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Who Do YOU Think Assassinated JFK?

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It’s the question that still lingers in the back of our heads to this very day and for dam good reasons, too. Because it’s not so much all the things that happened on November 22, 1963, but what’s happened to the United States of America since then.

That’s right. You instinctively feel that something was just not right that day, and America took a seriously wrong turn around this time. Whether it was directly related to the Kennedy assassination or not, the floodgates of change were thereupon unleashed on this country — very possibly by the same forces responsible for having the man whacked!

Countless books, movies and articles have been written about the Kennedy Assassination, but one thing stands out like a sore thumb in all of it — even screams out — is that the Jews or Israelis are never implicated in the mainstream media. Everyone else but: the Italian Mafia, the anti-Castro Cubans, Waspy CIA, all are looked at with jaundiced suspicion — but never the dam Jews! But that’s par for the course in the US, right?

Nor are certain scary facts barely, if at all, touched. One very big example: Kennedy, five months before his death, signed off on Executive order #11110, which authorized the US Treasury department to print silver-backed certificates, completely by-passing the private monopoly parasite called the Federal Reserve.

Another thing, Kennedy wanted to bring the hammer down on the Israelis, then in the process of building the infrastructure (about 200 million was spent by then) to enable them to build a nuclear bomb. In fact, Kennedy threatened to have International inspectors pay them a visit. David Ben-Gurion, Prime Minister of Israel, hated and disrespected Kennedy completely, so when Kennedy sent him a letter outlining his intentions vis a vis the Israeli nuclear business, Ben-Gurion up and quit.


Jack Ruby

Also, it’s rarely mentioned that Jack Ruby was a Jew. They go on about his possible Mob connections in Chicago, barely touching on him being Jewish, but ”Meshugge” (yiddish) or too crazy for the Mob; all this was just setting things up to explain away his emotional over-reaction to Kennedy’s death and then shooting Oswald, as his beloved pooch was still locked up in his car on the street. Any other possible motive is left unsaid.

Yet it’s very possible that Ruby was asked to take one for the tribe and give it a shot, if he could manage it. Was he what is called a “Sayan” or a Jew who will do absolutely anything for the Jewish people or the State of Israel? Get this crystal clear: Jews do NOT think like Whites when it comes to themselves.


Congressman Albert Thomas is seen aboard Air force One smiling and winking at Lyndon Johnson (probable Texas crypto-Jew) just before he took the oath of office. Johnson was behind the false flag attacks of the USS Liberty and the Gulf of Tonkin, right along with starting all the pro-Israel crap we’re stuck with today.

Now, generally speaking, I’m not one who spends a lot of time still questioning the forensics involved in the assassination (I’ve read my share, believe me). But if you ever get a chance, go look out the 6th floor Book Depository window (I have), you’ll see what a close shot it was. 88 yards would’ve been a chip shot for a rifle with a scope. If it was properly sighted in, Oswald or whomever it was, would not have been the least challenged. Also, the car was moving directly away, so “leading” the target would not be much of a factor.


Autopsy photo of Kennedy showing neck wound (enlarged by Parkland doctors).

And I’ve never seriously considered the Grassy Knoll business, along with all the so-called “Magic Bullet” stuff. Being a hunter, it wasn’t so unbelievable that bullets do strange things. Like when that first shot missed and went on to hit a curb across from Dealy Plaza; this was almost certainly caused by a branch in a tree deflecting the bullet. People have a hard time seeing how a little tree branch can do something like that, but can if hits at the right angle.

Also, bullets can slide across bone and ricochet way off-course in much the same way. The only slight question ballistic-wise, in my humble opinion, was the angle of the entrance wound to that second shot, as it hit his upper back, it then exited the front at the top of his tie, fairly high to have come from the downward angle Oswald was shooting from. But it’s possible. Right along with the bullet going on to slam into Connally’s back sideways, curving along his ribs and hitting his hand, finally come to rest in his thigh.

Sounds improbable, but again, bullets do really weird things when traveling 2000 feet a second. Also, questionable are where the bullet or fragments ended up after the third, kill shot exited Kennedy’s head.

The perfect patsy AND gunman?

The perfect patsy AND gunman?

That business about Kennedy lurching backwards after being struck in the head never really meant much to me. This was the part in Stone’s JFK movie where Kevin Costner droned on and on about Zapruder’s film: “Back and to the left…” People’s bodies often react like this when half their brains get turned to pulp and their nervous systems go on the fritz.

So, Oswald could have been the lone gunman, but still part of a conspiracy (it only takes two). He fancied himself in such a way that he may have been taking advantage of by manipulative people. They played on his spy fantasies and offered him an opportunity to return to the Soviet Union, when it was known he wanted to.

Shortly before the assassination, Oswald made a trip to the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City to unsuccessfully beg for re-admittance, and in doing so, may have gotten the notice of the wrong people. Or he may have attracted them when he lived in New Orleans.

At some point he caught the attention of a very small clique within the CIA, who then alerted outside cohorts that a candidate for patsy had been found. His background and weaknesses were discovered to be perfect for a cut-out and misdirection. Wheels started turning. He was contacted and brazenly lied to, promised anything and everything.

And he may have had some help or last minute instructions in the Book Depository: Several witnesses reported seeing more than one person in that infamous window before the shooting. Oswald was seen in the Book Depository cafeteria by a policeman very, very soon after the shots. Although, he could have sprinted down the stairs in time to have done this, it’s always been problematic.

Perhaps he was told, once he took the shot, to simply go back to his apartment and then walk down a certain street where he would be picked up and driven on to a safe house. After the heat died down, he would be ferreted out of the country for return to Russia. Maybe he figured he was set-up when that Dallas policeman pulled up and, seeing all his hopes go up in smoke, he panicked, shooting the guy.

Here’s a interesting review of a underground and out of print book that’s considered way too hot for any major publisher to pick up (I’ve never read it).


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