — may she rest in peace — believe in the right of the Israeli person, as in the right of all people, to exist and to live in peace and security. So why do you not believe in our right to enjoy these same things, sir?

Where was the democratic nature of your state when your heroic soldiers killed my daughter before the eyes of her friends at the entrance to her school in Anata? Where were your democratic ideals when you closed the investigation file into Abir’s murder for lack of sufficient evidence, this despite the fact that the crime is clear and was committed in front of more than ten witnesses? Was Abir really a threat to your soliders, sir?

I carry in my possession the weapons with which Abir threatened those soldiers. I have in my hand her school backpack, reinforced and armored, of course — the mechanical pencil she had, laden with dangerous lead cartridges, and her math book in which class she had a test the same day, which of course included detailed instructions on how to prepare chemical weapons. In addition to all this, she had a sharp ruler, which could for sure be used as a weapon to stab someone. Lastly, I found in her possession two pieces of chocolate that perhaps contained a bit of enriched uranium that would have certainly brought devastation upon your state, if she hadn’t been tempted to take them in her hand for a taste seconds before she was shot.

Here I have to give your soldiers credit in their incredible ability to incapacitate and kill with such deadly accuracy. The bullet hit Abir exactly one centimeter from her hypothalamus—this caused her to immediately enter a coma and she died thereafter and went to dwell in the presence of God, sparing her the continuing pain and heartache herein expressed.

Thus, Abir Aramin can be added to the list of great successes and security accomplishments in the name of the state of Israel. But I request, Minister and General, in that I am the father of this young girl, at the very least an admission of responsibility for this murder, or its cause. It is your duty to bring the soldier who murdered Abir to court so he may be tried and judged a murderer and criminal.

I believe that there is no military solution to the conflict and when those cowards murdered my daughter, I announced that I did not want revenge, I wanted justice, even though revenge is much easier. The real fighter is one who chooses the harder path of the two for the sake of peace, and revenge is the path of the coward.

Sir, the Palestinian people cannot forever pay the price of the fear and suspicion of the Israeli people. Free my people from this abominable occupation so that your people may live in prosperity and be free from fear.

For sixty years, the Palestinian people have paid the price of the Israeli military occupation an occupation which, in celebration of the Israeli state’s inception, carries out acts of outright antagonism that spill the blood of Palestinian fighters, women, children and elders indiscriminately. It is the Palestinian general public that provides a target for your war machine that does not protect the small from the grown. Our people has faced the same murderer since Gaza in 1956 — and the never-ending series continues.

I will not remind you now of the massacres that your government committed against my people; you know them far better than I. I read about them, heard about them — but you took part in them.

The question I pose to you is this: in light of your rich military experience, and as someone who himself has seen sixty years of conflict go by, when will Israel have the strength to finish the conflict militarily and realize a complete victory over the Palestinian people? Do you continue to believe that what cannot be done by might may be done by more might? Does the occupation conceal in its bag of tricks additional methods of killing that the Palestinian people have not yet had the misfortune to know?

If this is the case, perhaps it is a good idea for the Israeli government to try and use those methods. And perhaps they will be able to accomplish that tantalizingly complete victory…in another 60 years.

Sir, when will you understand that the conflict between us cannot be ended with an army? For despite all the effort and conceit of the occupation, it could not stop the stones of our children from hitting your occupying soldiers. How will you be able to stop the Palestinian uprising? This is a dream that will never come true, even in another 1000 years. Why are you not telling this truth to the residents of Ashkelon and Sderot, that there is no solution that will stop the Qassam missiles flying at them from a destroyed and blockaded Gaza except if there would be an end to the occupation?

This is the truth you’ve been running from for a long time.

Believe me, sir, that you will gain nothing out of continuing to detain people. More than 750,000 Palestinians have been detained from 1967 until today. What result has been achieved except an increased determination on our part for confrontation and resistance?

The policy of occupation only creates more and more people who rise up to fight occupation and refuse to accept its burden. The Palestinian prisoners who sit in your jails are among the most learned and erudite of our people, those are the most sensitive and humanistic. They have become educated in the tradition of liberty and democracy—and for this reason they will never agree to accept the occupation and subjugation. It is these men and women who will fight for peace, and if you want to realize peace you have no option but to set free these soldiers of peace first and foremost.

How much have you really benefited from your strategy of home demolitions, uprooting of trees, confiscating lands for questionable reasons and then establishing illegal settlements on those same lands? How much has it helped you to set up disgraceful checkpoints in every corner and every road of the West Bank and Gaza and at each intersection for the purpose of humiliating the residents of those areas, among them workers, students and political leaders. What is the expediency of all this, sir?

When will the bloodthirsty bullets of your soldiers be sated by the blood of our children? When will you be satisfied with our blood that you have already spilled and leave us? When will you leave our waters and our heavens? Do you not see the helmets upon which your soldiers write, “I was born to kill”? Do you not see your brave men killing children every day? How can you decide to prevent the people of Gaza from acquiring cooking gas and at the same time send them teargas and tanks and warplanes?

Only now do I understand the will of an Israeli woman in Italy — my colleague Eidan and I met her when we participated in a peace march from Perugia to Assisi as representatives of Combatants for Peace. When I asked her, “You aren’t planning to return to Israel?” She answered me: “I swore that if Ehud Barak won the election, I will leave Israel forever.” She continues to live there because you act according to a policy that says there is no Palestinian partner.

I cannot begin to express in this short letter the enormity of the moral failures that have harmed Israeli society. The newspaper Yediot Ahronot said that 40 per cent of new recruits to the IDF have criminal records and this may go a long way in explaining the long list of acts against Palestinian civilians that they commit during their service. This is supposed to be the most distinguished, moral army in the entire world, no? Is this why we find that 25 per cent of the soldiers of the army of the occupation took part in instances of torture and punishment of innocent civilians or were witnesses to such acts?

Sir, I want to submit that I have read the shameful report that every person of conscience should be horrified by, that talks of the torture of children in Hebron. And this — the strangling of Palestinian children by soldiers to test how much time they can stand without breathing, incidents that were committed by captains in your army, the most moral army in the world, this is the crown of shame on the brow of the occupation.

Sir, how do you justify your soldier’s use of children aged 10 as personal shields that they tie to the front of your patrols when they search for wanted persons or break up a demonstration? Where does international law permit this? I am trying to understand if this use of children as human shields is in some way related to the science of modern warfare, for the accusation that I hear in all instances of the killing of children in particular and in the killing of Palestinian citizens in general is that the Palestinians fighters use citizens for human shields to hide behind. How can there be a legal justification and distinction even in the Israeli terminology, but not in the international terminology, between Israelis and Palestinians?

How can you justify the deaths of those innocents just trying to peacefully pass though the checkpoints that your soldiers put up at all entrances to villages, cities or camps that prevent pregnant women from walking to hospitals to deliver? Would you ever agree to let this happen to your wife? What would you do then?

There are, however, military men, Israeli soldiers that used to do battle with the Palestinian people who at the moment of truth found that they are no more than pawns in the hands of the occupation. They had the courage and the valor to announce unanimously that they refuse to be occupiers. They exposed the falsehoods of their leaders who claim that Israel is reaching out her hand for peace but she has no partner on the Palestinian side. They discovered that they had never met a real Palestinian fighter face-to-face in combat, and that instead their day-to-day work was chasing schoolchildren, enforcing closures, destroying houses and putting up checkpoints and roadblocks to stop children who aren’t even 13 years old. They took a moral and courageous stance and without any difficulty found themselves a Palestinian partner from within the heart of the Palestinian movement, people who wasted the spring of their youth in the prisons of your occupation. Together they founded the organization Combatants for Peace. The name itself exposes the false promises and the policy that says there is no partner for peace. This organization, united in courageousness and and morality, is made up of people from both sides who understand that there is only one shared enemy that conceals the path of realization of peace and life together as two nations. This enemy is the illegal and immoral Israeli occupation. I am a member of this organization, and I call upon all who are searching for a true peace to join us.

We tell our peoples the truth, only the truth. We are committed to nonviolent resistance to the occupation, and I call here, in this very missive, to the people of our Palestinian nation that have been inscribed in the pages of history as the epitome of resilience, that have had the humanity to withstand decades of abuse and occupation with the purest steadfastness. I call also upon the people in Israel to accept moral and historic responsibility for the establishment of these two states together, and for a national, humanistic, peaceful intifada, a rising up against this unjust occupation that has transformed your children into war criminals and to abject murderers. You Israelis — stop sending your soldiers — your sons — to kill our children, because the blood of our children and the blood of all those Palestinian innocents will chase your soldiers and the generals of your army to judgment in international courts as the rest of the war criminals in the world. You must learn this lesson. The honorable general must surely be aware that the majority of captains and generals in the Israeli army are forbidden from entering any European state for they will be wanted persons there, to be arrested and taken to court as war criminals and for crimes against humanity?

One last word – the blood of Abir will remain as a black crown on the brow of every Israeli and every Jew in the world until her murderer is brought to justice and passes the remainder of his days in jail, among the murderers and the criminals.

Bassam Aramin is co-founder of Combatants for Peace. Translation by Mimi Asnes.

More outrage.

Notice how the Zionist-controlled AmeriKan MSM TOTALLY IGNORED Bishop Tutu's visit to Palestine?

CASE CLOSED on the AmeriKan MSM, readers.

I mean, THIS wasn't NEWS?


"My message to the international community is that our silence and complicity, especially on the situation in Gaza, shames us all. It is almost like the behaviour of the military junta in Burma" -- Desmond Tutu

That is basically the short summation of the fact finding mission to Gaza led by Desmond Tutu. Perhaps, after words like that from a wise and respected man someone out there will listen…. we can only hope.

BBC report of Tutu’s visit..."

Of course, this never makes the MSM news: Israelis open fire on Gazan protesters

Must be the wrong kind of protest.

Swiss Newspaper Asks if 9/11 an Inside Job

Translation provided by Mike Rivero of What Really Happened.

"Largest Swiss Newspaper Asks if Bush Was Behind 9/11" by Elie Peter - Sept 15, 2006, BLICK newspaper, Zurich, Switzerland

(translated from German into English, but not yet published online in English)

2,973 humans died with the attacks of 9/11. "Bin Laden" and "Al Qaeda", the Bush clan cried. The world believed themm. In the meantime even scientists doubt the Bush version. Now, Swiss university professors Albert A. Stahel and Daniele Ganser raise new questions.

"Something is not correct", says strategy expert Stahel in "World Week", and here he refers to the "incomplete" official US Government 9/11 Report of 2004.

The university professor confirms his criticism in BLICK: "Osama Bin Laden cannot be 'the large godfather' behind the attacks. He did not have enough means of communication".

Dr. Stahel doubts that a passenger airliner crashed into the Pentagon: "For trainee pilots it is actually impossible to crash into the building so exactly. Seven hours after the Twin Towers collapsed, the World Trade Center Building 7 next to it also collapsed. The official version: It burned for a long time. Nothing at all is clear."

Raising questions along with Stahel is historian Dr. Daniele Ganser, his colleague at the University of Zurich. Dr. Ganser also calls the official US version "a conspiracy theory".

"There are three theories, which we should treat equally":

1. "Surprise theory" - Bin Laden and Al Qaeda implemented the attacks.

2. "Let it happen on purpose" - The US Government knew the Al Qaeda plans and did not react in order to legitimize a series of wars.

3. "Made it happen on purpose" - The attacks were actually planned and orchestrated by the Pentagon and/or US secret services.

Ganser: "3,000 humans were sacrificed for strategic interests. The more we research, the more we doubt the Bush version. It is conceivable that the Bush government was responsible. Bush has lied so much already! And we already know that the US government planned an operation in 1962 [Operation Northwood] that was approved by the Pentagon that would have sacrificed innocent US citizens for the government's own interests."

As for Ganser and Stahel: "We only ask questions."

Does Noam Chomsky Matter Anymore?

"Does Noam Chomsky Matter Anymore?"

In a word: NO!

First, watch video"

".... Is Chomsky relevant anymore? Seriously, a public figure, lauded as the most brilliant intellectual of his day, who brushes aside two key events that triggered massive US policy change, enormous changes that affected the rest of the world; does this intellectual retain any merit as a clear thinker? To remark flippantly, "who cares" about the assassination of a American political leader despised by The Pentagon, the FBI, CIA and Mafia, not to mention oil tycoons and arms dealers, is the sort of inanity normally reserved for Fox News hosts....

Many of Chomsky's biggest fans have noticed an aversion to connect 911 with huge crimes of the state. The off-hand remarks on YouTube only verify what many feel. For many Americans, 911 was the key that fully opened Pandora,s Box, releasing this up-armored imperialism, this New World Order. Why, many wonder, is Chomsky averse to speak out against the imperial juggernaut that used this singular event to launch an American Blitzkrieg in the Middle East ? As top detectives always ask: Cui bono?


I'm ashamed to admit it, but during the 1990s and early 200s I was an acolyte, readers.

That was before I woke up.

The "Al-CIA-Duh" Funnies

"The Whoring out of the American MSM"

""Given the choice between a free press and a free government, I'll take the free press."

Thomas Jefferson

"Whores here, get your fresh whores here."

"We got male whores, female whores and everything in between here. Fresh whores here"

The Whoring out of the American MSM

In the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, most of the mainstream press knew they were being used like some cheap hooker in a back alley, but they didn't want to speak out and take a chance on losing their comfy job, with the limos, the perks and invites to parties held in Fifth Avenue penthouses.

They swallowed tons of spooge and came back asking for more, more, please Daddy George, fill me up with your love till it squirts out of my ears and even then, i won't be satisfied.

They greedily gulped load after load of "love lies" from the Bush/Cheney Junta and begged for more.

"See, I'm already on my knees, Mr. "DICK" of Cheney, please fill me full of some more liquid lies."

"Fresh whores here. We got Dan whores, we got the cute Katie whores, We got the Bill O whores here, even have the popular Sean whore here. Fresh whores here"

They know where the big money is and they have no problem with getting down on their knees to swallow a hot load, let it marinate in their stomachs for a bit, then regurgitate the hot, sticky substance that ran down their slippery throats for mass consumption on the sex organ of TV.

"Fresh whores here, get your whores here. Even got that pudgy little bitch whore called Rush here"

So what that a million or more Iraqi's were slaughtered by the Bush/Cheney Junta?

"Gosh, do you know what weekly BOTOX treatments cost?'

So what that the nation of Iraq is lying on the ground, like some piece of roadkill that's been sitting in the sun that was flattened by hundreds of Abrams M1 tanks.

"Why, why, those payments on my suite in the New York Plaza Hotel are sinfully high, I'll have you know."

"You there sir, how about a Brian whore, no?" "Then how about a Judy whore for you sir?"

So what that we have driven five million or more Iraqi's into hiding, losing their homes and possessions in the process of the Bush/Cheney Junta getting its homicidal jollies off by killing Muslims.

"But, but, I only fly first class, that is, when the personal jets of some billionaire Jewish friends aren't available. If I had to fly coach, I'd die, darling."

So what that this same pack of rabid hyenas are now circling around the nation of Iran, unloading fresh batches of Bush/Cheney spooge that has been fed to them orally.

"Dammit, do you know what my monthly bills for caviar and Dom Pérignon champagne are? I thought not."

"Whores here, fresh whores. Got some whores all gussied up in their finest, just for you. Look at all those ribbons and medals on their chests on the stars on their shoulders, yes sirree sir, all done up for you. Fresh whores."

With this latest batch of revelations about the pack of lies told by the Bush/Cheney Junta propaganda machine and the MSM going along for the ride, do you think any pseudo-journalists will finally develop a conscience, go on national TV and say since they were an abysmal failure, they were going to resign in protest, since they weren't reporters, but highly paid stenographers for the Bush/Cheney Junta?

Oh hell no.

"Why there's that trendy little party this weekend and all the beautiful people will be there and my limo driver REALLY needs his job and my plastic surgery appointment next week and........."

"Gulp, lick, slurp, swallow.......aaahhhhhhhhhh

"Get your whores here, fresh whores."

"CIA Director announces that aL-CIA-duh all but defeated"

"Looking to take attention away from Rita Katz and her SITE Intelligence Group making a major fuckup by letting out a story that showed a pic from a video game and claiming it was from the aL-CIA-duh "boogieman", CIA Director Hayden rode to her rescue Friday, by announcing that AQ was all but defeated.

That raises the question: Is MOSSAD and the CIA getting ready to roll out aL-Qaeda v.2, where they release another of their vile creations upon the world?

And that new and improved AQ boogieman will be unleashed on the world after the November 2008 US presidential election by our buds in the MOSSAD.

As they are wont to do, they'll savagely attack an American asset in the ME or some city here in the states, with the clues left behind that point at "al-Qaeda of Iran" so that the next president will have the excuse he/she needs to turn Tehran into rubble.

Al-Qaida Analysis: Election Year Edition

Posted on May 30, 2008

Hayden, well known for his role in the NSA’s infamous wiretapping program, was appointed director of the CIA in 2006.

Only a year after his agency warned of a resurgence of al-Qaida in the Arab world, CIA Director Michael Hayden remarked on Friday that U.S. “counter-terrorism work” has led to the strategic defeat of al-Qaida in Iraq and Saudi Arabia and significant setbacks for al-Qaida globally.

The announcement, coming five months before the U.S. presidential election, may play an important role in the way voters see the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the so-called war on terror.

The BBC:

The head of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has said al-Qaeda is essentially defeated in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and on the defensive elsewhere.

Michael Hayden’s remarks, which correspondents describe as strikingly upbeat, come less than a year after the CIA warned of a resurgent al-Qaeda.

He told the Washington Post that US counter-terrorism successes extended to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

“On balance, we are doing pretty well,” said the CIA director. “Near strategic defeat of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Near strategic defeat of al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia. Significant setbacks for al-Qaeda globally.”

Source: TruthDig"

Also see:

"S(h)ITE red-faced as 'Islamist' Washington ruin image turns out to be from Fallout 3 game"

"Jewish media group embarrassed as latest "al-Qaeda" disinformation exposed"

"9/11 trial sought during presidential campaign "

"Bush coordinates news events with the presidential campaign, while the media pretends he's not"

Manufactured Reality -- Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

"Manufactured Reality -- Two Steps Forward, One Step Back"

"By Peter Chamberlin

In order to force a new reality upon any targeted populace, the masters of the universe follow a simple strategy – they immediately make things twice as bad as they intend to keep them, only to take one step back after a short while, so that the new manufactured reality will be easier to accept. This strategy holds constant from the manipulation of oil prices to the military strategy to rule the world by force.

In the terror war, nuclear terrorism has become the weapon of both first choice and last resort for American war planners. It was more important to create the impression that nuclear war was imminent than it was to convince the world that we intended to use nuclear weapons as our ace in the hole. The world had to be terrorized into believing that our insane cowboy president was about to unleash nuclear war upon the world, so that it could be held over the people’s heads. The world had to be shocked and awed by American military supremacy into submitting to Bush’s demands.

America took two giant steps forward militarily, intending in the end to take one step back from the precipice of actual global thermonuclear war, to a more limited approach that only called for a limited use of “tactical” nukes. A two-track approach to the war was undertaken; one path leading to immediate global nuclear war and another “democratic” approach, which put-off the use of nuclear weapons until some future action, in order to create unlimited opportunities for subversion where America’s full military might could be brought to bear upon more specific targets. (Have they already been used?)

The threat that full-scale nuclear war in the center of the world’s primary energy basket was imminent created a global atmosphere of mortal fear and dread, while covert limited wars were simultaneously pursued. This was intended to cow both the American people and the people in the targeted countries into submission to presidential dictates. The threat of general nuclear war was used to intimidate the targeted governments into “playing nice” diplomatically, while America interfered in their national affairs, introducing its revolutionary “democratic” form of politics, which included backing extremist groups.

Fear of US nuclear forces provided cover to American agitation in the Middle East region along the lines of “Operation Gladio,” which was used against our own allies in Europe. In both operations, sympathetic right-wing leaders were found who could be bought, to be groomed by the CIA, to cultivate and organize local opposition groups. From these agitated groups more violent radicals were found and hired to stage terrorist (“false flag”) attacks upon civilians and the governments, to be blamed upon their local opposition, which were usually actual patriot groups.

The second leg of the neoconservative war doctrine is the spreading of subversion under the cover of implanting democracy by force, and its companion, the spreading of force through democratic means. Divisive political campaigns in targeted nations (including staged attacks by extremists) were engineered, to split the tribal societies into heavily-armed polarized factions waiting for retribution.

We have this apt description of this divisive American strategy from former Pakistani ISI agent, turned human rights activist, Khalid Khawaja:

“Many of us call it a battle between East and West, between the Islamic and Judeo-Christian world, but it is neither of these. It is in fact the ruling regimes that want to dictate their will...

Ninety percent of people accept to be ruled, but there always remain some elements who refuse to succumb. They fight for freedom and resist till their last. However, in this conflict of two minorities - those who impose their will and those who resist it - the majority remains the sole victim. Yet people talk about Islam versus Christianity or Judaism. The basic theme remains the same. There is a group of people who want to impose their will, whether they happen to be Christian or Muslim, and there is a group of people who want to resist, and there is a silent majority which is trampled in between.”

Mr. Khawaja continues to delve into the under-discussed cause of the whole war on terror:

“In Afghanistan's case, a similar game was carried out on a massive scale when Muslim youths from all over the world were brought in by Pakistan and the US [to fight against the Soviets in the 1980s]. They were tools for the empires' proxy war. The name of jihad was is a question of a state imposing its will. The message is clear: if you are against us, we will kill you and your sympathizers. In this state terrorism, there is no exception, be it Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Pakistan, India, the US or Israel. All are the same.

When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets crushed. When two elephants make love, it is again the grass that gets crushed. Whether states fight with each other or make friendships, it is only the tools who became victims.”

The same deception has been practiced in both Iraq and Afghanistan, to prolong both of those wars until the doctrine could be spread beyond them. Both countries had been targeted for regime change, but nonetheless, even after the first regime was replaced, the doctrine of creating surrogate militias to promote democratic revolution was still developed in each one, targeting the new regimes. In each country violent extremist groups, usually identified as “al Qaida related,” were put on the American payroll to fight against US troops and US installed governments. The hiring and training of these “militia” mercenary groups falls within the recognized definition of treason, “levying war against [the United States].”

That destabilizing doctrine is now being exported into Iran from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, where beachheads have been established for a planned assault upon the entire neighborhood. These training centers are terrorist camps, plain and simple. These are the American trained terrorists who will carry the limited warfare scenario into Iran under cover of the greater threat of nuclear terrorism. The United States of America is the world’s number one supporter and exporter of terrorism; it always has been.

In order to carry out the Israeli-centric PNAC (Project for a New American Century) terror war plan that they have committed to, Bush and Cheney have doggedly undermined America’s national interests at home and all over the world. America’s national interest has always been based on advancing liberty and human rights to the whole world, but now, under the neocon plan, these are rights that must be earned. Bush was sent unto the world to turn reality upon its head.

On a rotating basis, America and Israel took turns slinging threats of nuclear annihilation and libelous invective at Iran and Syria, hyping the threats to intensify the notion that a nuclear attack was becoming imminent. As Israel and America ramp-up the war-mongering against Iran and Syria, Israel sings out the threats first, then America will provide the chorus and hopefully the highly desired “money shot” afterwards.

As a final machination, to seal America and Israel’s position, the neocon doctrine unlocked the prohibition of the offensive use of nuclear weapons, even in civilian areas. It is this new free use of nuclear weapon doctrine that is the icing on the cake for those who are plotting to seize the world under the threat of American nuclear terrorism. Because it is now possible, it is easy to convince us all that our cowboy administration of religious zealots is about to commit an insane act, i.e., unleashing nuclear war to eliminate the possibility of a nuclear war.

Patriotic anti-government voices in this country and in the targeted countries, helped to create a strong public perception that nuclear war was imminent. Antiwar voices of protest like mine sound a warning to alert the people to the crimes being planned that must be heard, but in so doing, we play into the government scheme by helping to hype the threat. It is both necessary and natural that patriots arise to defend their nations in the face of American invasion or aggression. We play a vital role in the planned drama, as it unfolds. We have convinced the world that Bush and Cheney were insane enough to radiate the Middle Eastern oil fields, in order to steal the world’s oil. We now may have to convince the world that the crazies themselves are the source of most of the terrorism which we fight.

It is pretty obvious that they really are that insane, but it should be even more obvious that their greedy masters don’t want their world destroyed, they only want to control it. Why should they actually nuke Iran, if they can persuade the locals to overthrow the regime for us, causing less collateral damage (it would be difficult to operate the Middle East oil facilities, if they were all radioactive). We have to convince the American people that Bush even though the little dictator is both stupid and insane, the real deciders are neither of those things. It is their wills which will prevail, meaning that there are other less final, less costly ways to takeover the oil reserves and the pipeline routes.

We have to concentrate on stopping the secret war, without being blinded by the glare of nuclear terrorism. Exposure of American sponsorship of world terrorism (some of the very “terrorism” we are fighting) must become our top priority. Legal actions must be taken to stop the illegal support of terrorism upon civilians by our government. Further legal actions must be taken to separate American foreign policy from Israel, in order to bring the terror war to an end.

Israel has been the primary source for most of the “intelligence” that launched the war on Iraq, the Iranian reactors and hypothetical nuclear weapons, as well as the alleged Syrian reactors. America turned Israel’s evidence into grounds for waging war, even nuclear war. They are behind the new push to find other Syrian nuclear facilities as well as the alleged Iranian warhead blueprint.

Israel is behind every military move against Iran that is being brought-up in the press. It was the first to suggest taking out Iranian reactors, the first to recommend a naval blockade of Iran and an embargo on air flights between Iran and Syria and Lebanon. American Zionist Congressional leaders gladly took up the torches lit by Israel, to create Israeli security at America’s expense. A Congressional resolution is awaiting passage in the Senate, which demands that our government carry-out these acts of war, both the naval blockade and the air embargo, House Resolution 1194

The American people must rise-up in outrage to the terrorists who rule over us and stop the planned escalation, as a first step to de-escalating the war. It is time for us to take our own two steps forward, to force the aggressors to take one step back and begin to tear-down their manufactured reality."

McClellan's Other Villain

"McClellan's other villain"

by Michael Tomasky

"You don't have to be George Orwell to know that certain words mean certain things in regular life and other things in politics.

The word of the week, in this context, is "sad". In regular life, sad means, you know, sad. Unhappy. Upset. Not glad. In politics, sad means, "I am furious at so-and-so about such-and-such, and I think he is a contemptible idiot and I desire to crush him, but I don't want to let on that I'm furious, so I'm just going to call him 'sad', which suggests that so-and-so isn't really occupying much of my time, while it also connotes my contempt."

Rudy Giuliani was the master of "sad" when he was mayor of New York. Say some bunch of liberals on the city council cooked up a scheme to transfer funding from the police department to after-school social programmes. Or say a group of street artists, reacting to a mayoral crackdown on their ability to vend their wares, called him a fascist. Giuliani would invariably dub such moves "sad", a word he would utter with softness, mock affection, even, as though he were concerned for his enemy's mental health.

But the truth is, you know someone got under a politician's skin when they get a "sad" in response. So I was interested to note that that was the word White House spokeswoman Dana Perino used when asked by reporters to respond to the explosive new book by her predecessor, Scott McClellan.

I'm as happy as the next liberal that McClellan has exposed his former minders as a pack of thugs and liars. And their reactions, from Perino's above to Karl Rove's assertion that he "sounds like a left-wing blogger", are a sure sign that he's rattled them in a major way.

But I want to direct our attention to McClellan's other villain, because this allegation deserves its day in the sun too. America's political reporters, McClellan wrote, became "complicit enablers" of the Bush administration's push for war. Here, I find myself in total agreement with Rove. McClellan does indeed sound like a left-wing blogger. And God bless him for it.

Others have made the criticism of course, from the aforementioned bloggers to the excellent Michael Massing in the New York Review of Books, whose 2004 reporting on the reporting of Iraq was without equal. But McClellan saying it is different. He is, after all, the man who stood at the podium in the White House and defended the war on a daily basis for more than two years.

Reactions have been mostly but not entirely predictable. This New York Times story gives a rundown. Jessica Yellin, then of MSNBC and now with CNN, forthrightly said that she and other journalists had, after September 11 and up to the start of the Iraq war, been "under enormous pressure from corporate executives, frankly, to make sure that this was a war presented in a way that was consistent with the patriotic fever in the nation."

A few of the suits stepped forward in the Times piece to deny this, and a couple bigfoot journalists added that they didn't think this was so and that they sleep well at night, confident that they asked the "tough" questions. This is nonsense. Everyone knows that what Yellin said is true.

I was once lectured to this effect by someone who'd worked at a major US media corporation at the time. I didn't understand what it was like, I was told. People, regular Americans, were incessantly calling in furious complaints about some perceived piece of anti-American coverage. Threats were issued and so forth. There were risks involved in rocking the boat.

One can appreciate the gravity of the situation among a jittery populace but at the same time ask: what risks, exactly? Was some nut really going to shoot Peter Jennings because he quit wearing a lapel pin? No. The risks involved had to do with ratings, and hence, with money. The Bush White House and its right-wing abettors in the major media, led by Fox News, established a code of conduct for US media after 9/11. I almost wrote "enforced" instead of established, but enforced would be very incorrect. They had to enforce nothing. The sheep of the media, with a few exceptions, enforced it upon themselves.

In the meantime, no one from the Nation or the American Prospect or the New York Review of Books or Bill Moyers' public-broadcasting programme or any other outlet that opposed the Iraq war was threatened, shot or, so far as I know, even sneezed on in the subway for voicing their opposition to the war. This "pressure" from the public is something that cowardly executives, and some cowardly journalists, imposed on themselves.

The sorry epitaph of the era was written - actually spoken - by Elisabeth Bumiller, the New York Times' White House bureau chief at the time, when she was asked why the White House press corps was so abjectly deferential during an important press conference on the eve of the war:

"I think we were very deferential because ... it's live, it's very intense, it's frightening to stand up there. Think about it, you're standing up on prime-time live TV asking the president of the United States a question when the country's about to go to war. There was a very serious, sombre tone that evening, and no one wanted to get into an argument with the president at this very serious time."

The American media still have much to be ashamed about from that time and to atone for. That a flack, and a conservative one at that, has now called them out should make the shame that much worse. But Washington is a city of laughter and forgetting. The only people who'll remember the shame are the ones who don't need to learn its lessons."

McClellan Now an MSM Brief

Soon to be gone altogether.

After watching Wolf Blitzer grill McClellan last night, it is clear the lying MSM is never going to admit their role in the deception. They never touch on their paid Pentagon analysts (who haven't been appearing, because the war isn't being covered. Coincidence?) and Wolf had all Bush's talking points.

Towards the end, I swear McClellan looked like he was going to cry. Wolf really pissed me off when he asked if Scott wanted to say he's sorry to the American people. I was like, SAY HE'S SORRY? WHAT ABOUT YOU, WOLF?!

Then Scott said, "For?" And I was like, he still doesn't get it. The proper response would have been, "Yes, I am Wolf, are

Then Wolf dropped on his knees and said Bush isn't going to read the book, but he's going to forgive McClellan. Are you fucking shitting me? Don't get any jism in your beard, Wolf.

Anyhow, on the third day, the Globe has gone from an
A2 national lead to an A10 two-incher to two A6 right-corner briefs.

I'll bet tomorrow there is nothing!!!

"Democrats use McClellan book to link McCain, Bush

No surprise, but Democrats are trying to make hay from former White House press secretary Scott McClellan's explosive tell-all book, accusing John McCain of being part of what McClellan calls a "propaganda" campaign to sell the Iraq war.

Pffffffft! WHERE you been, DemocraPs?!

The Democratic National Committee released a new Web video yesterday that features McClellan promoting his book in television appearances, then shows McCain parroting Bush administration talking points in the run-up to the war. The 1-minute video shows McCain saying that Saddam Hussein presented a "clear and present danger" and that US troops would be "welcomed as liberators."

DNC spokesman Damien LaVera said in a statement accompanying the video:

"This week, the American people are getting a fresh look at John McCain's key role in the propaganda machine that Scott McClellan describes in his book. (Boston Globe May 31 2008)."

And look at the mean and cantankerous Bob Dole respond.

I'm never apologizing for my anger or language.

Not after what Dole wrote.

"Dole calls McClellan a 'miserable creature'

So Bob Dole, how do you really feel about Scott McClellan's tell-all book about his days in the White House?

Yesterday, the former senator and presidential nominee fired off an e-mail - first reported by The Politico - to President Bush's former press secretary, who has been on a media blitz promoting his book.

Dole wrote:

"There are miserable creatures like you in every administration who don't have the guts to speak up or quit if there are disagreements with the boss or colleagues. No, your type soaks up the benefits of power, revels in the limelight for years, then quits, and spurred on by greed, cashes in with a scathing critique. I have no intention of reading your 'exposé' because if all these awful things were happening, and perhaps some may have been, you should have spoken up publicly like a man, or quit your cushy, high-profile job."

Oh, Bob, I may call the president a mass-murder and denigrate politicians and Zionists (they deserve it), but I would never say people are "miserable creatures!"

I might call them OFFENSIVE and REPREHENSIBLE CREATURES, but not miserable!!!

, asked about Dole's missive, said on CNN:

"[I have] a lot of respect [for Dole]. I am speaking up. I have had time to reflect and go back. And what I'm saying is sincere. I am trying to openly and honestly address these issues, look back at my experiences, and learn the lessons from where we went wrong (Boston Globe May 31 2008)."

Which is why the MSM is dropping it -- because THEY SOLD US this BILL OF LIES!!!!!



Did HAARP Cause China Earthquake?

"Did U.S.'s HAARP cause Earthquake in Sichuan Province, China on May 12, 2008?"

"HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program based in Gakona, Alaska. (Wikipedia)

"The June 5, 1977, New York Times described the great earthquake which destroyed Tangshan, China on July 28, 1976, and killed over 650,000 people:

'Just before the first tremor at 3:42 am, the sky lit up like daylight. The multi-hued lights, mainly white and red, were seen up to 200 miles away. Leaves on many trees were burned to a crisp and growing vegetables were scorched on one side, as if by a fireball.'" (excerpt found on Weather Weapon conspiracy theory web site)

Proof of a 1977 treaty on prohibiting "environmental modification" for hostile warfare purpose...on U.S. Department of State web site.

Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques

The Internet report claims China plans a retaliatory strike against U.S. for the attack on China through weather weaponry (scroll down below within the link)...

I've added the story, readers:

"China Orders Strike Against US For Catastrophic Earthquake"

"Russian Foreign Ministry reports are stating today the Prime Minister Putin’s ‘suddendiplomatic trip to France was made at the behest of China’s President Hu in order to ‘warn’ the European Union not to become involved with the US following what is widely expected to be a ‘retaliatory strike’ against the United States, and who the Chinese military has blamed for the catastrophic May 12th earthquake that has killed nearly 90,000 human beings.

Chinese and Russian Military scientists, these reports say, are concurring with Canadian researcher, and former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford, who in a very disturbing video released from his Japanese offices to the American public, details how the United States attacked China by the firing of a Billion Million Volt Shockwave from the Americans High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facilities in Alaska.

So powerful was this Shockwave, Britain’s Times Online News Service is reporting that the entire atmosphere over the Chinese earthquake zone became mysteriously changed 30 minutes prior to the 8.0 Magnitude Trembler

“Can clouds predict earthquakes? YouTube has footage of strange multicoloured clouds seen just before the recent earthquake struck Sichuan province in China.

The first impression is of a rainbow smeared on to small scraps of clouds, a phenomenon best known in a circumzenithal halo. This is created when sunlight shines through cirrus clouds full of tiny hexagonal ice crystals shaped like plates. The crystals behave like glass prisms, splitting the light into a bow with the colours of the spectrum, often brighter than a rainbow.

But one puzzle is that the colours in the Chinese clouds were upside down from a normal circumzenithal halo – red pointing towards the horizon and blue towards the Sun, instead of the other way round.”

Russian scientists are further speculating that the United States strike against China was ‘exactly timed’ to coincide with the dangerous experiments ongoing at Large Hadron Collider for the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), and which we had previously reported on in our May 13th report titled “CERN ‘Nailed Heart Of Earth’ With China Quake, Chilean Volcano”.

Russian Military Analysts note that though China’s Military has ordered its vast submarine fleet to ‘disperse’ throughout the Pacific Ocean, the Chinese ‘attack’ against the United States would, most likely, take a form of economic warfare instead of an actual clashing of forces.

More disturbing, however, in these reports is China’s urging of both Syria and Turkey not to allow more water into mighty rivers of the Euphrates and Tigris, which the Iraqis are warning are running dry due to the severe drought in that war-torn Nation.

The importance of this latest move by China is the newly signed Defense Pact signed between Iran and Syria which would allow Chinese Military Forces permission to use Iranian territory to come to the aid of Syria.

It should be further noted that the Christian Bibles New Testament Book of Revelations (Chapter 16, Verse 12) prophesied that the Euphrates will dry up in preparation for the Battle of Armageddon and would be crossed by an Eastern Army of 200 million soldiers, of which in our World today only China is able to field and have the ability to reach by land alone.

As the United States and China battle for their very survival in a World becoming increasing volatile due to the rapidly growing shortages of both food and fuel, one does indeed wonder if the End Times are now upon us all.

© May 30, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.

Back to the post:

USA probably damaged China's morale as well as incurring large economic loss to show who's the boss. If you don't think this is plausible, watch the video clips below.

Note how "soft" the earthquake appears compared to "hard ripping" like California earthquakes in 1989 (S.F.) and 1994 (Northridge).

7.8 magnitutde Earthquake (7 min)

What is HAARP? (10 min)

Project Bluebeam (10 min)

Benjamin Fulford investigates the bizarre happenings (10 min)

Multicolored clouds 30 minutes before Earthquake (3:23)

My theory: Because it's impossible for this phenomena to occur naturally, it's likely caused by the artificially created high frequency microwave beamed from the satellite to stimulate the earth and rock below for a few days before it 'cracks'.

Earthquake Gates Cracks China

The hubris, the arrogance, the hypocrisy.

I'm not even angry, I'm just insulted!!!

Imagine how China must feel!!!

"Gates Warns China Not to Bully Region on Energy"

SINGAPORE — Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates issued a set of thinly veiled warnings to China on Saturday, cautioning that it could risk its share of further gains in Asia’s economic prosperity if it bullied its neighbors over natural resources in contested areas like the South China Sea.

Excuse me? WHO INVADED IRAQ based upon UNHOLY LIES!!!!

Three years ago at the same lectern here, Mr. Gates’s predecessor, Donald H. Rumsfeld, bluntly criticized China’s swift military buildup. Last year Mr. Gates struck a more conciliatory tone, saying Beijing and Washington had a chance to “build trust over time.”

Mr. Gates seemed to take a third approach in his remarks to a major regional Asia security conference here, seeking to lay down clear markers of continued American commitments to the region while also obliquely criticizing China.

Criticize China over what?

Reaction to "natural " disaster (Katrina)?

Torture (oops, can't use that one anymore)?

Suppression of dissent?

Their media?

Aggressive invasions of sovereign states?

There's NO THERE, THERE, readers!


He said that in his four trips to Asia since becoming defense secretary 18 months ago, several countries had expressed concern about “the security implications of rising demand for resources” (translation: China’s voracious quest for new sources of energy) and about “coercive diplomacy” (translation: China’s contested claims of resource-rich territorial waters).

I mean, this stuff is amazing. I can see why the world thinks we are assholes now.

Mr. Gates said there were rewards for playing by an international set of rules in a transparent way:

We should not forget that globalization has permitted our shared rise in wealth over recent decades. This achievement rests above all on openness: openness of trade, openness of ideas, and openness of what I would call the ‘common areas’ — whether in the maritime, space, or cyber domains.”

This from the MOST SECRETIVE administration in history.

I'm GAGGING on the STENCH of AmeriKan HYPOCRISY, readers!

And the "rewards" are for playing by "OUR RULES!"

As for the punishments, see Iraq!

The secretary specifically praised Beijing twice, noting that he had recently set up a telephone hot line with his Chinese defense counterpart and that the American-backed, six-party negotiations intended to temper North Korea’s nuclear ambitions “would not be possible without China’s valued cooperation.”

Otherwise, Mr. Gates spoke in a diplomatic code that his senior aides said would be clearly understood not only in Beijing but also in other Asian capitals and by the hundreds of security experts attending the annual regional conference sponsored by the International Institute for Strategic Studies.


Mr. Gates and his aides had debated just how blunt he ought to be in his address, which opened the Saturday session. In the end, aides said, he accepted the argument that taking a more direct approach would play to Beijing’s advantage and that a subtler, more indirect tack would win more support among Asian allies.

In the speech he recalled disputes in the mid-1990s between China and its neighbors over competing boundary and resource claims in the South China Sea, tensions that have resurfaced among China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

“We urged then, as we do today, the maintenance of a calm and nonassertive environment in which contending claims may be discussed and, if possible, resolved,” he said.

But that doesn't apply to Iran or Palestine, 'eh, Bob?

Mr. Gates, as he did last year at the conference, said that the United States “seeks more openness in military modernization in Asia. Transparency enhances confidence and reduces competitive spending.”

The guy is incredible! What a weaselly shit!!!!

And why would he want to reduce spending on "defense," readers?

Then his war-profiteering friend shouldn't be gobbling up loot!

He also delivered a scolding reference to China’s unannounced destruction of a satellite in January 2007 when he described how the Pentagon handled a similar situation much differently in February, alerting others before shooting down a failing satellite over the Pacific just before it tumbled uncontrollably to Earth carrying toxic fuel.

But he did it diplomatically!!!

Lt. Gen. Ma Xiaotian, deputy chief of the general staff of China’s People’s Liberation Army, pushed back during his speech, saying that China was not engaged in an arms race and that its military spending, compared with other sectors of its economy, was “limited and proportional.” In a clear reference to America’s plan to build missile defense systems, General Ma said deploying such defenses “was not helpful” to regional stability.

Mr. Gates made clear that central to the Bush administration’s Asia policy is maintaining American military might and economic sway in the region.

That's the Clean Break, AIPAC, PNAC PLAN!!

Indeed, Mr. Gates’s first stop on his weeklong visit to Asia was to Guam, where he took a helicopter tour on Friday to review Pentagon plans to spend $15 billion over the next six years to upgrade and expand World War II-era installations to accommodate thousands of additional American troops, and to broaden training missions with regional partners like Japan.

Something is in the works, folks!

The WARS are going to WIDEN, no doubt about it!

He said Saturday that Washington’s policy also focused on empowering regional allies to defend themselves by strengthening their armed forces and by building more robust economies and open political systems. This policy is almost sure to endure no matter which party wins the White House in the November election, he said...."

So the "vote" ain't gonna mean shit, huh?


All bullshit fooleys!!!!

As for Gates' tact and diplomacy, did he and the MSM forget that China just suffered a devastating tragedy?

"China elevates quake-area flood threat; Officials devise plan for mass evacuation" by William Foreman, Associated Press | May 31, 2008

CHENGDU, China - Chinese officials yesterday upgraded the threat posed by waters that are rising quickly behind a mass of rocks and earth that tumbled from a mountainside when the May 12 earthquake struck and blocked a river near dozens of villages.

Troops in Sichuan Province are moving almost 200,000 people, who are in the direct path of a potential flood, to higher ground. Many of those people are already living in tents or other temporary shelters because the quake destroyed their homes.

Oh, Gee-zuss!!!

Officials also said they have a plan to evacuate 1.3 million people in and around Mianyang, a city that could face flooding, within five hours if the quake-made dam holding back a lake breaks. An official with the press office of Mianyang City Quake Control and Relief Headquarters said authorities will run an evacuation drill for three days starting today.

The drill will consist of testing the command system of various levels of government officials to ensure that any order to evacuate - if it comes - would be passed quickly to everyone in the valley. Officials said 197,500 people in the valley are being moved to higher ground, about 30,000 more than announced in recent days.


And there are indications it may not be natural at all, readers!


And when is the West Coast earthquake going to hit?

Perfect excuse for Bush's martial law "emergency."

Hundreds of troops using bulldozers and excavating machines have worked around the clock at the earthquake-formed lake, named Tangjiashan. They are digging channels to drain the lake. There was no sign that the lake dam was close to bursting yesterday, though officials say it could do so in coming days.

At least the Chinese are trying; I don't remember such efforts or urgency during Katrina!!!!

Tangjiashan is the largest of more than 30 lakes that have formed behind landslides caused by the quake, which also weakened man-made dams in mountainous areas. In a separate development yesterday, the government said most of the 8,000 children found alone after the earthquake have been reunited with their parents.

Finally, a silver lining amongst the storm clouds!!!

About 1,000 children have not been spoken for, but the need to find adoptive families is now far less than earlier thought.

Ye Lu, a senior official at the Civil Affairs Department in hard-hit Sichuan Province:

"We are still getting thousands of calls per week asking about how to adopt, but we are still hoping to find the parents of these 1,000 kids."

More than 18,000 people are listed as missing more than two weeks after the quake, which crumbled scores of towns and left 5 million people homeless across Sichuan Province.

The sheer number is staggering.

The government yesterday raised the confirmed death toll to 68,858. Officials expect the final tally to top 80,000. Many of the 5 million left homeless are living in tent camps or prefabricated housing being erected by troops.

I hope the prefab houses aren't loaded with formaldehyde like the trailers the U.S. government gave to the Katrina survivors.

Meanwhile, Japan said it had decided not to use military planes to deliver aid to the quake zone, after Beijing voiced uneasiness over the mission."

Given the history of those two nations, I can understand China's feeling there!

How about one more knock at China, as if they aren't suffering enough.

"Chinese show new respect for nature; Reservoir weight stressing faults" by Barbara Demick, Los Angeles Times | May 31, 2008

BEIJING - Mao Tse-tung famously declared "man must conquer nature," and his political heirs have followed his dictum zealously by building dams and other gigantic projects that have altered the landscape of China.

But this month's deadly earthquake might tilt the balance of public opinion in favor of a more cautious and environmentally conscious approach to such development.

So when is AmeriKa going to learn?

We got fire, floods, tornadoes and drought!

China has more dams than any other country, about half the world's total, and the presence of so many near the epicenter in Sichuan Province has been a huge complication in the quake's aftermath. After two weeks of downplaying the problem, the Water Resources Ministry acknowledged this week that about 70 reservoirs and dams were on the verge of collapse, while nearly 3,000 in China have sustained damage.

This is really going to break them, readers.

The scale of destruction is massive, readers!!!

The threat of flash floods has forced tens of thousands of traumatized quake survivors to relocate, some more than once. The dams also prevented rescue workers from navigating the rivers to reach victims in areas made inaccessible after roads were washed out.

Oh, Chinese people!! Please, God, ease their suffering! This is TRAGIC!!!!

Many Chinese ascribe to the belief that natural disasters are the result of human failings and point to the widespread construction of dams as a possible culprit. The Min River, a tributary of the Yangtze River that runs through the path of destruction, is one of the most dammed-up rivers in the country.

Ai Nanshan, a professor of environmental sciences at Sichuan University in Chengdu:

"Chinese ancient culture has a philosophy of a cohesive connection between people and nature. What we did to that river shows no respect for nature, and now nature is taking its revenge."

Wow! He sounds as bad as Sharon Stone!

Of course, if it was the HAARP weapon, then what?

Geologists long have warned of the danger of building dams in earthquake-prone locations. Not only can the structures collapse, but some tremors - most famously one in 1967 in Koyna, India - are believed to have been triggered by the weight of a dam's reservoir.

(Blog author just shaking his head at the devastation).

Peter Bosshard, policy director of International Rivers, a Berkeley, Calif., environmental group:

"We don't want to appear to benefit from human catastrophe by pushing an agenda, but we are making information about earthquakes and dams available."

But they will do it anyway -- just like the MSM!!!

Bosshard said three people he met on a visit to Beijing this week separately predicted that the Chinese government would reconsider its aggressive dam-building program. It is too late to stop China's notorious Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydroelectric power project, which is nearly complete at a cost of $30 billion and more than 1 million people displaced.

How come their projects -- or the Iranian nuclear power project -- is "notorious," readers, while U.S. projects are applauded?

Why am I detecting an ENVIRONMENTAL AGENDA-PUSH, readers?

But environmentalists are likely to use the Sichuan experience to fight another controversial dam planned for the Nu River in a quake-prone location near the border with Burma.

Within days of the magnitude-7.9 quake on May 12, activists scored a big victory when PetroChina announced it would reconsider its plans for a $5.5 billion refinery and petrochemical plant in Pengzhou, 30 miles from the epicenter.

A demonstration early in May had not appeared to derail the project by China's largest state-run oil company; indeed, just hours before the tremor, some protest organizers were arrested on charges of inciting unrest.

Ai: "You had the earthquake and everything changed overnight."

Like what, China did this to itself?

Is that the implication?

I'm sorry, AmeriKan MSM, but that's our government's gig!

Cyclone Gates Rips Into Burma

I guess enough time has passed....

"SINGAPORE — Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates... showed an unusual flash on anger in response to a question after his speech about American efforts to deliver relief to cyclone victims in Myanmar, saying the United States has tried 15 times to get the Burmese leadership to allow more foreign assistance, but to no avail."

I've already made
my feelings known on this issue.

Gates (ex-CIA) confirms them.

Then the New York Times piles on:

"Monks Succeed in Cyclone Relief as Junta Falters"

KUN WAN, Myanmar — They paddle for hours on the stormy river, or carry their sick parents on their backs through the mud and rain, traveling for miles to reach the one source of help they can rely on: Buddhist monks.

At a makeshift clinic in this village near Bogale, an Irrawaddy Delta town 75 miles southwest of Yangon, hundreds of villagers left destitute by Cyclone Nargis arrive each day seeking the assistance they have not received from the government or international aid workers.

Since the cyclone, the Burmese have been growing even closer to the monks while their alienation from the junta grows. This development bodes ill for the government, which brutally cracked down on thousands of monks who took to the streets last September appealing to the ruling generals to improve conditions for the people.

The May 3 cyclone left more than 134,000 dead or missing and 2.4 million survivors grappling with hunger and homelessness. This week, some of them who had taken shelter at monasteries or gathered on roadsides were being displaced again, this time by the junta, which wants them to stop being an embarrassment to the government and return to their villages “for reconstruction.” On Friday, United Nations officials said that refugees were also being evicted from government-run camps.

The survivors have little left of their homes and find themselves almost as exposed to the elements as their mud-coated water buffaloes. Meanwhile, outside aid is slow to arrive, with foreign aid agencies gaining only incremental access to the hard-hit Irrawaddy Delta and the government impounding cars of some private Burmese donors.

All I can think of here, readers, is KATRINA!!!!

Weren't Americans just evicted from their poisonous trailers?

In a scene the ruling generals are unlikely to see played out for themselves, a convoy of trucks carrying relief supplies, led by Buddhist monks, passed through storm-devastated villages in the delta this week. Hungry children and homeless mothers bowed in supplication and respect.

“When I see those people, I want to cry,” said Sitagu Sayadaw, 71, one of Myanmar’s most respected senior monks.

Village after storm-hit village, it is clear who has won people’s hearts. Monks were among those who died in the storm. Now, others console the survivors while sharing their muddy squalor.

With tears welling in her eyes, Thi Dar, 45, pressed her hands together in respect before the first monk she saw at the clinic here and told her story. The eight other members of her family were killed in the cyclone. She no longer had anyone to talk with and felt suicidal. The other day, word reached her village that a monk had opened a clinic six miles upriver. So on Thursday, she got up early and caught the first boat.

“In my entire life, I have never seen a hospital,” she said. “So I came to the monk. I don’t know where the government office is. I can’t buy anything in the market because I lost everything to the cyclone.”

Nay Lin, 36, a volunteer doctor at the clinic, one of the six emergency clinic shelters Sitagu Sayadaw has opened in the delta, said: “Our patients suffer from infected wounds, abdominal pains and vomiting. They also need counseling for mental trauma, anxiety and depression.”

While the government has been criticized for obstructing the relief effort, the Buddhist monastery, the traditional center of moral authority in most villages here, proved to be the one institution people could rely on for help.

Maybe America should convert to Buddhism!

The monasteries in the delta that are still standing have been clogged with refugees. People who could help went there with donations or as volunteers. Monasteries that served as religious centers, orphanages and homes for the elderly have also become shelters for the homeless.

The interdependence between monks and laypeople is age-old. Monks receive alms from the laity and offer spiritual comfort in return. In villages without government schools, a monastic education is often the only option.

“The monks’ role is more important than ever,” said Ar Sein Na, 46, a monk in the delta village of That Kyar. “In a time of immense suffering like this, people have nowhere to go except to monks.”

Kyi Than, 38, said she traveled 15 miles by boat to Sitagu Sayadaw’s camp.

“Our village monk died during the storm,” she said. “Monks are like parents to us. The government wants us to shut up, but monks listen to us.”

Faced with the deadliest cyclone to hit Asia in 38 years, senior monks have organized their own relief campaigns.

Every day, their convoys head down delta roads. A leading figure in these efforts is Sitagu Sayadaw, whose name invariably draws a thumbs-up sign here.

“Meditation cannot remove this disaster,” he said. “Material support is very important now. Now in our country, spiritual and material support are unbalanced.”

Trucks of rice, beans, onions, clothes, tarpaulins and cooking utensils, donated from all over Myanmar, pulled into his International Buddhist Missionary Center in Yangon from early morning on. Each day, shortly after dawn, a convoy of trucks or a barge on the Yangon River departs for the delta, loaded with relief supplies and volunteers.

Sitagu Sayadaw sat on a wooden bench in his field headquarters as people lined up to pay their respects. Villagers came to present lists of their most urgent needs. Monks from outlying villages came asking for help to repair their temples. Wealthy families from towns knelt before him and donated bundles of cash.

However, like other senior monks here, he must strike a careful balance. He has the moral duty to speak out on behalf of his suffering people, but in order to protect his social programs and hospitals, which provide free medical care to the destitute, he must try not to anger the government, which views such private undertakings as a reproof.

Nonetheless, speaking at his shelter as an afternoon monsoon rain drummed against the roof, Sitagu Sayadaw sounded frustrated with the government.

“In my country, I cannot see a real political leader,” he said.

“Gen. Than Shwe’s ‘Burmese way to democracy?’ ” he said, referring to the junta’s top leader. “What is it?”

He defended the monks’ uprising last September, saying the government’s failure to provide “material stability” for the people undermined the monks’ ability to provide “spiritual stability.”

Among monks interviewed in the delta and Yangon, there was no sign of imminent protests.

Still, a 40-year-old monk at Sitagu Sayadaw’s camp who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of official retribution said that “monks are very angry” about the government’s recent move to evict refugees from monasteries, roadside huts and other temporary shelters, even while the state-run media are filled with stories of government relief efforts. “The government doesn’t want to show the truth.”

A young monk in the Chaukhtatgyi Paya monastery district in Yangon predicted trouble ahead. “You will see it again because everyone is angry and everyone is jobless,” said the monk, who said he joined the September “saffron revolution” and had a large gash over his right eye from a soldier’s beating to show for it.

A monk from Mon State in southern Myanmar, who was visiting the delta to assess the damage and arrange an aid shipment, said, “For the government, these people are no more than dead animals in the fields.”

The simmering confrontation between the pillars of Myanmar life was evident at the village level after the cyclone.

Shortly after the storm, a monk in Myo Thit, a village 20 miles from Yangon, walked around with a loudspeaker inviting victims to his monastery and asking people to donate. The monk had to stop, villagers said, after a township leader affiliated with the government threatened to confiscate the loudspeaker."

Now look, readers, I'm not going to defend the Burmese government -- ALL governments suck!!!

But I'm tired of the Zionist AmeriKan MSM and its selectivity, I really am.

Where are the crises in Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Palestine, etc, etc, while coverage of the Asian disasters are in the papers every day right now (with heavy-handed journalism, too)?

This is what the Globe gave me (for those who think I bought a Times):

"Burma victims forced to go home; UN says some sent without aid" by Associated Press | May 31, 2008

RANGOON, Burma - Burma's military government is forcing cyclone victims out of shelters and refugee camps and sending some back to their devastated villages with virtually no aid supplies, United Nations and church officials said yesterday.

Eight camps set up by the government for homeless victims in the Irrawaddy Delta town of Bogalay are "totally empty," Teh Tai Ring, a UNICEF official, said at a meeting of UN and private aid-agency workers discussing water and sanitation issues.

"The government is moving people unannounced," he said, adding that authorities were "dumping people in the approximate location of the villages basically with nothing."

UNICEF said after his statements were reported that they were based on "unconfirmed reports by relief workers."

In his remarks at the meeting, which brought together UN and private aid-agency workers to discuss water and sanitation issues, Teh Tai Ring said the information was reported to UNICEF by a relief worker who had just returned from the affected area.

More than 400 cyclone victims from the delta town of Labutta were evicted from a church in Rangoon upon orders from authorities Thursday, a church official said.

"It was a scene of sadness, despair, and pain," said the official at Yangon Karen Baptist Home Missions, speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of official reprisal. "Those villagers lost their homes, their family members, and the whole village was washed away. They have no home to go back to."

All left the church in eleven trucks yesterday morning except for some pregnant women, two young children, and those with severe illnesses, the official said.

The authorities told church workers that the victims would first be taken to a government camp in Myaung Mya, a mostly undamaged town in the delta, but it was not immediately clear when they would be resettled in their villages.

"The uncertainty of where they will be sent to made them very fearful, sad, and helpless," the church official said, adding that many of the victims, parishioners, doctors, and nurses were crying.

The government's reasons for moving people out of camps and shelters has not been made publicly clear."

Well, they said they didn't want the camps to turn into permanent lodgings.

Now, I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of the article regarding the Burmese government (actually, I do, but...); however, considering the agenda-pushing source of propaganda, I'm not sure what to believe anymore.

You blew it, AmeriKan MSM!!! You LIE TOO MUCH!!!

Bush Legacies Won't be Overturned

This guy is going to walk away just before the house crashes down around us.

Yeah, I am

"Administration Moves to Avert Late Rules Rush"

"The Bush administration has told federal agencies that they have until June 1 to propose any new regulations, a move intended to avoid the rush of rules issued by previous administrations on their way out the door.

That's tomorrow!!! WTF?!

The White House has also declared that it will generally not allow agencies to issue any final regulations after Nov. 1, nearly three months before President Bush relinquishes power.

While the White House called the deadlines “simply good government,” some legal specialists said the policy would ensure that rules the administration wanted to be part of Mr. Bush’s legacy would be less subject to being overturned by his successor....

Are we EVER going to be rid of this guy and his fucking shadow?!

I imagine this will apply to torture, spying, and all that good stuff, too!

Many officials in government agencies said they were caught unaware by the White House’s order, issued May 9....

Then how come it is being reported NOW?!

The highly unusual directive was outlined in a memorandum that Joshua B. Bolten, the White House chief of staff, issued to agency heads without public announcement.... Mr. Bolten told agencies that the administration would make exceptions for rules that missed the deadline in “extraordinary circumstances,” which he did not define....

Translation: We are a FIAT DICTATORSHIP!!!

Still, the June 1 deadline to start the public comment process places at risk of delay scores of potential regulations, including protections for the environment and rules on workplace safety and public health.

I don't know whether that is good or bad anymore.

We certainly don't need more regulations, but on the other hand, the government doesn't seem to give a shit about our health!

Agency officials said it was impossible to speed up many proposals, some of which run for hundreds of pages, with three weeks’ notice. One official said his agency was resigned to the fact that some of its work would be delayed until the next administration, while another said he was hoping that the White House would exempt some proposals that missed the June 1 deadline but that were in line with the administration’s agenda.

This is administration has never changed, not one iota!!!

Rick Melberth, the director of regulatory policy for OMB Watch, a nonpartisan government watchdog group, predicted that the administration, in keeping with its longstanding skepticism about regulation, would make it a priority to complete rules that relax regulations on industrial pollution and other burdens on business.


Mr. Melberth also predicted that the administration would be willing to invoke the exception for “extraordinary circumstances” to allow rules that give businesses more flexibility than Mr. Bush’s successor might, especially if the next president is a Democrat.

“They get to define emergency,” Mr. Melberth said.

“On other things, they could do ‘Sorry, we can’t do anything on this’ ” because of the deadline, he added....

I can't wait until these scum are gone, readers.

They better leave, dammit, or we will have to make them!!!

Jeffrey Barach, vice president of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, said he feared that the deadline could jeopardize some rules that food manufacturers want. For example, the food industry has been pressing for more stringent requirements on farms to lower the risk that the food supply might be contaminated by crops that have been genetically modified to produce pharmaceuticals.... "