Friday, January 24, 2014

These Are Interesting Times

According to a very interesting post:

"All these Things; in the Context of Apocalypse.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's an enigma to me (actually it's crystal clear) why certain politicized gays would object to Putin's very clear and narrow legislation, of an evil that is happening everywhere else and which he doesn't want running loose in Mother Russia. There are these spokesgays, prominent individuals, who deliberately evade what is crystal clear and claim "Vicious homophobia has been legitimized by this legislation and given extremists the cover to abuse people's basic human rights," Well, that's a lie. Putin goes out of his way, more than I would, to appease this strident minority, whose political intentions and culture morphing are on display for anyone to see  and these things are going on, seemingly off to the side, except when they broadside you in your local kindergarten, or in some university course, where certain opinions are given optimum headroom and anything contrary is rubber stamped, with one politically correct term of censure or another. The orders for all of this come from up top, where ancient bottom feeders (hmmm... "bottom feeders?") have bot-flied their way into positions of power, up down and sideways. What their intentions are, are quite transparent. Is this supposed to be okay? Is this supposed to serve some kind of an educational purpose? Is this altogether as necessary as reading, riting and rithmatic? This is part of a national science curriculum. There's little doubt who is behind this. Isn't it amazing that they can visibly and factually engage in such things in broad daylight? It's not for much longer because what they are pushing for is going to lead to the destruction of a particular environment out of which many of them have been operating. Evil destroys itself.

These and related things are all expressions of things gone haywire, haywire and enforced by cultural pressures with political and legal posturing and strictures. However, these are just obvious incidentals. It's really about it being an apocalypse and the loss of balance and sanity in both the rulership and the ruled. Insanity is rearing its twisted frame up into expression all over the place, such as in rural India.

A clear example of deliberate intent on the part of the establishment is the protection of truly vile individuals like this across a serious length of time, filled with complaints and nothing done. We're talking years here. Observe the magnitude of abuse at the hands of this seriously bent clown. Even now, as they allege investigating, nothing gets said. It seems pretty clear that they want the news to melt away before they go ahead and retire this sociopath with full pension. Don't think so? Watch for it.

Crazy is the order of the day and no one does crazy like those mendacious Tribe members. When they're not bringing odious relationship to their victimhood, they are constantly attempting to establish a historical basis for their presence, which is impossible without fabrication since they only came into existence around the eighth century and they have no DNA from that region, although the Palestinians do. In order to replace the Palestinians with themselves they keep stealing their land, revising history and changing the names of everything, as well as performing a daily genocide on them and when provocation to kill is not there, they head over into the desert and launch missiles at themselves, into empty areas of Israel to give them provocation to murder small children, women, men, livestock and olive groves. As time passes they become ever more despicable. No one on this planet can match them at it. It is amazing when one sits back and reflects on the harm done, as well as the wholesale looting (they definitely can get it for you wholesale). Just a few incidentals are being behind the Russian holocaust. It would have never happened without them. Being behind the Ukrainian holocaust. It couldn't have happened without them. Being behind the Armenian holocaust. It couldn't have happened without them. Being behind the slave trade to the new world, it might have happened without them but... it didn't. It serves to also mention the Federal Reserve and the manipulation of economies that torment most of the people on Earth, one way or another. And right up to present time they cavort in demonic glee, seeking terrible events and widespread carnage.

They are not the only dastardly scum on Earth, just the most well represented.

The pace is picking up in those places where demonstrations for the purpose of, are going to go down. We live in times of remarkable and ubiquitous corruption  It is literally everywhere. It's in high places, it's in low places. It's in mid range places. It's rampant in the White House it's in local governments. It's all through the Secret Service and the FBI. It's in local law enforcement, with the single peculiar anomaly of certain sheriff's departments. Let me not be too inclusive, there are good men and women out there in all kinds of locations and collective action is simmering below the surface everywhere. Always remember your present and coming moments in the context of Apocalypse. Remember that unveiling and revealing are two of the main duties of the force representing this time zone. It's been at a certain level of operation for awhile. Now, as I write these words, it is going to be picking up the pace.

In Geneva, or somewhere, I don't clearly recall at the moment, western powers, under the control of dual national, Zionist Tribe members are seeking to put the screws to Iran in whatever way they can, under the ludicrous disguise of diplomacy. On the other side, the voices of relative sanity, Russia and sundry, are trying to employ every tactical counter-move possible for them. Unfortunately, those representing The West are all under threat of blackmail and threat of grievous harm of some kind so, they have to keep on keeping on. Unless some kind of providence descends upon the matter, there will be war. Even now, the Zionist press is fabricating and trumpeting false evidence against Assad and the Syrian government. They are so secure in the uniform stupidity of the public that they take photos of other locations in the Arab world and pass them off as places in Syria. On the one hand, these dark entities are framing Assad and on the other hand they are committing or ordering all of the atrocities that Syria is being blamed for.

Because we are dealing with psychopaths, there is little likelihood that they will stop in their multi-pronged putsch to orchestrate world war, impoverish and divide the public against each other and profit from every evil and debased activity they can get up to. 'Monsters', hardly seems a fitting term. There is no word I know of that covers what they are.

I have to daily remind myself that all of what is taking place is taking place for a very good reason. Those who are savvy concerning 'esoteric' astrology can observe the moving into various positions of the planets, to create alignments and and varying expressions of force that manifest and outwork through human agency, as well as in environmental events and conditions. These arrangements of different force fields, are predictable ahead of time. Interpreting what they mean requires a degree of intuitive skill but there are those who see the writing on the sky. I forget who said it, probably Shakespeare, "A wise man rules the stars". I would think that most people imagine that means, he understands the interplay to the degree that he can adjust himself to any situation. Of course that would be true but it's more than that. The term speaks to one who is no longer affected by these forces because there is nothing in him that relates to what the planets are up to. Only those engaged are engaged because what happens is relevant to them in some way.

Whatever is going on in this theater of expression, is the outworking of an aggregation of collaborative conditions and states. The lower emotions and mindsets are all contributors to the ugly spectacles going on at far and near reaches; avarice, murky lusts, obsessions and compulsions, indifference, denial and ignorance are all major players. They reside where they are welcome and appreciated, like anything else. The end game is like an extra dimensional gameboard, or the levels of a video game. We are at whatever level our desires and allegiances have placed us. For us, that is the world we know. In an apocalypse, all of the worlds we know, the worlds all of us know, are brought to a resolution point and are summed up according to particular cosmic laws. This goes here and that goes there. It proves out that birds of a feather do flock together and the same applies to all forms of relocation. Nothing gets past this summing up and some things are profiting from this and are illuminated by it and for others it is quite the reverse.

These are what have been called, "interesting times". Though, as recently inferred, it depends on where you're standing. It depends on what you've been up to and it depends on what you believe to be real. That should do it.