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An Open Letter to The American Public From Flossie Mawson Re: 9/11

"An Open Letter to the American Public From Flossie Mawson Re: 9/11"

"It's really very simple, and the evidence is overwhelming and undeniable: 9/11 was perpetrated by Zionists-- Mossad, CIA, MI6, &c. If you still conceive much difficulty in comprehending this indisputable, irrefutable and egregious FACT, I suggest you start by reexamining the 'evidence' proffered by 'our' govt. and 'our' media (100% owned and bought and paid for-- by zionist jews). Or, go watch mo' television; and may the blood of your children and grandchildren fall upon your dumbed-down, lied to, selfish, idle heads, &c."

Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist

Watch the excellent two-minute video!

"Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist"

Who is Counting the Iowa Vote?

Please, no:

"The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies the Iowa Caucus"

"The Iowa caucus is only a few days away and the nation's attention will be directed to the results, which signify the beginning of the U.S. presidential race. But does anyone watch who tallies the results of the Iowa caucus?

The Iowa caucus results were tallied in 2004 by a company that is headed by a man whose company was bought by Elron Electronics, the Israeli defense firm. I suspect that it will be the same this year. Don't expect to see any grassroots political activists doing the tally in Iowa. The Israeli defense establishment takes care of that part of the American "democratic" election process."

I guess that explains the call for these:

"Iowa HQ: Vote Observers Needed in Iowa!! Urgent Need."

"The Iowa Ron Paul campaign needs trustworthy and dedicated supporters in each precinct to observe the vote count, and to report the actual count back to the state headquarters."

Yup, definitely will be needed, folks

"New problems identified with Iowa caucuses"

"by Bev Harris

This affects every one of you in the 49 states that are "not Iowa" because what happens in Iowa will play a major role in which presidential candidates you get to vote for.

Please distribute this to every single person you know in Iowa. Black Box Voting does not have many Iowa members, and needs your help to get this information where it needs to go.


Black Box Voting needs live IOWA CITIZEN REPORTS on Jan. 3. Note that the Iowa caucuses must allow observers and must allow both video and photography, as long as you do not disrupt the proceedings. You do not need to be a member of the party to observe or videotape (but you must be registered for that party if you want to participate in the caucus).

In some locations, there will be a Republican caucus AND a Democratic caucus in the same building, giving observers the opportunity to capture evidence in both parties' caucuses.

Below is an update on election integrity problems with both Republican and Democratic caucuses, in addition to info on how to find your local caucuses.


The Republicans are running such an opaque dog and pony show that, unless they correct procedural issues, citizens nationwide should demand that Iowa lose its "first in the nation" status. Here are the issues for Republican caucuses:

1) Black Box Voting has received unofficial reports that political operatives have urged citizens NOT to ask too many questions and NOT to take photos or video of precinct caucus results, warning them that only "conspiracy theorists" would want to independently confirm the announced results.

It is your DUTY as a citizen to oversee your governmental processes. Because Iowa caucus procedures lack basic checks and balances, such as posting the precinct caucus results at the precinct caucus location for the public to examine, it is actually very important for members of the public to take video and photographs and share them.

: If you see or hear anyone ridiculing, name calling, or implying that citizen oversight actions will cause "blowback" on their candidate, please REPORT THIS to Black Box Voting, via e-mail or online, live-time forum reports in the IOWA FORUMS section at Black Box Voting.

2) The Iowa Republicans have NOT publicly agreed to promptly release precinct results for the Jan. 3 caucus. Instead, we are seeing bait and switch tactics, as they emphasize to caucus participants that the counting will be done in public at the precinct. While they keep your eye focused on the front end, a switch can take place at the back end. When they release a total result to the media without releasing the individual precinct results at the same time, there is no way at all for citizens to confirm that their precinct results added up to the announced total.

Please CONTACT both the Iowa Republican Party and the Iowa Secretary of State to tell them you expect to see those precinct results published at the SAME time they announce the statewide total. Iowa Republican Party: (515) 282-8105 Iowa Secretary of State: 515-281-0145 515-281-7142 (Fax)

(But aren't caucuses "owned" by the parties and not the Secretary of State? It's like this: If Iowa wants to position itself as the first in the nation for caucuses, perhaps the ONLY possible influx of mass tourist dollars in January in Iowa, they need to run transparent caucuses with proper checks and balances. If they don't citizens nationwide should recommend dropping the Iowa First in the Nation concept).

3) One thing the Republican Party of Iowa has done RIGHT is making caucus locations transparent. All you have to do is go to and click the map to find every Republican caucus location in a county. Not so for the Democrats, who are making it harder to get a complete listing!

4) We have received conflicting reports as to the procedures at the Republican caucus. A spokesman for the Republican Party of Iowa told Black Box Voting that the votes would be written on paper and counted in front of candidate representatives and observers, then signed off on by precinct captains or whoever they've got in charge. WHAT TO DO: If that's the case, get a photo of the signed results and e-mail it to Black Box Voting - or upload it directly to the IOWA FORUM section of this Web site.

Another report says the vote will be by a show of hands, then the winner announced. In that case, it will be important to come equipped with a video camera to capture the show of hands!

In either case, at the end it all goes into a black hole
. Party officials dial a result into a cell phone, which goes we don't know where, following a telecommunications routing that is unspecified, and is totalled up in a central tabulation program made by a vendor no one knows the name of, programmed by we don't know who, and voila! The result is announced.

Understand something simple here: Entering data into a cell phone, from whence it is automatically tabulated and then announced, is just a cell phone-initiated form of central tabulation. It's computerized, someone wrote the program, we have no way of knowing whether that program accurately tabulates or not.

And the county convention delegates don't act as a valid check and balance, because candidates have dropped out by then (the conventions aren't until more than a month after Super Tuesday, which itself is more than a month after the Iowa caucus.) The delegates are changed at the county convention to reflect the new candidate selections.

: Get video and photos. Anecdotes don't do diddly. Report to Black Box Voting any efforts to tell citizens they are "conspiracy theorists" or "hurting their candidate" if they take photos and/or video.


1) The overcomplexified, overcomputerized:

Again, we see the Amazing Randi in action -- look here, don't look there. Your attention will be drawn to the transparent "count the warm bodies" procedure at the precinct, with no explanation of exactly how the results were arrived at on the other end, after they go into a computerized central tabulation black hole.

Here, in part due to pressure from Black Box Voting, the Iowa Democratic Party says it is at least making an attempt to publicly and promptly release the precinct results. But then comes the overcomputerized, unexplained, overcomplexified process that is front-loaded with reasons it might not happen.

The concept here is simple: THE PUBLIC needs to be able to see the precinct results before they leave the precinct and after they are accumulated into the total. The precinct results BEFORE should match the precinct numbers AFTER, and all of these should match the final total.

: Encourage your local county Democratic Party to add the simple step of posting a copy of the signed precinct results at each location.

2) About the results web site: the Democrats are saying there will be a special Web site that precinct totals will be posted on. The catch? They have yet to publicly announce the name of the Web site or even confirm publicly that this will happen. There has been some talk of using a password only for the media and/or caucus attendees to be able to see, which would be inappropriate. The public needs to see.

: Get screen captures of any wandering tallies or changes in figures during the tally process.

IT MIGHT NOT BE PUBLIC: Look for a rationale in the form of "overloading the Web server."

And realize that there is NO REASON to withhold precinct results from the public because you are creating an automated special program that may get overloaded. Let's think about this:

The results can be extracted as a simple spreadsheet and posted as a PDF file that is only about 25 pages long. There is no earthly reason for the simple uploading of precinct results to become a techno-extravaganza, nor to give out special passwords just for the press or for caucus attendees. It needs to be made available to everyone.

3) WE DON'T REALLY KNOW: How this computerized tabulation will occur. Who is the vendor? Who programmed it? Who owns the server?

The Iowa Democratic Party has a bit of a black hole as well, with an automated cell phone-initiated computer tabulation. In 2004, this was handled by a fellow named David Vogelaar and his colleague, Andrew Brown. We don't know if they are the ones writing the program this time, but regardless -- any time data goes through this kind of process, questions arise as to how the program works, whether citizens can check what went in to compare with what came out, and so forth.

: Get photos of the results sheets, which are supposed to be signed off on by precinct leaders. E-mail the photos to Black Box Voting. Do not interfere with any of the goings-on. Get video if you can. Upload the video to and e-mail a link to Black Box Voting or post it directly in the IOWA FORUM at Black Box Voting.

4) THE LAST CONCERN: This brings us to the last concern regarding the Democratic Party caucus procedures. For both parties, the telecommunications routing of the data enroute from the precincts to the final announced totals is important. Who has access to this along the way?

There is an interesting situation with the Iowa Democratic Party's official caucus site. It is called "" -- -- and this is not actually owned by the Democrats, but the site says it is "paid for" by them.

The domain name and the server for appear to be owned by The Forbin Project (weird and creepy science fiction name, Google it) -- maybe someone's idea of a joke. The Forbin Project is part of VGM, and the principals of VGM/Forbin seem to be big Republican donors, and very vested in privatized national healthcare providers. What I found interesting was the candidates they have chosen to donate to -- like Randy "Duke" Cunningham of San Diego (why were these Iowa guys supporting him?) and George Voinovich, and another fellow who's under investigation in Iowa named Nussle.

The Iowafirstcaucus server provides the location mapping for the precinct caucus locations. In fact, to find out where to go if you want to observe or participate in Democratic caucuses, go to

THE ACTUAL OWNERSHIP OF THE SERVER WILL BE IMPORTANT IF: If for some reason the computerized central tabulation and results server is routed through or sitting on, that's a conflict of interest problem, in my book.


This argument has actually been used to float the idea that rigging the Iowa caucus results for the media might not actually be an election crime. Hmm.

Look, the results in Iowa officially do one thing: They impact which candidates every American can vote for, through a disproportionate influence on "candidate viability." Because Iowa has the very first presidential preference contest in the nation, Iowa makes or breaks candidate fundraising and the positioning granted them in television coverage.


As I searched for expenditures on the disclosure forms for the Iowa Democratic Party and the Republican Party of Iowa, I found that these forms are missing from the state Web site. After much searching, which involved locating archived backup copies on another Web site, I did find the 2004 expenditures for the Iowa Democratic Party. Each party is required to file a report of each expenditure each year on Jan. 19. Where are these forms? Why are they not online at the state reporting site where they belong?

Questions we should be looking at include who's paying for all the public facilities used for the caucus. If the parties are not being charged rent, an argument can be made that the caucuses are actually quasi-public events that should be subject to public records requests. If the space is donated, it should appear as an in kind donation. We should be able to see on the expenditure forms who they get their cell phones from, what web sites and internet servers they are using, who's paying the programmers, whether they use any other vendors.

Sure would be nice if the required disclosure forms were -- you know -- disclosed.

*tip of the hat to BBV member John Dean, who has helped look into some of the programming and IP routing issues

Authors Website:

Authors Bio: Bev Harris is executive director of Black Box Voting, Inc. an advocacy group committed to restoring citizen oversight to elections."

The Jewish Question

"The Jewish Question"

Ask not whether I am antisemitic -- ask only whether I am right. --John 'Birdman' Bryant

If you want to know where the power lies, then ask whom you cannot criticize. --Kevin Strom

'Antisemite' used to mean someone who hates Jews. Now it means someone whom the Jews hate. --LA Rollins

Antisemitism is a disease. You catch it from Jews. --Edgar J Steele

Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group.
The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world...
the root cause is their use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity...

--- Albert Einstein, quoted in Collier's Magazine, November 26, 1938

Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it. - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

"I've never seen a President — I don't care who he is — stand up to the Jews. They always get what they want. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms."— Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chairman, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1970-74

"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races...and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel...will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition..." (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

"Decent, ordinary Americans are forced to begin to question whether Jews are bad for this country. I realize how inflammatory this statement is ... I do know that I am not alone in this concern ... -- Rabbi Daniel Lapin, "America's Real War," Multnomah Publishers, Oregon, 1999: 41

One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail. -- Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994 [Source: N.Y. Times, Feb. 28, 1994, p. 1]

The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as D[isplaced] P[ersons] as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog. --US President Harry Truman, who presided over the end of WWII and its aftermath: From Truman's personal diary, 1947

They [Organized Jewry] use every dirty trick in the book, pull wires behind the scenes, smear people left, right and centre, and employ violent thugs and agents provocateurs at street level with the rationale that in the struggle against eternal anti-Semitism, anything goes. Their definition of an anti-Semite is of course far broader than yours or mine, namely anyone they don't like, or anyone who is in the least bit [un]sympathetic to their aspirations to ride roughshod over the rest of mankind. They keep up this pressure until their victim accuses 'the Jews' of being out to get them, or of conspiring against them. And as soon as you use the words 'conspiracy' and 'Jew' in the same sentence, you can be dismissed as a lunatic fringe nutter or conspiracy crank. This is what they have done to most people on the extreme right and on the anti-Zionist left; even the likes of Noam Chomsky have claimed this, and surely he can't be an anti-Semite. I didn't realize it at the time, of course, but I'm older and far wiser now. --Alexander Baron, The Churchill Papers: Revising the Revisionists, Unmasking Irving, London: Anglo-Hebrew Publishing, 1994: 71

"Israelis and American Jews fully agree that the memory of the Holocaust is an indispensable weapon -- one that must be used relentlessly against their common enemy ... Jewish organizations and individuals thus labor continuously to remind the world of it. In America, the perpetuation of the Holocaust memory is now a $100-million-a-year enterprise, part of which is government-funded." --Israeli author Moshe Leshem, Balaam's Curse, p. 228

Much of the literature on Hitler's Final Solution is worthless as scholarship. Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud. ... Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics. --Norman Finklestein, The Holocaust Industry, pp 55 & 68

"I do not believe that telling the truth about Jews -- even the ugly truths -- is something that 'promotes hatred' of Jews -- at least not among intelligent people. If, for example, we point out that most Jews believe in and promote the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust, we are not claiming that they are evil any more than the many non-Jews who believe and promote the same story -- we are only saying that they are misguided and need to be properly informed. This, of course, does not keep believers in the Orthodox Jewish Version -- whether Jews or gentiles -- from hating US when we point out its falsity, and indeed, this is what they often do; but that only means that the worst we could be accused of is that, in telling the truth, we promote hatred of OURSELVES." --JBR Yant

The Holocaust may be the biggest single tool that the Jews have used to rob, roust and ruin the gentiles, but it is also the biggest single weapon that gentiles have to use against the Jews. What I mean is that the Holocaust is a provable lie, and the more that people become educated about this fact, the deeper it will dig the Jewish grave. The Jews will try to survive it, but they simply cannot. I say this not merely because it is such a powerful weapon, but also -- and especially -- because it cuts to the heart of what the Jews think of themselves. It absolutely kills the notion that they are morally superior, and it kills this notion in the very place where it does the most harm, namely, in the Jewish soul. Oscar Wilde said that each one kills the thing he loves, and we see that Jews are killing the thing they love most -- themselves. More power to them! --JBR Yant, Mortal Words v 12

Every writer, who, like yourself, is oppressed by the subject of the present and embarrassed by his anxiety for the future, MUST try to elucidate the Jewish Question and its bearing upon our Age.
For the question of the Jews and their influence on the world - past and present - cuts to the root of all things, and should be discussed by every honest thinker, however bristling with difficulties it is, however complex the subject as well as the individuals of this Race may be. ...
There is scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews. ...
There is no doubt that the Jews regularly go one better or worse than the Gentile in whatever they do, there is no further doubt that their influence today justifies a very careful scrutiny, and cannot possibly be viewed without serious alarm.
The great question, however, is whether the Jews are conscious or unconscious malefactors. I myself am firmly convinced that they are unconscious ones, but please do not think that I wish to exonerate them on that account. ...
We (Jews) have erred, my friend; we have most grievously erred. And if there was truth in our error 3,000, 2,000, nay, 100 years ago, there is now nothing but falseness and madness... a madness that will produce an even greater misery and an even wider anarchy.
I confess it to you, openly and sincerely, and with a sorrow whose depth and pain an ancient Psalmist, and only he, could moan into this burning universe of ours. . .
We who have posed as the saviours of the world; we who have even boasted of having given it "the" Saviour; we are today nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.
We who have promised to lead you to a new Heaven, we have finally succeeded in leading you into a new Hell. . .
There has been no progress, least of all moral progress. . . And it is just our Morality, which has prohibited all real progress, and -- what is worse -- which even stands in the way of every future and natural reconstruction in this ruined world of ours. . .
I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness; I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness. . .

--Dr Oscar Levy, Dearborn Independent, 30 April 1921;

They are all of them born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people [Jews] some day became deadly to the human race. --Voltaire


There’s a Jewish cabal, you know, running through this, working with people like [Federal Reserve Chairman Arthur] Burns and the rest. And they all—they all only talk to Jews. --Richard M Nixon, July 24, 1971

In spite of their shortcomings, the Jews have one important virtue: Their exploitation of whites has shown white men their vulnerabilities. Accordingly, the removal of Jews from the white racial sphere will not solve the fundamental problem besetting whites: It will only open the field to white men who wish to exploit the very same vulnerabilities. The solution, then, is to stop blaming Jews for the white man's problems, and instead to strengthen ourselves so we will not be vulnerable to exploitation by either Jew or gentile. As I have said before, "Our fault, dear Brutes, lies not in our Jews, but in ourselves". --Birdman

The purpose of this lengthy section on Jews is not merely to raise the reader's consciousness about the danger of establishment Jewry, but to fill an important gap in the treatment which this subject receives on the Net. In particular, while the bulk of the websites critical of Jews are devoted to the Holocaust controversy (eg, the Zundelsite, CODOH and IHR), and while there are a few others devoted to digging up the ugly facts on Jews (eg, jewwatch, adlwatch), there is no page -- at least to my knowledge -- which has attempted to view Jewish behavior from the perspective of an overall assault on America and the West in the context of both history and current events; and it is this latter perspective which we attempt to give here. The material on the Mensa Flap is included not merely for the edification of Mensans and to show how high-IQ people can be royally stupid when their preconceptions are challenged, but as a very palpable demonstration of the corruption of Jewry and its liberal allies and their determination to suppress criticism.

An essential part of the survival strategy of the Thorny-Headed Worm (above right) and certain other parasites is to make its host stupid and foolhardy. Is there a lesson here for gentiles? (Picture source: Carl Zimmer, Parasite Rex - When I had 'Source' instead of 'Picture source' here, Zimmer wrote me complaining that I had 'libeled' him by implying my comments were his. I asked him whether his mother had put rhinocerous piss in his baby bottle.)



They say that the legendary high-IQ organization Mensa is where eggheads come to get laid; the Birdman sez that eggheads are often those whose brains have been scrambled or fried -- especially in Mensa. To this Birdman adds that there is a big difference between being smart and being wise, and this difference is nowhere more apparent than with Mensans. If you don't believe it, read on.


On the left's favorite holiday, May Day, I sent 800 of the lefties (and others) in Mensa a little email gift, which you can read here. The reaction was hardly surprising -- tons of hate mail, plus lots of folks (almost a hundred) requesting removal from my mailing list. I have collected all the hate mail into the six files below, along with my responses. The first contains a lot of short letters; the remaining files are the respective lengthy exchanges between myself and five separate individuals. My purpose in publishing this material is to illustrate not merely how hateful liberals are, but also how stupid and uninformed, tho these three factors of course do not apply in every case.

A significant fact about the five files of lengthy correspondence is that, while each series of letters began acrimoniously, it concluded in a respectful if not actually friendly manner with only one exception. My purpose in taking the large amounts of time required to answer these letters was to show that even the best and brightest liberals will wither under the heat of a reasonably smart and informed opponent. I have only excluded two letter exchanges from this collection: In one case, the correspondence -- which has become friendly -- is ongoing; and in the other, the correspondence wasn't relevant to the issues. Two things which are particularly notable here are that, first, most of the correspondents seem to be gentiles; and second, that two of every three persons requesting to be removed from my mailing list were women. Here are the correspondence files:

(1) Short letters

(2) Correspondence with Haakon Rian Ueland (This jerk is editor of the Mensa International Journal)

(3) Correspondence with Parrish

I have omitted the last name of the above person at his request. He has given as his reason for this request the following statement: "I would like you to remove [my name from the correspondence] because I regard it as: a) personal and private; and b) something that I am (in part, anyway) embarrassed about and would have done differently if I had it to do over again."

(4) Correspondence with Stan Bernstein

(5) Correspondence with Bryce Lewis

(6) Correspondence with Mark Lamendola

(7) More correspondence with Mark Lamendola -- 2 years after


Problems with Mensa actually began in Birdman's local Mensa group, Tampa Bay Mensa. Things got quite ugly, and here is the whole story for your reading pleasure.

It is time for Jews to stop whining about 'haters', bigots', 'antisemitism' and the like, and start asking what it is about themselves that has inspired such feelings in every place and age. Is it just a public relations problem, or could there be some truth to the Biblical injunction that Jews are part of 'the synagogue of Satan'?

FOR FURTHER READING - For full descriptions, reviews and purchase information, click here

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jews But Were Afraid to Ask Because You Thought You'd Be Called 'Antisemitic' - An evenhanded but confrontive effort to grapple with the many complexities of Jews and the Jewish Question
  • Political Correctness, Censorship and Liberal-Jewish Strongarm Tactics in High-IQ/Low- Morals Mensa: A Case Study - The Birdman's first encounter with raw, ugly Jewish power and the Jewish-ass-kissing liberal establishment

Israel's Return To Gaza

A senior Israeli army official says Israel might stay in Gaza one year and a half

"Sunday December 30, 2007

Israeli army senior official, Ghabi Ashkenazi, stated Sunday that the Israeli army- once it invades Gaza- will stay over there for one year and a half.

Ashkenazi, who serves as the Israeli army's chief of staff, was speaking during a closed security meeting on a potential large-scale attack on the Gaza Strip.

Ashkenazi told the meeting:

"It will be clear whether we or the Palestinians will eventually be defeated in case we massively invade Gaza."

Askenazi cited possible prolonged stay in Gaza to Israeli army's willingness to stop, once and for all, the Palestinian homemade shells fire from Gaza onto nearby Israeli towns.

During the meeting, reported by Israeli media sources, the Israeli military discussed a plan to completely control Gaza, in case a massive attack is carried out.

The plan includes control over large Gaza Strip's cities like Gaza Rafah and Gaza, dismemberment of the coastal region into three separate parts, as well as taking over control of the Philadelphia route on Gaza-Egypt border line.

Israeli military has repeatedly warned of a massive attack on the Gaza Strip, in a bid to stop what Israel says ' homemade shells fire' from Gaza onto nearby Israeli towns.

Israel declared Gaza a 'hostile entity' in September and imposed large fuel supplies cuts in October, as a crippling closure of the region continues unease since June, after the Islamist Hamas group seized control of Gaza."

We all know Israel's intention is to retake Gaza and liquidate the Palestinians living there.

It's not an if, but a WHEN!

"israel kills one last Palestinian before the year ends"

"israelis just couldn't resist murdering one last unarmed Palestinian before the new year begins.
The Israeli army on Monday admitted killing a 30-year-old Palestinian woman crossing into the Gaza Strip on Sunday after completing the hajj pilgrimage in Mecca.

An initial army inquiry said that troops had fired "warning shots into the air in order to distance a crowd" of some 700 Palestinians crossing into the Hamas-controlled territory through the Erez crossing with Egypt.

The group "began to advance en masse towards an IDF (army) post located nearby," the army said in a statement.

israelis, being the cowards that they are, fired INTO the crowd.

"Apparently, as a result of this fire, and for reasons still being investigated, the Palestinian woman was killed and an additional man was injured," it said.

"The IDF wishes to stress that at no stage was there intent to harm civilians."

The husband of the 30-year-old victim was among three others injured in the attack, medical sources said on Monday.

Which means at the very least five separate bullets were fired into the crowd.

Accidents happen once - not five times.

As usual, israelis are lying through their teeth in attempt to mask their racist and murderous ways.

Happy New Year, israel - I hope it's your last."

Unfortunately, I very much agree with the blogger's final sentiment!

U.S. to Open Nazi Museum in Alabama

Where is the ADL when you need them?

And where is the outrage from the Zionist-controlled MSM?

The Times LED with this in its Nation Section today!

"When the Germans, and Rockets, Came to Town" by SHAILA DEWAN

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — In 1950, this cotton market town in northern Alabama lost a bid for a military aviation project that would have revived its mothballed arsenal. The consolation prize was dubious: 118 German rocket scientists who had surrendered to the Americans during World War II, led by a man — a crackpot, evidently — who claimed humans could visit the moon.

Ultimately those German immigrants made history, launching the first American satellite, Explorer I, into orbit in January 1958 and putting astronauts on the moon in 1969. The crackpot, Wernher von Braun, was celebrated as a visionary.

Far less attention, though, has been given to the space program’s permanent transformation of Huntsville, now a city of 170,000 with one of the country’s highest concentrations of scientists and engineers. The area is full of high-tech giants like Siemens, LG and Boeing, and a new biotech center.

Rocket scientists, propulsion experts and military contractors have given the area per capita income levels above the national average and well above the rest of the state.

Huntsville residents regard their city as an oasis, as un-Alabaman as Alabama can be. But they acknowledge that the state’s backwater reputation is a hindrance to recruiting. Local boosters are hoping to use the 50th anniversary of Explorer I on Jan. 31 as a way to promote Huntsville as Rocket City, unveiling a new pavilion, housing a 363-foot Saturn V rocket, at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, a museum and popular tourist attraction.

Even the Germans, who had spent five years cloistered on an Army base near El Paso, knew beforehand of Alabama’s spotty “résumé,” as Konrad Dannenberg, who at 95 is one of the last surviving members of the original von Braun team, put it last week.

Dr. Dannenberg, in a tone of deadpan gravity:

We knew that the people here run around without shoes. They make their money moonshining and that’s what they drink for breakfast, and supper. And so we, in a way, were a little bit disappointed that it was really not that bad.”

Look at the Zionist-controlled War Daily yucking it up with the Nazi killer, readers.


The residents were wary of the Germans as well. They knew that most of them had been members of the Nazi Party and that they had built the V-2 rocket for Hitler. But the charismatic von Braun accepted virtually every speaking invitation, winning over Rotarians and peanut farmers.

And AmeriKa is going to GIVE THEM a MUSEUM!!!!

The STENCH of the LIES we have been and are being told is ENORMOUS, readers!

And the Germans tried hard to assimilate. Von Braun insisted that the scientists speak English if there was so much as a single American, even a janitor, within earshot, said Ernst Stuhlinger, 94, another surviving member of the team. Dr. Stuhlinger was one of many who settled on Monte Sano, the mountain overlooking the town, which reminded the Germans of home.

Yeah, because they didn't want to be exposed!

They were being HIDDEN by the United States!

NAZIS being HIDDEN by the United States, readers!

Starts to make you wonder about that whole "holocaust" thing, doesn't it?

Loretta Spencer, the 70-year-old mayor of Huntsville, offering a visitor a homemade pecan cookie, remembering that in school, the German children’s diligence posed a challenge:

People said, ‘If you had just been at war with these people, how can you be so accepting of them?’ But I think we were just in awe. I remember working real hard in physics class to beat Axel Roth, who later worked for NASA. I beat him by a point on the final exam, and I was really tickled by it.”

Yup, AmeriKans IN AWE of NAZIS!!!

Time to do a self-evaluating, self-check Amurkns!!

And don't leave out the anal probe!!

Lot of SHIT UP THERE that the Jew press has LIED ABOUT, readers!

The Germans also needed thousands of Americans to staff the missile program. Many who answered the call were “rocket boys” like Homer H. Hickam Jr., author of the memoir by that name, who scavenged together his first rockets in a West Virginia mining town and now lives here. Others were young men from cotton-picking families who went to school on the G.I. Bill.

Yup, America's ROCKET HEROES were working FOR NAZIS, folks!

By the time Explorer I was launched, the residents of Huntsville had so thoroughly adopted the Germans that there was an impromptu celebration. Charles E. Wilson, the former secretary of defense whose severe curtailment of the Germans’ work was blamed by some as having allowed the Soviet Union to beat America to space with Sputnik, was burned in effigy.

This sort of explains the KKK sympathies down there, doesn't it, readers?

And by the mid-1960s, von Braun had so mastered the local culture that when he wanted voters to approve a bond issue for the Space and Rocket Center, he persuaded Bear Bryant, the revered University of Alabama football coach, and Shug Jordan, the rival Auburn coach, to make a television commercial supporting the project.

Rocketry permeated Huntsville, where windows shook and dishes cracked each time the powerful propulsion engines were tested. Children built rockets powered by zinc powder and sulfur, and the mad-scientist-in-the-basement tradition still has a hold. Tim Pickens, a rocket designer who helped a private manned spacecraft win the $10 million X Prize in 2004, attached a 200-pound-thrust engine to a bicycle in his garage here.

City officials trying to capitalize on this kind of ingenuity are irritated that prominent scholars have chosen this moment to scrutinize the von Braun team’s Nazi ties

Yeah, it is o.k. to FORGET the HOLOCAUST in this case, huh?

, readers!


A new biography by Michael J. Neufeld portrays von Braun as a man who made a Faustian bargain. Diane McWhorter, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and Birmingham native, is at work on a book on the space race that compares Nazi ideology to contemporaneous white supremacy in the South.

There's your Zionist agent for you!

According to her bio, she is a "long-time contributor to The
New York Times."

Wonder if she is married to the neo-con author
John McWhorter.

Most Huntsvillians concluded long ago that the Germans had been coerced into joining the party.

Ms. McWhorter, though skeptical of claims that the scientists were thoroughly apolitical, says Southerners might easily understand that membership in an organization is not necessarily the best indicator of sentiment:

There were members of the White Citizens Council in the South who were probably less racist than people who weren’t members.”

Look at the Zionists and there shitrags MAKING EXCUSES for HARBORING NAZIS!!!!

Yup, WHITE RACISTS were more tolerant those those not in the KKK (or whatever)!!!!!

You know, "
Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. From this day forward, any nation that continues to harbor or support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime." -- George W. Bush, September 20, 2001

'Kay, readers?

Residents point to the symphony and the Huntsville branch of the University of Alabama, both nurtured into being by the Germans, and say their enlightened views contributed to the fact that the town had the first integrated elementary school in the state. Dr. Von Braun himself was threatened by the Ku Klux Klan for hiring blacks, said Bob Ward, a Huntsville newsman and von Braun biographer.


You gotta be fucking kidding me!!


And WHERE is the ADL in all this?

Besides, Huntsville is a forward-looking place.

Loren Traylor, a Chamber of Commerce vice president:

"[The Nazi question] just doesn’t come up. That was then, this is now.”

Oh, I want this guy to talk to the ISRAELI ZIONISTS!!

And WHERE is AmeriKa's MSM on this story, readers?

If Ahmadinejad just farted, they would be splashing that all over the Jew news pages, calling it a chemical attack on Israel?


Guess we will have to revisit that alleged holocaust, huh:

First, read the history.


Sloppy record keeping and limited access

Electronically-scanned totals



Investigating the Jewish holocaust

The Signs of the holocaust

The First Jewish holocaust

Zionists Hide Holo-Hoax

Holocaust is Nothing But a Holohoax

Freed Forgeries

Holohoax Extortionists

Hey, I didn't want to KNOW the
TRUTH, either; however, after the LIES of 9/11,

And NOW THIS!!!!!!!

y the way, he DOES NOT HATE Jews.


A New Years' Toast

"Dreaming of a Better World, I Raise my Glass to You.

"Subtlety is an interesting thing. Some of us have read Machiavelli and Sun Tzu and some of us have enough grasp of history to understand how the adjective Byzantine came from Byzantium. Some of us have heard about Constantinople and some of us have seen the wheels within the wheels and the ideologies behind them. Oh… let’s not mince words. Some of us have seen the two schools of human endeavor that have been playing bloody games with one another since Cain brained Abel. One side is the good guys and one side is the bad guys and depending on who controls the information you get determines who’s being which at the time.

I didn’t get all misty eyed about Ron Paul by accident. I do what I do on purpose and not because I support a candidate or only buy Samsung and can’t stand Sony. I like to be a little byzantine myself because if you are going to get people to see things as they are you have to make it clear that it’s always changing and nothing is what it seems; nothing.

I don’t usually get involved in politics or world affairs. They don’t interest me. I’m a singer songwriter and I like to weave tales. I like to fall in love over and over again and that has led me pretty much out of the spectrum of a physically romantic love and into the realms of a romantic love of something I’m not going to get into here. I like to feel things and shine on things and I like to dance and sing and celebrate this magnificent serendipity that we call life.

It hasn’t been easy to do this. I’ve caught more shit for trying to have a good time than you can imagine. People have even tried to kill me for no other reason than celebrating life. But I take that as part of the shit you have to go through to practice what most everyone else has had stolen from them a long time ago. BUT… when it gets to the point that it is at right now… then I can’t just ease on down the road like I have done before. So then, one gets political… or at least appears to be.

I don’t know Ron Paul and I’ve had my reservations since day one. That hasn’t changed. It was never about Ron Paul anyway. It was about people waking up. Since Ron Paul has come on the scene I have finally been able to see just what a massive army of the disaffected we have. Ron Paul could be the devil. He could be a shill. He could be this and he could be that but whatever he is he has been a catalyst for us finding each other. I have met and corresponded with more good people since I started talking about Ron Paul than I have ever experienced before. Often they tell me the same thing I am telling you right now. He… or his candidacy… has made it possible for us to find each other. That’s all I care about.

I also don’t like people treading on me. I don’t like people treading on people other than me. I don’t like whores for money and power and fame. I like honest servants of human good. I like excellence and the struggle for it. Dreams of a more permanent and enduring circumstance in which all of us can have a good time turn me into Silly Putty. It’s not about Ron Paul, it’s about us.

I’ve got good feelings about John Edwards too. Except for Dennis Kucinich I don’t care for anyone else. John Edwards has got that Jimmy Carter thing and I liked Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter went down because he wouldn’t kneel down even though he does kneel down the same way that I am in love with something I don’t want to talk about. Say what you will about anything at all …usually things happen for a reason. I would venture to say that everything happens for a reason. You can say that Jimmy Carter was incompetent and that’s why this and why that. How does that explain two terms of George W. Bush? No one has ever been as incompetent as g.w.b. I am not exaggerating when I say I would be surprised if he could find his dick with both hands. Given the degree of his personal cowardice and vicious disregard for humanity I would say that that degree of difficulty was based on a lack of physical dexterity as well as a degree of difficulty in finding something that small.

Make no mistake my friends… these are perilous times. It isn’t as clear as it should be just how treacherous are the shoals of our moment in time. This is because some kind of gas or broadcast or interferences of technology unknown are messing with the general capacity for comprehension. Few people realize how important Pakistan is to the chess table.

Underneath the glossy magazine ad of mass distraction is a percolating well of injury and outrage. You in your comfortable homes have no idea how the other half lives and another thing you may not know is that the disaffected are being daily recruited by those who know how to turn these things to their advantage. America came about in this way. Everything comes about in this way. If America can’t reach out to those in the percolating well then someone else will. It’s no surprise that most of the candidates have ambivalent positions on immigration. The size of the immigrant vote is enough to swing the election.

I believe I have said “Wake up!” a lot of times and I don’t feel like saying it right now. All of you will do what you do regardless of suggestion or guidance from me or anyone else. The truth is that the only time you ever learn anything is when you fuck up. Then you have no choice. That’s how we are. We have to be dragged kicking and screaming. It’s sad but true.

If the lights go off…if panic hits, in only a few days half the people in the cities will be dead. I’ve seen the studies and also human nature. You put people in a life survival state and you will be very surprised to see how quickly the thin veneer of civilization disappears.

Meanwhile… on the face of it… everything seems to be going on like it always did. Sure… it’s a drag to catch an airplane now. Sure… the police are scary; not just for blacks and hippies but for anyone. Sure… you can’t talk about certain things or you will lose your job. Sure… there’s a much tighter groove in which to move but… hey, the TV is doing the same thing it always does. You can get things at the store and once you’re back home you can lock your door. Same old same old right? The porno is available. The chicken wings are available and the ugly girls at 2:00AM or whenever the bar closes are still available.

I know the voting is rigged. I know that the assholes have all of the money and all of the guns. I knew that a long time ago. I’ve never been deceived about this for an instant. This shit has been going on a long time. There’s nothing new here folks… except for one thing. People are waking up. Even the most sold out shopper for useless shit is waking up. That is a big difference.

People like me and the others who have annoyed you no end woke up a long time ago. Now you are waking up. If I could stand at the bedside of every one of you right now and slam trash can lids together I would. I don’t mind your annoyance. One of the things your indifference has taught me is how to fight, so I can take you even if you do wake up. I won’t kick your ass. I’ll hold you in my arms until the gossamer spider web of the dream passes. Then I might kick your ass but only because I love you.

This is a sound-out to all of you who are joining into the massive human display of resistance against a handful of assholes who have had it their own way at our expense. This one is for and to you. I raise a toast to you. It’s not nearly as lonely out here as it used to be and I’m not angry at you for not having known any better. None of us knew any better but we do now. To you I raise this glass. To you I make this toast. You have finally found your minds when we needed it the most.

I don’t want my dogs to see me cry. It would be too much like you seeing me cry back when I was just an annoyance. Some of us care and there are a lot more of us now. To you I raise my glass and wish you good fortune as the world tilts on its axis. The times they always talked about are coming on us now. Do what you can to help. I know you will and may love encircle and protect you all the way home.

On A Night Like This.

happy new here... one can always hope"

CIA-ISI Created “Qaeda Network” Blamed for Pakistan Troubles

"CIA-ISI Created “Qaeda Network” Blamed for Pakistan Troubles

Kurt Nimmo

Prison Planet
Monday, December 31, 2007

It is a familiar if not worn-out refrain: “The Qaeda network accused by Pakistan’s government of killing the opposition leader Benazir Bhutto is increasingly made up not of foreign fighters but of homegrown Pakistani militants bent on destabilizing the country, analysts and security officials here say.”

If we are to believe the New York Times — you know, the propaganda sheet in large part responsible for selling the “war” in Iraq, that is to say the plan to mass murder of more than a million Iraqis — the contrived terrorist scare crow al-Qaeda has “clearly expanded their ranks and turned to a direct confrontation with the Pakistani security forces while also aiming at political figures like Ms. Bhutto,” never mind there is absolutely no evidence of this and never mind as well al-Qaeda was in fact created by Pakistan’s ISI, with a large infusion of CIA cash and directives.

“Al Qaeda right now seems to have turned its face toward Pakistan and attacks on the Pakistani government and Pakistani people,” averred Robert Gates, one of the primary founders of al-Qaeda, a fact he willingly admitted in his memoir, From the Shadows. Of course, no mention of this slimy connection in the “liberal” New York Times, the former home of the neocon disinfo operative Judith Miller.

“The expansion of Pakistan’s own militants, with their fortified links to Al Qaeda, presents a deeply troubling development for the Bush administration and its efforts to stabilize this volatile nuclear-armed country.”

And yet few seem to be troubled by the fact these militants were mentored and lavishly funded by the CIA. Long ago relegated to the memory hole are uncomfortable facts: Gen. Akhtar Abdul Rahman, Pakistani ISI’s head from 1980 to 1987, regularly met with bin Laden in Peshawar, Pakistan; the CIA essentially micromanaged Afghanistan’s opium production; the ISI trained “militants” (i.e., patsies and useful idiots) to attack the Soviet Union proper; well over 100,000 Islamic militants were trained in Pakistan between 1986 and 1992 in camps constructed and overseen by the CIA and MI6, with the British SAS training future al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters in bomb-making and other black arts, etc., on and on, ad nauseam.

Now we are expected to believe al-Qaeda, appearing out of the mist of amnesia, is a portentous threat to the poor people of Pakistan, as related by the premier propaganda sheet, the New York Times.

Al Qaeda in Pakistan now comprises not just foreigners but Pakistani tribesmen from border regions, as well as Punjabis and Urdu speakers and members of banned sectarian and Sunni extremists groups, Najam Sethi, editor of The Daily Times, wrote in a front-page analysis. “Al Qaeda is now as much a Pakistani phenomenon as it is an Arab or foreign element,” he wrote.

Excuse me, but al-Qaeda, the database and perennial boogieman, has always been a “Pakistani phenomenon,” that is with the good grace of the CIA and MI6, with a bit of collaboration from the Mossad and German intelligence.

How long before we are told the U.S. has to send an infusion of soldiers, pronto, the fight the evil al-Qaeda in Pakistan?

Soon. Lest we face the specter of that Muslim atom bomb falling into the hands of al-Qaeda.

Oh, please.
Copyright © All rights reserved.

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Ron Paul Beats Rudy Giuliani In New Hampshire

By a WIDE MARGIN I hear:

"Ron Beats Rudy? New Hampshire could surprise a lot of people

Wall Street Journal
Monday, December 31, 2007

MANCHESTER, N.H.--For several hours last Sunday, more than a dozen Ron Paul volunteers stood in snowdrifts in the rain outside the Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester waving at last-minute Christmas shoppers and handing out hundreds of yards signs.

The campaign doesn't know how many people participated because, as with so many Paul rallies, this one was organized entirely by fans not officially associated with the campaign.

"We told them to take Christmas Eve and Christmas off, and next thing we know they're doing a sign wave at the mall," said Jim Forsythe, a self-employed engineer and former Air Force pilot from Strafford, N.H., who independently organizes volunteer efforts for Ron Paul.

That spontaneous grassroots support is why Mr. Paul, an obstetrician from Lake Jackson, Texas, could pull off a stunner on Jan. 8 and place third in New Hampshire's Republican primary. If he does, he would embarrass Rudy Giuliani and steal media limelight from John McCain and Mitt Romney, who are battling for first place.

Many Republican operatives in New Hampshire, even those affiliated with other campaigns, think Mr. Paul is headed for an impressive, double-digit performance. That he has been polling in the high single digits for months is discounted, because the polls may be missing the depth of his support.
Why? For starters, he appears to be drawing new voters. Polls that screen for "likely" voters might screen out many Paul supporters who haven't voted often, or at all, before. Many of Mr. Paul's supporters appear to be first-time voters. They will be able to cast their ballots because New Hampshire allows them to register and vote on the day of an election.

Even Mr. Paul's New Hampshire spokesman, Kate Rick, is an unlikely political activist. She grew up in a political family in Washington, D.C. and says "I swore I would never work in politics." She changed her mind only after finding Mr. Paul, a candidate she says she can finally believe in. "Most people I know in the grass roots are like that," she said. "My closest friends have never voted before, and they're die-hard Paul people now."

There is another reason to discount the polls on Mr. Paul. The one thing that unites his supporters is a desire to be left alone, not only by government, but by irritating marketers and meddling pollsters, too. Mr. Paul's supporters might well be screening their calls and not-so-inadvertently screening out pollsters. Still, some observers of the primary race here downplay this support, noting that a lot of the activists who show up in news stories are not state residents and won't be voting.

It is true that Paul supporters from New York, New Jersey and even California are prominent at campaign rallies. But volunteers and campaign staffers say that, although out-of-state volunteers often are the most flamboyant and can attend daytime rallies while local supporters are at work, they do not outnumber the locals.

"Ninety percent [of his supporters] are from New Hampshire," says Jared Chicoine, Mr. Paul's New Hampshire coordinator. Keith Murphy, a former Democratic campaign worker from Maryland who owns Murphy's Taproom in Manchester, has held several Paul rallies at his restaurant, which has become a regular hangout for the Paul crowd. When the candidate shows up, about 75% of the activists at an event are from out of state, he said, but on other nights it's about 50-50.

Regardless of where they are from, organizing Mr. Paul's supporters is a challenge. "This is entirely grassroots oriented to the point that the official campaign structure seems almost lost, to the point that they don't know what to do with all these people," Mr. Murphy said.

On their own initiative, and at their own expense, Paul volunteers hold rallies, print and distribute brochures and even purchase ads. "I pick up the paper and say, wow, there's an ad and it's not my ad," Mr. Chicoine told me.

The buzz surrounding the Paul campaign is reminiscent of the grassroots campaign Democrat Carol Shea-Porter waged against Republican Rep. Jeb Bradley last year. Polls showed Mrs. Shea-Porter trailing by 19 points in October. With almost no money and no support from the Democratic establishment, she came from behind and beat the congressman 51% to 49%.

Many are wondering if the polls are similarly missing Mr. Paul's momentum. Mrs. Shea-Porter and Mr. Paul have very different ideas about how to use the power of government, but both strongly oppose the war in Iraq. And Mrs. Shea-Porter ran last year as a fiscal conservative, so it's possible Mr. Paul could win over many Republicans who voted for her last year.

Copyright © All rights reserved.

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Fox Debate WILL Exclude Ron Paul

"Ron Paul indeed Out-Foxed (for now)

Jason George
Baltimore Sun
Monday, December 31, 2007

Fergus Cullen, chairman of the New Hampshire State Republican Committee, confirmed Sunday evening to the Tribune that, yes, there will be a televised Fox News presidential candidate forum on Jan. 6, and yes, Rep. Ron Paul was not invited when the other candidates were a week or so ago.

"My understanding is that five candidates to that point had been offered spots but the event is still coming together," Cullen said.

The candidates invited to the forum/debate – whatever you want to call it – will be Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. John McCain, Gov. Mitt Romney and Sen. Fred Thompson.

Cullen said the event, which is set to take place two days before the New Hampshire primary, will be held in the afternoon or evening at St. Anselm College in Goffstown, N.H. When asked if Fox News, which is co-sponsoring the debate with the NH party, planned to invite Paul later, Cullen said he didn't know.

"It's really premature. Just the other day candidates started to accept invitations."

On Saturday, Paul called Fox News "scared of me." They "don't want my message to get out, but it will," according to The Boston Globe's Primary Source blog.

"They are propagandists for this war and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative."

On Sunday night, Paul spokesman Jesse Benton said the campaign remains angry, and in the dark.

"We have not heard anything else today," he said. "[Fox] continues to ignore our calls."
Copyright © All rights reserved.

Printed from:"

Which is why I ignore Faux, C(IA)NN, and the M(ost
)S(hitty)N(ews)B(roadcast)C(hannel) anymore!

An Editorial Of Insulting Arrogance

The lying shitrag is absolutely unbelievable, folks.

This the same paper that continues to tell Zionist lies about 9/11, Iraq, Iran and everything else, readers?!

Just checking!


"Looking at America" by the New York Times December 31, 2007

There are too many moments these days when we cannot recognize our country. Sunday was one of them, as we read the account in The Times of how men in some of the most trusted posts in the nation plotted to cover up the torture of prisoners by Central Intelligence Agency interrogators by destroying videotapes of their sickening behavior. It was impossible to see the founding principles of the greatest democracy in the contempt these men and their bosses showed for the Constitution, the rule of law and human decency.

It was not the first time in recent years we’ve felt this horror, this sorrowful sense of estrangement, not nearly. This sort of lawless behavior has become standard practice since Sept. 11, 2001.

The country and much of the world was rightly and profoundly frightened by the single-minded hatred and ingenuity displayed by this new enemy. But there is no excuse for how President Bush and his advisers panicked — how they forgot that it is their responsibility to protect American lives and American ideals, that there really is no safety for Americans or their country when those ideals are sacrificed.

Out of panic and ideology, President Bush squandered America’s position of moral and political leadership, swept aside international institutions and treaties, sullied America’s global image, and trampled on the constitutional pillars that have supported our democracy through the most terrifying and challenging times. These policies have fed the world’s anger and alienation and have not made any of us safer.

In the years since 9/11, we have seen American soldiers abuse, sexually humiliate, torment and murder prisoners in Afghanistan and Iraq. A few have been punished, but their leaders have never been called to account. We have seen mercenaries gun down Iraqi civilians with no fear of prosecution. We have seen the president, sworn to defend the Constitution, turn his powers on his own citizens, authorizing the intelligence agencies to spy on Americans, wiretapping phones and intercepting international e-mail messages without a warrant.

We have read accounts of how the government’s top lawyers huddled in secret after the attacks in New York and Washington and plotted ways to circumvent the Geneva Conventions — and both American and international law — to hold anyone the president chose indefinitely without charges or judicial review.

Those same lawyers then twisted other laws beyond recognition to allow Mr. Bush to turn intelligence agents into torturers, to force doctors to abdicate their professional oaths and responsibilities to prepare prisoners for abuse, and then to monitor the torment to make sure it didn’t go just a bit too far and actually kill them.

The White House used the fear of terrorism and the sense of national unity to ram laws through Congress that gave law-enforcement agencies far more power than they truly needed to respond to the threat — and at the same time fulfilled the imperial fantasies of Vice President Dick Cheney and others determined to use the tragedy of 9/11 to arrogate as much power as they could.

Hundreds of men, swept up on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, were thrown into a prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, so that the White House could claim they were beyond the reach of American laws. Prisoners are held there with no hope of real justice, only the chance to face a kangaroo court where evidence and the names of their accusers are kept secret, and where they are not permitted to talk about the abuse they have suffered at the hands of American jailers.

In other foreign lands, the C.I.A. set up secret jails where “high-value detainees” were subjected to ever more barbaric acts, including simulated drowning. These crimes were videotaped, so that “experts” could watch them, and then the videotapes were destroyed, after consultation with the White House, in the hope that Americans would never know.

The C.I.A. contracted out its inhumanity to nations with no respect for life or law, sending prisoners — some of them innocents kidnapped on street corners and in airports — to be tortured into making false confessions, or until it was clear they had nothing to say and so were let go without any apology or hope of redress.

These are not the only shocking abuses of President Bush’s two terms in office, made in the name of fighting terrorism. There is much more — so much that the next president will have a full agenda simply discovering all the wrongs that have been done and then righting them.


All this WHINING from a paper that has been a PRIME ENABLER of this murderous, law-breaking asshole!

The Times is second-to-none when it comes to ASSHOLE ARROGANCE, that's for sure!

The White House give you permission to print this editorial, Times, so you guys can play FOOLEYS on the American people?

And what about IMPEACHMENT, Times, if these violations are SO EGREGIOUS?

Yeah, THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT, shitrag!

We can only hope that this time, unlike 2004, American voters will have the wisdom to grant the awesome powers of the presidency to someone who has the integrity, principle and decency to use them honorably
. Then when we look in the mirror as a nation, we will see, once again, the reflection of the United States of America."

They are something else, huh, readers?!?

Never mind the

And I'm INSULTED because the Times is BLAMING the AMERICAN PEOPLE for BUSH!


How many OTHER STORIES are you SITTING ON at White House request, you fucking assholes?!?!

As for the "news" coverage in your shit War Daily, that abysmal crock pot of diarrhea shits has been TOTALLY DISCREDITED!

Yeah, and NEVER MIND about the CONSTITUTION, it is all the MAN (or woman) that the American people will "elect" next time around!

And considering how the New York Times is TREATING
RON PAUL, this "editorial" is nothing more than ZIONIST BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!

FUCK YOU, New York Times!!!

FUCK YOU, you SHITBAG PAPER of NaZionist LIES!!!!!!!!!!

What a PIECE of DOG CRAP "PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!"