Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama's Budget Director a Blogger

That doesn't win him any points here, especially with the "Phil Gramm psychology" he is shoveling:

"New budget chief has wide intellectual range, bloggy instinct; Orszag favors cool head, warm heart" by Sasha Issenberg, Globe Staff | November 26, 2008

WASHINGTON - Peter Orszag.... was the senior economic adviser for Bill Clinton's National Economic Council and afterward followed many Clinton alumni to the Brookings Institution....

The Neo-Libs PNAC!


Orszag identified himself as a defender of what he called "coolheaded, warmhearted economics," cautioning against policies that interfere with markets while encouraging those that cushion individuals against "the blows that inevitably occur in the process of creative destruction," as he wrote in a Boston Globe op-ed.

I don't like that term, and here is why.

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So that's the kind of mentality the new OMB guy is gonna have towards our economy, huh? May the saints preserve us.

Much of Orszag's current thinking is shaped by the study of how human behavior intersects with economic decision-making, recently in vogue among academics but long kept at a distance by policy makers. "We need a bit more 'Psych 101' in addition to 'Econ 101' in the design of public policies," Orszag has written.

He meets similar minds in the new White House. Obama's chief economic adviser during the campaign, Austan Goolsbee, is a leading behavioral economist at the University of Chicago and is expected to sit on the president's Council of Economic Advisers.

Translation: the MISERY and PAIN YOU FEEL as you are being LIED TO and LOOTED is ALL IN YOUR HEAD, AmeriKa!!!!!!!!!!

What an INSULT!!! This is CHANGE?

Another Obama friend and informal adviser who may play a role is Harvard Law School professor Cass Sunstein, a legal scholar whose newest book, "Nudge," considers how governments should change the choices offered to individuals to push them toward better decisions.

Now if THAT doesn't scream GLOBALIST PLOT to YOU, America, I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL!!!! I mean, GOVERNMENT makes GREAT DECISIONS, don't it?!!! I mean, the ECONOMY is GREAT, the BAILOUT is "working," the WARS are FINE, the ENVIRONMENT and FOOD is splendid! I mean, COME ON, hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now they are going to push their GREEN AGENDA!!!!

The Russian just may be correct after all.

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Orszag has demonstrated a yen for similar policy solutions. Testifying about Social Security before the Senate Finance Committee in 2005, prior to joining CBO, Orszag proposed altering 401(k) plans to automatically enroll workers and to create efficient options for them to move their income-tax refund directly into savings.


Do you?

In his lecture at Harvard, he condemned the opacity of healthcare pricing: few consumers know what procedures cost and who ultimately pays for them. Orszag described experiments that showed people slurp more soup when they are unable to see the bottom of the bowl in which it is served, and munch more stale popcorn when it is served in a large container as opposed to a small one.

"Just as the field of economics suffered for ignoring psychology for too long, so too has much of medical science and health policy largely ignored the crucial role of expectations, beliefs, and norms," Orszag wrote recently on his "Director's Blog."

Orszag started his blog after seeing other executive branch agencies, including the Library of Congress, launch their own as an inexpensive way to communicate with the public.

And TRACK BACK ANY DISSENTERS!!! That's why I'm here; I'm not leaving comments on some government web site to make it easier for them to find and database me!


Along with the traditional media favored by his CBO predecessors - policy papers and congressional testimony - it has allowed Orszag to muse on a range of issues, from the cost of producing Chinese goods to the risk of workers overinvesting in their employer's stock.

In many cases, Orszag ends up weighing whether government can best influence the behavior of consumers with strict market solutions or through the "creation of new social norms."

"He is a great policy economist but as a blogger - and leader of a bureaucracy - I suspect he is not in a position to be as frank as a good blogger should be," said Tyler Cowen, an economist at George Mason University who maintains his own blog, called Marginal Revolution. "I like his work but I stopped reading his blog pretty quickly." --more--"

Yeah, no one likes to read AGENDA-PUSHING LIES from GLOBALIST MONSTERS!!!

That's why YOU and I are HERE, readers!!!!!