Sunday, October 7, 2012

Layoffs No Longer News

I have personal knowledge of a situation at a local company where nearly 30 people were let go and I've studiously checked my local paper the last three days for any announcement. I found nothing, and what I did find (since I rarely read the local paper save for the depressing want ads) was very dismaying.

What I came to realize flipping through the thing these last few days were how happy, feel-good stories dominated the slim and sparse pages. It finally dawned on me that the local is nothing more than a cheerleader for this s*** city and county (not surprising since they are the advertisers in the relic). How many other lost jobs have been ignored or unreported as we are feed happy horse s***? What I did do was count up the available jobs advertised on the mother-lode day of Saturday. I counted about 25 (admittedly many ore than previous weeks), which would be just about enough to cover those I know about. Of course, no other jobs have been lost 'round h're because I would have read about it in my local paper, right?

In contrast, the government declaration that unemployment has dropped below 8% was splashed across the weekend edition headline. I must say that even this jaded and cynical citizen was stunned at the brazenness of the obviously political proclamation. It shows the shamelessness of this government and its mouthpiece media outlets. I sit here still in disbelief at the boldness with which they present complete distortions and outright lies as they construct their mind-manipulating web of imagery and illusion.