Saturday, November 29, 2008

The 2008 Remake of the Wizard of Oz

Dang! One of my favorite films! Good thing I never go to the movies anymore.

""Dorothy would be a nympho and the Tin Man and the Scarecrow would be homosexual lovers"

If the 1939 classic movie, "The Wizard of Oz," were to made today. These days, that family classic would be turned into some sort of perverse journey thru voyeurism, with the ticket holder being subjected to all sorts of lurid scenes, salaciously displayed for your viewing displeasure.

Graphic images would dance across the screen, imprinting in people's minds that perversity is not only permissible, but to be enjoyed.

Over the top violence that has nothing to do with the actual story line would blast across the screen, with heads exploding and bodies being decimated with automatic weapon fire.

One has to wonder where the smut and violence that is being pumped out of Hollywood non-stop comes from.

Just don't look to the MSM to explain how this cultural dumbing down of America is happening.

Check out this article in the JPost that shows a disconnect between what Americans can see first hand what is happening to their society and what they've been taught to think:

A majority of the American people believes that religious values are "under attack," and that Hollywood does not share the religious and moral values of most Americans, according to a survey issued Sunday by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

But the majority of Americans disagreed with the notion that "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by the Jews."

American Attitudes on Religion, Moral Values and Hollywood, a national poll of 1,000 American adults conducted in October 2008 by The Marttila Communications Group, was released during the League's 2008 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.

The survey found that 61 percent of Americans continue to believe that religious values in the country are "under attack." This is slightly higher than the 60% who felt this way in 2005.

The poll also found that 59% of Americans agree that "the people who run the TV networks and the major movie studios do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans.

That Americans have been thoroughly brainwashed by Hollywood and the media is known to many in the world, but not to Americans. Almost as if some type of well-devised plan or protocol has been followed.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion has been portrayed as some kind of forgery, yet...

Yet the guidelines for taking apart a nation like the USA has been followed in an almost precise manner, with the Protocol of materialism being urged on people like it was some kind of patriotic duty.

Staging catastrophes against one's own people, AKA as "false-flags," another Protocol, then claiming a moral high ground for wars, has been used time and again against Americans, Britain's, Iraqi's and Afghani's, all to push more bloodshed on people by the same ones who initiated the false-flags to begin with.

Another Protocol was the planned destruction of Islam and Christianity. Which is going smoothly, thanks to the inside job of 9/11. Christians and Muslims are at each others throats and who's sitting on the sidelines, waiting for this self-destructive battle to end so they can pick up the pieces?

Economic depressions, national bankruptcy and the destruction of money markets is another Protocol. Look at what's been happening to Wall Street and other financial centers around the world and you'll see that something's afoot, more than mere greed.

And pushing pornography on an unsuspecting public, to further undermine morals and contribute to the society imploding, another Protocol that is becoming a reality.

Whose behind this smut peddling?

Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry, Jewish Quarterly (UK), [print edition] 2005, p. 27-30

"A story little told is that of Jews in Hollywood's seedier cousin, the adult film industry. Perhaps we'd prefer that the 'triple exthnics' didn't exist, but there's no getting away from the fact that secular Jews played (and still continue to play) a disproportionate role throughout the adult film industry in America. Jewish involvement in pornography has a long history in the United States, as Jews have helped transform a fringe subculture into what has become a primary constituent of Americana. These are the 'true blue' Jews. Smut peddlers

Jewish activity in the porn industry divides into two (sometimes overlapping) genres: pornographers and performers. Though Jews make up only two percent of the American population, they have been prominent in pornography.

When you look behind that curtain where the "Wizard of Oz" is hiding, you'll find it chock full of Neocons and Zionists, intent on world domination.

Using false-flags, terror, murder of their own people and wars pitting Christians against Muslims, and robbing a nation blind while these false-flags are being pulled off.

And destroying the fabric of society by portraying pornography as some type of family value to be enjoyed.