Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Poll Reflects Zionist Influence in Media

"Blankfort Says Poll Reflects Zionist Influence in Media


Jeff Blankfort responds to the Israel Project's poll of Americans' love for Israel:

Polls taken in the US are generally designed to test the public to judge to what extent they have imbibed the propaganda dished out by the mainstream media and the questions are constructed so that the parameters of the possible responses fit within a desired outcome, e.g, the acceptance of the bombing of Iran. As for the low percentage in favor of the Palestinians, that should be no surprise since the media which is either Zionist controlled or Zionist influenced is totally loaded in Israel's favor, whether it is on the op ed pages of the NY Times, Washington Post,or Boston Globe, whose columnists are syndicated all over the country, or from the talking heads on every network or cable news show, or NPR.
You'll recall that Bill Graham told Richard Nixon that when he was re-elected, he should destroy "the Jewish stranglehold on the media." "Do you really think that?," tricky Dick replied. When Graham responded in the affirmative, Nixon said,"So do I," but you can't talk about (as I generally recall the exchange). When the tape was revealed and he was accused of Aunty Semitism, Graham wept and asked forgiveness while the deceased Nixon resisted all attempts at resurrection. There was no public figure who, at least publicly, suggested that these two men were certainly in a position to know who runs the media although I am sure there were many who nodded in agreement. At that point I took it upon myself to make a list of Jews in the media based on what I already knew and from what I read in the Forward and the business pages of the NY Times. I quickly had a list of four pages and then gave up. The proof of a Jewish presence at every level of every facet of the media proved quite overwhelming and while most of the Jews working in these positions are not hard-core Zionists and some not Zionists at all, and probably came to journalism as you and I have (I used to work for the LA Examiner), they know on which side their bread is buttered. When it comes to the media, the Palestinians and consequently, truth, don't stand a chance.