Friday, November 28, 2008

Occupation Iraq: U.S. Sitting on the SOFA

Gonna be there for a LOOOOOONG TIME, too!!!!

"Iraqis OK 3-year troop withdrawal pact; Lawmakers' approval hailed and criticized" by Tina Susman and Raheem Salman, Los Angeles Times | November 28, 2008

BAGHDAD - Iraq's Parliament approved a three-year timetable yesterday for the withdrawal of US troops, a pact supporters call a path to sovereignty and opponents say could be used to keep Americans on Iraqi soil indefinitely....

Sunnis.... demanded, and got, promises of a public referendum on the Status of Forces Agreement in July. If voters reject it, Iraq's government would have to cancel the accord or seek changes to it, possibly leading to a pullout of US forces earlier than the Dec. 31, 2011, deadline. That would leave Sunnis without the extra protection the United States offers against the Shi'ite-led government and security forces.

One wonders why Sunnis would need protection from the "democratic, U.S.-inspired and installed" government. What would they have to fear?

They all lived together rather harmoniously (not perfect, yes, but) BEFORE WE GOT THERE!!! THEN they started killing each other off and blowing up mosques, huh?


And check out the final twp paragraphs

The war has claimed more than 4,200 American lives and killed a far greater, untold number of Iraqis, consumed huge reserves of money and resources, and eroded the global stature of the United States, even among its closest allies.

Yup, and the MSM doesn't want to investigate nor publicize what those horrid numbers!!! The number of Iraqis killed by the surge has been around
300 per day, 10,000 per month -- with 1.2 million Iraqis dead since the invasion (must be nearly two million by now).

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You clear now about those "unappreciative Iraqis," readers?

Let's tweak you that butt-head one more time:

"Under Saddam Hussein, Iraq's million or so Christians for the most part coexisted peacefully with Muslims, both the dominant Sunnis and majority Shiites (New York Times October 17, 2007)....

Sunnis, Shi'ites, and Christians lived side by side; many intermarried"

That enough for ya?

Now an end is in sight, and American troops could leave sooner if President-elect Barack Obama makes good on a plan to pull out combat troops within 16 months of moving into the White House in January. --more--"

If THAT WERE the CASE, why the RUSH to get the SOFA?!!! That DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!

Why am I getting the feeling that you are ONCE MORE being extended the REED of WITHDRAWAL from your lying MSM, America? How many times you gonna fall for that malarkey?