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Chabad House and the Mumbai Operation

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"Chabad House and the Mumbai Operation

Several tidbits from various news reports support the theory that Mumbai's Chabad House may have been the hub of the recent terrorist attacks in India.

From the Pakistan Daily:

The initial firing began at the Chabad/Nariman House, an easy access for Mossad operatives. Hindus of the Nariman area spoke live on several TV channels saying that for two years suspicious activities were taking place in the Chabad/Nariman House, raising concern regarding Israel’s involvement in the Hindutva Revolution, the current opposition government.

And from The American Muslim:

And then there is a possible Israeli angle that some are raising. Thus, the widely-read Mumbai-based tabloid Mid-Day, in an article about a building where numerous militants were holed up titled ‘Mumbai Attack: Was Nariman House the Terror Hub?’, states:

“The role that Nariman House is coming to play in this entire attack drama is puzzling. Last night, residents ordered close to 100 kilograms of meat and other food, enough to feed an army or a bunch of people for twenty days. Shortly thereafter, the ten odd militants moved in, obviously, indicating that the food and meat was ordered, keeping their visit in mind, another cop added.

“One of the militants called up a television news channel and voiced his demands today, but, interestingly, when he was asked where are they all holed up, he said at the Israeli owned Nariman House and they are six of them here”, one of the investigating cops said. Since morning, there has been exchange of gun fire has been going on and the militants seem well equipped to counter the cops fire. To top it, they have food and shelter. One wonders [if] they have the support of the residents, a local Ramrao Shanker said.”

A Mossad/Israeli hand in the affair might seem far-fetched to some, but not so to others, who point to the role of Israeli agents in destabilizing a large number of countries as well as possibly operating within some radical Islamist movements, such as a group in Yemen styling itself ‘Islamic Jihad’, said to be responsible for the bombing of the American Embassy in Sanaa, and which is said to have close links with the Israeli intelligence.

See here for details of the Mossad connection to the U.S. embassy bombings in Yemen.

CBCNews also reported on the supplies held at Mumbai's Chabad House, and the convenient prior access the terrorists had to the facilities:

In a telephone interview with CBC News from outside the centre, freelance journalist Arun Asthhana said there are reports that some of the militants had stayed at a guest house [at Chabad House] for up to 15 days before the attacks.

"They had a huge mass of ammunition, arms and food there," Asthhana said.

One week ago and just prior to the Mumbai attacks, PressTV reported on the Indian government's intention to deepen its ties with Iran and its commitment to developing closer relations with the Islamic Republic. In another report titled India wants $20B trade with Iran dated November 2, PressTV reported on India's plans to increase trade with Iran from a record $13 billion to $20 billion. Now, in the wake of these attacks and with state elections due to commence in India on Saturday and national elections scheduled for May 2009, the hardline right wing Indian opposition party has been placed at an advantage, as reported by Newsweek and the New York Times.

From Newsweek:

The recent violence is a boon to the right-wing Hindu dominated Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Even before the latest violence, a series of blasts across the country claiming at least 200 lives this year had already helped the BJP, which has flagged terrorism as an issue in the campaign. Even as the security forces battled the terrorists holed in Mumbai, the BJP had begun to use the opportunity to point to a weak government "soft" on terrorism. Frontpage newspaper adverts in Delhi on Friday, the day before the city goes to the polls, said the incident shows that the ruling Congress-led government is "unwilling and incapable" of dealing with terrorism. BJP leaders on the stump seized the opportunity. "There's an immediate reaction from people on the Mumbai siege, and the feedback has been very positive for the party," said a senior BJP member in Delhi to the Times of India. "Our challenge will be to convert this outrage into votes for the BJP."

The BJP was on a winning streak even before Mumbai was attacked. Since last year, it has come to power in some large states like Karnataka, Punjab and Gujarat and ousted the ruling Indian National Congress from Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The Congress party has already been reeling from a strong anti-incumbency feeling that has plagued Indian elections since 1990 and the global economic downslide; the Mumbai attacks might just be the last straw, say analysts. The Congress party will most likely lose the state-assembly elections and perhaps fall in national elections next year.

So things are looking good for Israel and not so good for Iran, whether or not Israel had a hand in the Mumbai terror affair.

It might be worth mentioning that the most popular destination for young Israelis recently discharged from their mandatory service with the IDF is India, where they go to party and get smashed. They travel en masse to guest houses in Northern India and beach resorts in Goa to the south, near Mumbai, where they are visited by Chabad Lubavitchers from the local Chabad house and even the deputy Prime Minister of Israel. See a documentary about this here.


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