Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daily Kos Doesn't Like Ralph Nader

Well, that's all right, because I don't like them either. Ever see me link a post from there? See them on the side on the right?

"DailyKos founder derides Ralph Nader and condemns Nader supporters as "irrelevant"

DailyKos founder and senior administrator/blogger Markos Moulitsas lets his true color show nakedly by attacking Ralph Nader and his supporters with preening "we are the winners, eat it" arrogance in the former and the latter with jeering profanities. He believes himself to be correct when it comes to the debate -- and he has to cheat by calling out Kossacks to stroke his ego by backing up his every word like prostitutes flattering the manipulative, violent and abusive pimp.

Markos and his loyal bleating herds of Kossack diarists and commentatorss let the world of Internet political junkies know he and his comrades do not tolerate the favorable mention of Ralph Nader and Ron Paul. Even Mike Gravel is roundly mocked as "Crazy Uncle" whenever the title of the diary bearing his name pops up.

Being bitter about 2000 election outcome seems to affect them as emotional midgets who keep fantasizing by wishing if not for Ralph Nader, Boring Stiff Al Gore might have won Florida.

Below are two examples of Markos' hypocrisy in suppressing free speech and promoting animosity towards the third party as the left gatekeeper of the two-party monopoly.

In DailyKos "About Page" it states the web site was founded in response to Bush 43 Administration's "oppressive" and "war-crazed" Neoconservative manifesto.

Markos Moulitsas -- a.k.a. "kos" -- created Daily Kos on May 26, 2002, in those dark days when an oppressive and war-crazed administration suppressed all dissent as unpatriotic and treasonous. As a veteran, Moulitsas was offended that the freedoms he pledged his life for were so carelessly being tossed aside by the reckless and destructive Republican administration.

Daily Kos has grown in those five years to the premier political community in the United States, with traffic of about 600,000 daily visits. [...] But, even more exciting than that, tens of thousands of regular Americans have used Daily Kos to lend their voice to a political world once the domain of the rich, connected, and powerful.

Markos unwittingly ignited the controversy with his flippant condemnation of four Blackwater USA employees who were torched and hung by the angry Iraqi mob in Fallajuh in April 2004. He comments with the air of self-righteous disdain:

"Let the people see what war is like. This isn't an Xbox game. There are real repercussions to Bush's folly. That said, I feel nothing over the death of merceneries. [sic] They aren't in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them."

"Screw them" is a polite substitute for "Fuck them", considering Markos' penchant for using barrage of obscenities when he could not forment a reason to rebut the dissenters who challenge him. He just resorts to personal attacks employing vulgar language like a child having a temper tantrum when he could not reason with the peers on a sandbox at recess.

Markos is a self-important piece of turd who thinks he has all the smarts. Ego matter more to him than progress for America, and if they challenge him making the case based on reason, he just flips them off with a foul mouth or a hasty ban.

Who's the worse dictator? Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs or Markos Moulitsas at DKos? Rub together: 1 + 1 equals 2.

I was banned for posting a diary (cleverly coined by a Kossack as "drive-by diary") that's unrepentantly anti-Israel in summarizing history mistaken for promoting anti-Semitism. And Markos proclaims DailyKos is a "reality-based community" that bans anything resembling conspiracy theory, regardless of the research that goes into it.

DailyKos may be celebrating Barack Obama's electoral victory but I reckon it will be more of the same beholden to the ruling Elite and Zionist manifestos. Markos probably don't care about the Jewish control of America as long as it's the Democratic Party that controls the executive and legislative branches for a while -- and they're eyeing the Supreme Court to turn the tide in their favor.

They consider JFK a great president, yet could not face the truth JFK died under highly suspicious circumstances, holding on to the fabrication of the Warren Commission's conclusion and the corporate media as the final word.

Kossacks would be better imagined as the horde of sheep jumping off the cliff. That's how blindly ideological they are in parroting Führer Markos' manifesto with ass-kissing comments and diaries "Sieg Heil" saluting Führer Markos who protects the side of the party on the left as a bouncer at the steel-and-iron gate of the VIP club for the Democratic Establishment Party.

Btw, a good rebuttal to Markos' inane attack on Nader supporters.