Monday, November 24, 2008

Bush Pardons Drug Dealers

But he didn't pardon Compean and Ramos for protecting us, 'eh?

I expect even more egregious pardons are on the way.

Bush pardons 14 and commutes 2 prison sentences"

WASHINGTON (AP) — President George W. Bush has granted pardons to 14 individuals and commuted the prison sentences of two others convicted of misdeeds including drug offenses, tax evasion, wildlife violations and bank embezzlement....

Probably pardoned his suppliers. Have you seen Bush lately? He looks like he is own prescribed meds as well as bending the old elbow.

On the latest pardon list were:

.... Andrew Foster Harley of Falls Church, Va. Harley was convicted of wrongful use and distribution of marijuana and cocaine during a general court martial at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Robert Earl Mohon Jr. of Grant, Ala., who was convicted of conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

Ronald Alan Mohrhoff of Los Angeles, who was convicted for unlawful use of a telephone in a narcotics felony.

Bush also commuted the prison sentences of John Edward Forte of North Brunswick, N.J., and James Russell Harris of Detroit, Mich. Both were convicted of cocaine offenses.

Commuted the sentences of COCAINE DEALERS, 'eh? I think George might be snorting again. Think the wealthy have problems getting drugs? No way; they get only the very best stuff!