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Israel Confirms Iran Attack to be Launched April 5

Note the date of the drill:

"Israel plans drills in face of nuke threat"

"Israeli officials announced Monday plans to conduct the largest emergency drills in its history as part of lessons learned from the 2006 war with Lebanon.

Parts of Israel will effectively shut down starting April 6
, rescue officials will conduct mass evacuation exercises and hospitals and even the Knesset will test their ability to operate during a mock chemical and biological weapons attack, The Jerusalem Post said.

And we know how those exercises tend to GO LIVE from 9/11, 7/7 and all the rest!

Israeli officials familiar with the plans said the drill is in response to lessons learned during the 2006 war with Hezbollah militants in southern Lebanon. It is also to be prepared in case of an Iranian or Syrian nuclear attack on Israel, the Post said.

How can they nuke Israel when THEY DON'T HAVE NUKES?!


"This is the biggest exercise in Israel's history," said one official familiar with the planning.

Other officials stressed the exercise isn't based on any imminent threat to Israel.

Emergency officials Tuesday are to conduct a smaller scale emergency exercise at a hospital in Ashkelon.

You know, readers, if HOLLERING ABOUT THIS delays or prevents aggression versus Iran, then I don't mind looking like a fool!!!

Nothing is more important right now than PREVENTING these MADMEN from launching WWIII!!!!

The Five Phases of World War III

A very interesting blog post and website, readers...

"Update on World War III"

"Sunday, March 30, 2008

Update on World War III

I wrote this originally as an email to some friends soon after the USS Cole was stationed off the coast of Lebanon. I have decided to post it as a brief essay outlining my understanding of how the Bush-Cheney administration and Israel will launch World War III and put America under martial law this summer around the time of the Beijing Olympics. The movement towards war will be occur in phases.

Phase I will be war a against Lebanon and the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. This will deplete the Palestinians of their rockets and allow Israel to push back the resistance from the borders of Israel.

Phase II will be a propaganda period during the occupation which is designed to convince Israeli and American public opinion that Iran and Syria are responsible for the horrors of the occupation.

Phase III is the Israeli air attack against the Iranian nuclear facilities using American supplied bunker buster bombs. The Iranians have said they will respond by firing 11,000 missiles and artillery shells in the first 60 seconds. The Iranians have Russian made Sunburn and Yakhonts anti-ship missiles. They also have Chinese designed rocket artillery with a range up to 150 kilometers. This phase will be very brief lasting only a matter of hours as Israel will allow America to do most of the fighting and dying.

Phase 4 is the justification of World War III to the American public. We have 17,500 sailors and marines on aircraft carrier task forces in the Persian Gulf. Their ships are well within the 120 and 180 mile range of the Sunburn and Yakhonts. The Iranians also have 1,000 fast rubber boats to capture our sailors and marines. If Bush and Cheney wanted to protect the lives of those sailors and marines, they would put them in the Indian Ocean out of harms way when Israel attacks Iran. Our aircraft carrier task forces are in the Gulf precisely so they can be sacrificed for the greater good of Israel and the Bilderberg Society.. The goal of WW III is to exterminate the Muslims so Israel and the Bilderbergers can have all of the Mideast oil.

Good Plan? The U.S. Central Command has American troops stationed in 27 nations of which 25 are Muslim. One rogue Muslim artillery officer can fire on an American base and in one minute render the base and its jets unusable. That artillery officer can then direct his fire at our fuel and ammunition depots. Our soldiers would be cut off from all supplies and air cover. They would be lucky if they were not killed or captured.

The final phase or aftermath of WW III is the destruction of the United States so what remains can be folded into the North American Union. The Iranian response to the Israeli air strike will include the cut off of all oil from the Persian Gulf which should raise the price of oil to $300 or $400 a barrel. That would bankrupt more than 50% of all American families as they would have no means of buying gas to get to work. The destruction of the dollar will make food unaffordable too."

The people who think they own the American government have no desire to win World War III. Their goal is to complete the enslavement of the American people. Martial law will be imposed as soon as Iran responds to our assault on them. If we are to succeed in opposing World War III we must stop it before it starts as opposing the war after it starts could land you in jail without a Bill of Rights to protect you.

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AmeriKa: The World's Pimp

"America pimps 6 year old Iraqi girls"

"6 year old Iraqi girls forced into prostitution

As a result of the Iraqi invasion many Iraqi girls have fled the violence to Syria. In order to support their families many girls resort to prostitution.

If this video doesn't make you oppose the War then you have no heart.

Added: March 30, 2008

Men from SAUDI ARABIA and KUWAIT, huh?


Next time Bush talks about child sex rings, I'll remember this and remember what a PERVERT that LYING, MASS-MURDERING HYPOCRITE REALLY IS!!!!

This is "LIBERATION," for IRAQ'S WOMEN, huh?

And it GETS WORSE, readers!

"America pimps 9 year olds in Afghanistan"

"The Opium Brides of Afghanistan"

In the country's poppy-growing provinces, farmers are being forced to sell their daughters to pay loans.

Sami Yousafzai and Ron Moreau
Updated: 1:19 PM ET Mar 29, 2008

Khalida's father says she's 9—or maybe 10. As much as Sayed Shah loves his 10 children, the functionally illiterate Afghan farmer can't keep track of all their birth dates. Khalida huddles at his side, trying to hide beneath her chador and headscarf. They both know the family can't keep her much longer. Khalida's father has spent much of his life raising opium, as men like him have been doing for decades in the stony hillsides of eastern Afghanistan and on the dusty southern plains. It's the only reliable cash crop most of those farmers ever had. Even so, Shah and his family barely got by: traffickers may prosper, but poor farmers like him only subsist. Now he's losing far more than money. "I never imagined I'd have to pay for growing opium by giving up my daughter," says Shah.

The family's heartbreak began when Shah borrowed $2,000 from a local trafficker, promising to repay the loan with 24 kilos of opium at harvest time. Late last spring, just before harvest, a government crop-eradication team appeared at the family's little plot of land in Laghman province and destroyed Shah's entire two and a half acres of poppies. Unable to meet his debt, Shah fled with his family to Jalalabad, the capital of neighboring Nangarhar province. The trafficker found them anyway and demanded his opium. So Shah took his case before a tribal council in Laghman and begged for leniency. Instead, the elders unanimously ruled that Shah would have to reimburse the trafficker by giving Khalida to him in marriage. Now the family can only wait for the 45-year-old drugrunner to come back for his prize. Khalida wanted to be a teacher someday, but that has become impossible. "It's my fate," the child says.

Afghans disparagingly call them "loan brides"—daughters given in marriage by fathers who have no other way out of debt. The practice began with the dowry a bridegroom's family traditionally pays to the bride's father in tribal Pashtun society. These days the amount ranges from $3,000 or so in poorer places like Laghman and Nangarhar to $8,000 or more in Helmand, Afghanistan's No. 1 opium-growing province. For a desperate farmer, that bride price can be salvation—but at a cruel cost. Among the Pashtun, debt marriage puts a lasting stain on the honor of the bride and her family. It brings shame on the country, too. President Hamid Karzai recently told the nation: "I call on the people [not to] give their daughters for money; they shouldn't give them to old men, and they shouldn't give them in forced marriages."

All the same, local farmers say a man can get killed for failing to repay a loan. No one knows how many debt weddings take place in Afghanistan, where 93 percent of the world's heroin and other opiates originate. But Afghans say the number of loan brides keeps rising as poppy-eradication efforts push more farmers into default. "This will be our darkest year since 2000," says Baz Mohammad, 65, a white-bearded former opium farmer in Nangarhar. "Even more daughters will be sold this year." The old man lives with the anguish of selling his own 13-year-old daughter in 2000, after Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar banned poppy growing. "Lenders never show any mercy," the old man says. Local farmers say more than one debtor has been bound hand and foot, then locked into a small windowless room with a smoldering fire, slowly choking to death.

While law enforcers predict yet another record opium harvest in Afghanistan this spring, most farmers are struggling to survive. An estimated 500,000 Afghan families support themselves by raising poppies, according to the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime. Last year those growers received an estimated $1 billion for their crops—about $2,000 per household. With at least six members in the average family, opium growers' per capita income is roughly $300. The real profits go to the traffickers, their Taliban allies and the crooked officials who help them operate. The country's well-oiled narcotics machine generates in excess of $4 billion a year from exports of processed opium and heroin—more than half of Afghanistan's $7.5 billion GDP, according to the UNODC.

Efforts to promote other crops have failed. Wheat or corn brings $250 an acre at best, while poppy growers can expect 10 times that much. Besides, poppies are more dependable: hardier than either wheat or corn and more tolerant of drought and extreme heat and cold. And in a country with practically no government-funded credit for small farmers, opium growers can easily get advances on their crops. The borrower merely agrees to repay the cash with so many kilos of opium, at a price stipulated by the lender—often 40 percent or more below market value. Islam forbids charging interest on a loan, but moneylenders in poppy country elude the ban by packaging the deal as a crop-futures transaction—and never mind that the rate of return is tantamount to usury.

Opium is thriving in the south, particularly the provinces of Helmand and Nimruz, where Taliban fighters keep government eradication teams at bay. But times are perilously hard for farmers in other places like Nangarhar, a longtime poppy-growing province on the mountainous Pakistani border. Mohammad Zahir Khan, a Nangarhar sharecropper in his late 40s, borrowed $850 against last spring's harvest, promising 10 kilos of opium to the lender—about $1,250 on the local market. The cash bought food and other necessities for his family and allowed him to get seed, fertilizer and help tending his three sharecropped acres. In the spring he collected 45 kilos of raw opium paste, half of which went immediately to the landowner.

But before Khan could repay the loan, his wife fell seriously ill with a kidney ailment. She needed better medical care than Nangarhar could offer, so he rushed her across the Pakistani border to a private hospital in Peshawar. It cost almost every cent they had, and Khan knew his opium debt would only grow. Worse, the provincial governor, a former warlord named Gul Agha Sherzai, chose that moment to declare his own war on drugs, jailing hundreds of local farmers who were caught planting opium. Nangarhar had 45,000 acres in poppies a year ago; today drug experts say the province is totally clean.

Late last year Khan reluctantly gave his 16-year-old daughter, Gul Ghoti, in marriage to the lender's 15-year-old son. Besides forgiving Khan's debt, the creditor gave him a $1,500 cash dowry. Khan calls him an honorable man. "Until the end of my life I will feel shame because of what I did to my daughter," Khan says. "I still can't look her in the eye." But at least she was old enough to marry, he adds. He claims one local farmer recently had to promise the hand of his 2-month-old daughter to free his family from an opium debt. Khan is raising wheat this year. He doubts it will support his family, and he worries that eventually one of his two younger daughters will become a loan bride. Neither of them is yet in her teens.

Eradication efforts aren't the only thing pushing opium marriages. Poppy acreage is expanding in Helmand province, but loan brides are common there, too, says Bashir Ahmad Nadim, a local journalist. He says moneylenders in Helmand are always looking for "opium flowers"— marriageable daughters ready for plucking if crop failure or family emergency forces a borrower into default. In the south's drug-fueled economy, fathers of opium brides often get hefty cash bonuses on top of having their debts forgiven.

But in Nangarhar, even former lenders are feeling the pinch. Enaghul, 40, used to be a relatively prosperous poppy farmer. Today he has little to show for his past wealth aside from his 17-year-old daughter-in-law, Shaukina, and a 2-month-old grandson. "She is pretty and works hard in the fields," Enaghul says, still happy to have won her for his son. Four years ago he gave Shaukina's father a loan in return for a promise of 30 kilos of opium, never imagining that both their fields would be eradicated before harvest. That's how Enaghul's son married Shaukina. But with the opium ban, Enaghul says his family is barely surviving. They make less than $2 a day growing tomatoes and potatoes. Enaghul casts an appraising eye on his youngest daughter, Sharifa, 5, as she runs after a goat in the courtyard of their mud-and-brick home. "I think she would fetch between $500 and $600," he says. With luck, he says, he might be able to postpone the wedding five or six years.

Some Western officials promise the hard times won't last much longer. Loren Stoddard, Afghanistan director for the U.S. Agency for International Development, says crop-substitution programs are already yielding results. As many as 40,000 farming families in Nangarhar are receiving some kind of compensation for the loss of opium revenues, he says, and USAID has financed the planting of 1.3 million fruit, nut and other trees in the province since 2006, with plans for an additional 300,000 this year. There's even a new mill producing 30 tons of chicken feed a day. "Good things are happening here," Stoddard says. "I think Nangarhar will take off in the next two years."

Many farmers doubt they can hold out that long. Kachkol Khan looks around his single acre of wheat in Pa Khel village and asks how he will feed his family of seven. "What we earn from this wheat won't feed us for one month," he says. Six months ago he gave the hand of his 13-year-old daughter, Bibi Gula, to settle an opium debt of $700, with roughly $1,500 cash thrown in. That's what they're living on now. At least his creditor agreed to let Gula stay home until she turns 15. "I'm not happy with what I did," Khan says. "Every daughter has ambitions to marry with dignity. I fear she'll be treated as a second-class wife and as a maid." Even worse is his worry that the same future may await his two younger daughters, 11 and 10.

Angiza Afridi, 28, has spent much of the past year interviewing more than 100 families about opium weddings in two of Nangarhar's 22 districts. The schoolteacher and local TV reporter already had firsthand knowledge of the tragedy. Five years ago one of her younger aunts, then 16, was forced to marry a 55-year-old man to pay off an older uncle's opium debt, and three years ago an 8-year-old cousin was also given in marriage to make good on a drug loan. "This practice of marrying daughters to cover debts is becoming a bad habit," says Afridi.

Even so, the results of her survey shocked her. In the two districts she studied, approximately half the new brides had been given in marriage to repay opium debts. The new brides included children as young as 5 years old; until they're old enough to consummate their marriages, they mostly work as household servants for their in-laws. "These poor girls have no future," she says. The worst of it may be the suicides. Afridi learned of one 15-year-old opium bride who poisoned herself on her wedding day late last year and an 11-year-old who took a fatal dose of opium around the same time. Her new in-laws were refusing to let her visit her parents.

Gul Ghoti is on her first visit home since her wedding six months ago. She says it's a relief to be back with her father and mother in their two-room mud-and-brick house, if only temporarily. "My heart is still with my parents, brothers and sisters," she says. "Only my body is with my husband's family." She says she personally knows of two opium brides who killed themselves. "One of the girls had been badly beaten by her husband's brother, the other by her husband," she says. Ghoti says she's considered suicide, too, but Islam stopped her. "I pray that God doesn't give me a daughter if she ends up like me."


The Palestinian Saga

"At War With "God": The Saga Of The Palestinian People"

"by Hesham Tillawi, PhD

When the voice announced on the car radio “Palestinian terrorist killed eight school children in Jerusalem”, I thought to myself ‘How horrible.’ As I was programmed to do by the wording of the news story, I imagined little children playing in a schoolyard when it all had taken place, killed in cold blood. On another broadcast the announcer had more details and mentioned the attack had been on ‘Seminary’ students, adding to the depravity of it all. I imagined these humble, little, monk-looking creatures praying for peace, harmony, and all that ‘love thy neighbor’ business that is supposed to be part of the Kingdom of God. ‘What an awful thing to do,’ I thought, ‘Simply horrible’.

Like all things these tightly-controlled-information age, I suspected there was more to it than what they were saying. I got home and started reading. Then more reading, and then even more reading and then a little more, and sure enough, there it was–the ‘devil’ in the details as they always say. As it turns out there was another side to the coin we were not being told about, a side just as horrible as the initial story of the shooting itself, and in an instant, I came to the realization that this school shooting held the key to resolving, or at least understanding, the Palestinian-Israeli “conflict”, as most Western Media like to call it.

As it turned out, the school in question (or rather, the ’seminary’ as they were referring to it) turned out to be a training camp for Jewish terrorists, not much different than the video footage we all see on mainstream news featuring Islamic militants running through obstacle courses with Kalashnikovs shouting ‘Alahu Akbar’! Like most things these days, it was cleverly disguised under the very religious-sounding name ‘Merkaz Harav,’ or the Rabbi Center. The Merkaz was established back in 1924 by Rabbi Abraham Yitzhak Kook, chief Rabbi of Palestine, a fact I found rather interesting, since Israel was established in 1948. I am not sure who ‘appointed’ him to that post, but that is another story for another time. As it turns out, the ‘good Rabbi’ was rabid not only in his support of Zionism but as well in the new ideology he himself concocted in the early 1900’s. Kook saw the Merkaz as the ultimate center for raising Jewish leaders who would build the “true” Jewish society in the land God had given ‘His people’ as a gift, the result of which would lead to universal and religious redemption. In short, the thin line separating heaven on earth from hell on earth was the Jewish people ‘redeeming’ the land of Palestine by whatever means were necessary.

Over the years the Merkaz grew to become the number one extremist Zionist religious training camp in Palestine, where trainees are nursed on the ideology that Palestine was a gift from God and that it is their religious duty to drive away the inhabitants of the land in the manner “God” demanded. According to the Rabbi, this was the ONLY road to salvation and redemption. The Merkaz was seen by many as ‘God’s gift’ to the Zionist Movement because (after years of being shunned by Jewish religious sectors) finally came someone who interpreted Zionism to be the long-awaited messiah. Kook taught that the messiah is an entity that doesn’t necessary have to come in a human shape, meaning that it could be an idea.

This goes a long way towards explaining much of the brutality perpetrated against the civilian population of Palestine by many of Israel’s leaders throughout recent history. One such ‘graduate’ of the Merkaz was David Raziel, the first commander of the terrorist group Irgun whose members have committed the despicable massacre of the village of Deir Yassin, where 250 men, women, children and elderly were butchered to death. The killings were done with machine guns, grenades, and knives. Some of the victims were decapitated. 52 children were killed and mutilated in front of their mothers. 25 pregnant women were cut open at the wombs and their babies were cut to pieces in front of their dying mothers. Those who survived were loaded up on trucks like cattle and taken to Jerusalem were they were paraded in the middle of a Jewish mob who lined up both sides of the streets spitting at them, throwing garbage, rocks, animal manure, shoes (and anything else they could get their hands on) at the frightened, shocked and awed Palestinians, and all of this in the name of ‘redemption’. Menachem Begin, who later became Prime Minister of Israel, and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize was the infamous father and planner of the Deir Yassin Massacre, issued a statement following the massacre congratulating the Jewish murderers for their holy handiwork–

“Accept my congratulations on this splendid act of conquest. Convey my regards to all the commanders and soldiers. We shake your hands. We are all proud of the excellent leadership and the fighting spirit in this great attack…Tell the soldiers: you have made history in Israel with your attack and your conquest. Continue this until victory. As in Deir Yassin, so everywhere, we will attack and smite the enemy. God, God, Thou has chosen us for conquest.”

The Merkaz Harav became one of the most influential religious centers in Israel to effect policy regarding the illegal Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands. The notorious Israeli terrorist group Gush Emunim was founded within this Merkaz and called for settling the Jews on Palestinian land, again, a ‘gift from God’ to the Jews. In 1974 Shimon Peres (current Israeli president and the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize) was Defense Minister of Israel at the time, which meant that the Occupied Palestinian Territories were under his watch. Under his command this terrorist movement was helped in acquiring land in the West bank through terror and harassment of the legitimate Palestinian owners to build illegal Jewish settlements throughout the West bank and Gaza. Peres called this policy “functional compromise” in order to receive the political support of the Gush Emunim and settler movements. It must be remembered that the influence of the settler movements in Israeli politics is by no means inconsequential. Rather, it is widespread through the many thousands of students who graduate from this Merkaz and others end up holding positions in government, military, academic, and many other facets of Israeli society. No Israeli government has been spared the wrath of this extremist movement whose influence is increasing day by day since 1974 up to the present and whose is one of “the State of Israel is the foundation upon which rests the Throne of God in this world”.

As controversial as it may sound, the fact is that over the ages Judaism has seen many transformations in its theology to the point where one would be safe describing it as a totally different religion throughout its history. The followers of Judaism throughout the ages have depended mainly on the Rabbis for their understanding of the doctrine. The different schools of thought have seen their highs and lows depending on the power and strength of the Rabbis at the time.

Today in Israel, the dominating theology is the teaching of a lone American Rabbi (known as ‘the Rebbe’ to his followers) Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, whose students consider him to be the Messiah. It was (is) believed he is the one who will lead the Jews to redemption, although he died in 1994. After his death Congressmen Chuck Schumer, John Lewis, Newt Gingrich, and Jerry Lewis along with 220 other Congressmen bestowed the Congressional Gold Medal on the Rebbe, and the Senate followed suit and president Clinton even spoke at the Medal-awarding ceremony saying: ‘The late Rebbe’s eminence as a moral leader for our country was recognized by every president since Richard Nixon.’

I looked up the Congressional Gold Medal and I found the following: “A Congressional Gold Medal is the highest civilian award which may be bestowed by the United States Congress, the legislative branch of the United States government. The decoration is awarded to an individual who performs an outstanding deed or act of service to the security, prosperity, and national interest of the United States” and then I looked at the Rebbe’s deepest thoughts and I found this:

“The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: ‘Let us differentiate.’ Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have a case of ‘let us differentiate’ between totally different species. This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of all nations of the world … A non-Jew’s entire reality is only vanity. The entire creation exists only for the sake of the Jews…”

I believe the reader would agree that with a such statements this man could easily be described as a racist, Jewish supremacist whose thoughts and expressions went against the freedom and equality that the institution known as Congress was built upon. But yet, incredibly, we find the men and women who swore to uphold the constitution of the United States sold out their conscience and the American principles of “freedom and justice for all” for 30 pieces of silver.

Jewish religious leaders have always compared the Palestinians to the ancient Canaanites whose extermination and/or expulsion are predestined by divine design according to scriptures. This again explains the attitude of the people of Israel in their sympathy towards the demands of the religious parties of Israel in expelling Palestinians from their land. Jewish law does permit some non-Jews to reside in the land of Israel under certain conditions, which can be summed up thus–”must pay taxes and accept suffering, humiliation and servitude” as expressed by Mordechai Nisan of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem who relied upon the law of Maimonides. For those not acquainted with the law of ‘great’ doctor of Jewish law Maimonides, the law demands the following–that a non-Jew be held down, that he not raise his head against Jews, that no non-Jews may be appointed to any office or position of power over Jews, and if such non-Jews refuse to live under these conditions then this is a signal of disobedience which necessitates Jewish warfare against them in cleansing the land of Israel of their presence.

In 1990 a book published by Shlomo Aviner of the Merkaz Harav gives answers to some of the questions that arose during the First Palestinian Intifada. One question was: “is there a difference between punishing an Arab child and an Arab adult for disturbance of our peace?’ The answer began by cautioning Jews ‘not to compare Jews and non Jews’ in applying Jewish laws, and particularly when it comes to punishing a Jewish boy under the age of thirteen and Jewish girls under the age of twelve. The point was clear–the laws of Maimonides were written for Jews alone. The Rabbi summed it up by saying that any non-Jew must pay for any crime committed, but not necessarily so for the Jews themselves. This explains in part why there is such a huge number of children either killed by the Jewish army and their settler thugs or held in Israeli prisons.

A militant speech by Rabbi Ya’acov Shapira, head of the Merkaz following the recent attack in Jerusalem read: “This monstrous attack must bring about a major and substantial change. We call upon and demand from the Government of Israel to wake up and to fight to the end, without mercy, against the enemies of Israel. This is a terrible crisis! It is one of private mourning and of national mourning. But the Yeshiva will continue its path of study, teaching, growing and disseminating the Torah of Israel in our complete and holy Land of Israel.” Instead of realizing that the attack was in response to the mass murder of non Jews (Muslim and Christian Arabs) the Yeshiva continues with its kill-all policy by asking the government to “fight to the end” against the Palestinian people and to do so without mercy. The school vowed to continue its path of disseminating its hate and its murderous teachings of cleansing completely their “holy Land of Israel” in the hope that this will lead to “Universal Redemption.” Many of the “students” at the Merkaz have completed their army service and many are still IDF officers. This is clear from the report in Haaretz published March 8, 2008 where a “student” by the name of Yitzhak Danon told Israeli Channel 2 that he “fired two shots into the attacker’s head.” One question that comes to mind is this–When was it the last time you have heard of students carrying a high-powered automatic machine gun to school? And remember, this is no ‘ordinary’ school; we were told it’s a seminary. Something is not adding up here, these students at the Yeshiva are armed and dangerous.

In the words of Rabbi Shapira, the “Yeshiva served as training base for Rabbis and students who went out to settle all parts of the Land of Israel”, and in the words of Rabbi Kook on the eve of the 1967 war: “Yes, where is our Hebron? Have we forgotten it? Where is our chechem (Nablus)? And Jericho? Will we forget them? And the far side of the Jordan, it’s ours, every clod of soil, every region and bit of earth belonging to the Lord.”

Well, the problem is the land has been inhabited for the last few thousands of years by the people of the land, the original people of the land, not the Judaic Europeans who think “God” had given it to them as a gift. Rabbi Kook also declared a religious prohibition–meaning God’s orders–against ceding any part of the Land of Israel to non-Jews. In other words he told his people that “God” says in effect ‘Don’t leave any non-Jews on the land, they all must be killed.’ This declaration–in the word’s of the Yeshiva spokesman, Yehoshua Mor-Yousef is as follows–”This is the basis of all that we believe in.” This is a clear call for a genocidal war against the Palestinian people by the largest religious “school” in Israel.

Over the years this Merkaz has issued extreme religious decrees giving license to Israeli soldiers to kill Palestinian civilians, including if it can be believed, children. Rabbi Lior, an associate of the Merkaz and a former student of the Yeshiva who is also the Rabbi of the illegal Jewish settlement Kiryat Arba told Israeli soldiers and Jewish militants (many of them former students of the Yeshiva) that it is permissible to kill Palestinian children. It is a growing understanding amongst many religious Israelis with Messianic Zionist beliefs that Jews must expedite the cleansing of the land process to induce the redemption by killing as many Palestinians as possible to create the appropriate condition for the messiah to appear in their own lifetime.

The leaders of the religious parties in Israel (and especially the Mirkaz Ha’arv) strongly oppose any peace settlement with the Palestinians. Furthermore, the idea of creating a Palestinian State in the West Bank, and Gaza with East-Jerusalem as its capital is a redline that will only take place over their dead bodies. The idea of swapping peace for land is in total opposition to their religious beliefs, as it would prevent their ‘messiah’ from appearing. This being the case, any negotiating with Israel is meaningless as long as the religious parties are in control of Israeli politics. The influence of the religious parties in the Israeli army goes much deeper than their presence in the political arena. This again explains the brutality and barbaric nature of the actions of the Israeli Army regarding the Palestinians. Two weeks ago Rabbi Hershel Schachter, the Dean of Yeshiva University, told students to think before they enlist in the army, saying: “There is no mitzvah (commandment) to destroy the land of Israel…If the army asks you to destroy any of the settlements, and if the government orders the army to divide Jerusalem, I would tell everyone to resign from the army. I would tell them to shoot the Prime Minister.”

This whole theology was shaped by the founder of the Mirkaz, Rabbi Kook, who once boasted that “The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews - all of them in all different levels - is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle.” It is no wonder then that members of the Israeli army have no remorse after killing Palestinian children since they do not consider them humans. To a Jew killing a Palestinian is just like hunting a rabbit or duck in the wilderness. It’s even worse than that, since in the world of hunting there are hunting seasons with ‘rules of engagement’ that one must adhere to, but in Palestine it’s open season all year.

With all this in mind, it is easier now for us to understand the dominant religious thought in Israel and why many religious Jews throughout the world believe that ‘the redemption’ is at hand. They believe that the power of Satan (manifested in non-Jews) must be defeated. Therefore the stealing of non-Jewish land in Palestine is considered redemption of the land by its being taken into Jewish hands. They believe that being transferred from the satanic to the divine sphere ‘cleanses’ it of evil. They look at it as land that has been sanctified. This also might explain the fact that a Jew in Israel can kill a non-Jew and get away with it, but if a non-Jew kills a Jew it is considered under Jewish law as the worst possible crime. Relying upon the code of Maimonides and Jewish law known as Halacha it is stated that a ‘Jew who kills a non-Jew is exempt from human judgment’ as he (or she) has not violated the prohibition of murder according to Jewish law which Israel’s law is based upon. Jewish Rabbis have always maintained that Jews who killed Arabs should not be punished. This is clear by the demands of both Labor, Likud, and Kadima governments of Israel by insisting on not releasing Palestinian prisoners with Jewish blood on their hands.

If that is not enough, Jewish law provides for the taking of body parts of non-Jews to save the life of a Jew, according another Rabbi at the Mirkas Harav, Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg. Ginsburg said the killing of Palestinians is a “Jewish virtue”. Going a step further, Rabbi Dov Lior, one of Rabbi Kook’s top students proposed using captured (kidnapped) Palestinians in conducting medical experiments. Just as scientists use laboratory rats for testing, Jewish theology allows non-Jews for such use as well.

Let us listen more to what these 21st century lunatics say: “Don’t we have any powerful friends whatsoever? Let’s open our Tenach (Bible) to BaMidbar (Numbers), chapter 33:50-53, and 55. These scriptures make it very clear that we do have a powerful friend. The G-d of the Bible is on Israel’s side.”

And where do they get this idea, that God is on their side? From here, book of Numbers, 35–

“And the LORD spoke unto Moses in the plains of Moab by the Jordan at Jericho, saying: ‘Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them: When ye pass over the Jordan into the land of Canaan, then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their figured stones, and destroy all their molten images, and demolish all their high places. And ye shall drive out the inhabitants of the land, and dwell therein; for unto you have I given the land to possess it… But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then shall those that ye let remain of them be as thorns in your eyes, and as pricks in your sides, and they shall harass you in the land wherein ye dwell.”

Recently, Shmuel Eliyahu, Chief rabbi of Safad told the Israeli government to officially allow Israelis to “revenge against Arabs.” He proposed hanging the children of the person who attacked the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva from a tree, and to do it to everyone who attacks Israel until they (Palestinians) scream enough “to the point where they fall flat on their face and scream help”. He also said the Palestinians need to “understand very well the language of revenge.”

Now enters the hypocrisy and political prostitution of our own Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, who said of the Yeshiva attack–’The United States condemns tonight’s act of terror and depravity”, “This barbarous act has no place among civilized peoples and shocks the conscience of all peace loving nations. There is no cause that could ever justify this action.” This comes as the Israeli army was killing not just children, but infants in Gaza, deliberately which is not considered barbaric from the conscience of the “peace loving” nation of Israel and the US government. The conscience of all “peace loving nations” is not shocked when Palestinian children are buried under the rubble of their homes while sleeping in their cribs. Worse yet, that conscience looked the other way when heads and many body parts were scattered in the streets of Gaza just a day before the attack on the terrorist Yeshiva training center. President Bush spoke with the President of China over the harsh crackdown of the Tibetan Intifada, but had no words for the Israeli President, or the Prime Minister for the barbaric, inhumane, savage way in dealing with the Palestinian people’s call for freedom from oppression. America’s conscience is long overdue for a reality check when it comes to its being a civilized and modernized nation of people.

In conclusion, the Palestinian people have limited options to choose from when it comes to solving their 60 years of occupation and Diaspora: One they might want to try convincing “God” to change his mind about awarding the land to the Jews, that perhaps He should instead “reveal” a new covenant with the Jews requiring them to share a piece of it with the Palestinians as a way of redeeming themselves and that maybe they should just forget all about this idea of being “chosen” to kill the Palestinians to get to heaven. This is sure to be a difficult feat to accomplish, since the two way communications with “God” ended with Mohammed (PBUH). The only other option is to convince Israel and the US to close down all Jewish Yeshivas that teach and promote the “kill-the-Palestinians” theology. The war on terror–if it is to be genuine and if it is to be effective, must go to the roots of terror, and one such root is the idea that Jews are superiors to non-Jews and that “God” is a racist God who chooses people based on their particular ‘race’ instead of their deeds.

Those who would quibble at such suggestions of re-examining the racist tenets of Jewish thinking should ask the question–is this not what the world has heard these last 7 years when it comes to Islam? Achieving peace in the “Land of Peace” requires yet another transformation of the Jewish religion to accept co-existence with Christians and Muslims in the land of Palestine.

Hesham Tillawi, PhD International Relations is a Palestinian American writer, Political Analyst and a TV show host. His program Current issues with Hesham Tillawi can be viewed Live every Thursday evening between at 8:00 PM Central Standard Time on Cox Cable system Channel 15 in Louisiana, Nationwide on Bridges TV, and Worldwide on Amazonas Satellite, as well as Live on the Internet at and can be contacted at Interviews then archived for on demand viewing at"

Google Works For the Government

Another reason I really don't like being here.

Hi, government pukes!


Also see
Using the Tool

"CIA enlists Google's help for spy work"

"Google has been recruited by US intelligence agencies to help them better process and share information they gather about suspects.

Agencies such as the National Security Agency have bought servers on which Google-supplied search technology is used to process information gathered by networks of spies around the world.

Thanks for sticking up for our privacy, Google.

No wonder I have so many technical problems with this site!

Google is also providing the search features for a Wikipedia-style site, called Intellipedia, on which agents post information about their targets that can be accessed and appended by colleagues, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The contracts are just a number that have been entered into by Google's 'federal government sales team', that aims to expand the company's reach beyond its core consumer and enterprise operations.

Into what, SPYING ON US?!

In the most innovative service, for which Google equipment provides the core search technology, agents are encouraged to post intelligence information on a secure forum, which other spies are free to read, edit, and tag - like the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Depending on their clearance, agents can log on to Intellipedia and gain access to three levels of info - top secret, secret and sensitive, and sensitive but unclassified. So far 37,000 users have established accounts on the service, and the database now extends to 35,000 articles, according to Sean Dennehy, chief of Intellipedia development for the CIA.

"Each analyst, for lack of a better term, has a shoe box with their knowledge," Mr Dennehy was quoted as saying. "They maintained it in a shared drive or Word document, but we're encouraging them to move those platforms so that everyone can benefit."

The collection of articles is hosted by the director of national intelligence, Mike McConnell, and is available only to the CIA, the FBI, the National Security Agency, and other intelligence agencies.

So Google is working for government now, huh?

That's just great!

Time to find another search engine!

Google's search technology usually rates a website's importance by measuring the number of other sites that link to it - a method that is more problematic in a 'closed' network used by a limited numbr of people. In the case of Intellipedia, pages become more prominent depending on how they are tagged or added to by other contributors.

As well as working with the intelligence agencies, Google also provides services to other US public sector organisations, including the Coast Guard, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

Do they smartly salute "Sig Heil," too?

Often, the contract is for something as simple as conducting search within an organisation's own database, but in the case of the Coast Guard, Google also provides a more advanced version of its satellite mapping tool Google Earth, which ships use to navigate more safely.

There is no dedicated team promoting sales of Google products to the British Government, but a Google spokesperson said the company did target public sector organisations such as councils, schools and universities through the team that run AdWords, its internet advertising platform."

Yup, Google, thus the government is TARGETING ME and YOU, readers!

It's too late to click away!

Government Engineered Financial Collapse

I don't need anymore convincing after reading this today.

Of course, the crisis is
ALL FUNNY for this man!

Is it me, or does the guy
look evil?

Also see:
Take Me Out to the Ballgame

"by Associated Press | March 31, 2008

WASHINGTON - In proposing the broadest overhaul of financial oversight since the Great Depression, the Bush administration has kicked off a fierce debate. It pits those eager to revamp an antiquated system against an industry opposed to excessive regulation.

The administration is aware of the hardening lines. The 200-page plan set for release today comes with the financial system in the midst of the most severe credit crisis in two decades.

That crunch has meant billions of dollars of losses for big banks and investment houses. It has caused the near-collapse of the country's fifth largest investment bank, made it harder for consumers and businesses to get loans, and pushed the country to the brink of a recession....

Treasury Secretary Paulson, who has led the effort to rewrite regulations, rejects that criticism. "I do not believe it is fair or accurate to blame our regulatory structure for the current turmoil," according to a draft of a speech he planned to give today outlining the administration's proposals....

"Despite the fact that there will be a temptation to view this through a lens of what is happening now in credit markets, this has been a process that has been going on for a year," said David Nason, Treasury's assistant secretary for domestic finance.

Translation: The government has been PLANNING for this "crisis" all along, and we KNOW WHY!

Treasury began work on the review in early 2007. It came in response to complaints from the financial services industry that US businesses were losing their edge in global competition because of over-regulation by Washington.

Horse shit cover story! Over-regulation!

That's the reason we are in this mess -- there was NO REGULATION at all!

The yearlong review produced a plan calling for the greatest changes in financial regulation since many of the current oversight institutions were created in the 1930s.

Yeah, BEFORE the alleged "crisis" hit!!!

I smell a STINK!!!!!

The Federal Reserve would be a big winner, gaining new powers to serve as the protector of stability for the entire financial system....


House Financial Services Committee chairman Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts, said Paulson's plan was a "very constructive step forward."

"By rejecting the argument for the status quo . . . he has narrowed, albeit by no means removed, the differences between his position and that of many Democrats," Frank said...."

Excuse me, what did the headline say?

"Divisions take shape on financial oversight plan?"

Just ANOTHER MSM LIE, right?!!!!!

Occupation Iraq: Suicidal Soldiers

Support the Troops, right?

"Program targets veteran suicides"

"by Anna Badkhen, Globe Staff | March 31, 2008

.... The program... is run by the Department of Veterans Services, funded by the Department of Public Health, and known by its acronym, SAVE....

SAVE members say they find inspiration in the story of the Belchertown Marine Jeffrey Lucey, an Iraq veteran who killed himself in 2004 after struggling to find help for his post-traumatic stress disorder. When Lucey and his family asked the federal Department of Veterans Affairs for help, "we found a system that threw impediments in the way of his getting services," said the Marine's father, Kevin Lucey.

Good Lord, that is just down the road from here!!!

"We asked the Lucey family: 'What could have saved your son Jeffrey from taking his life?' " said one of the program's members, James Crosby, a Dorchester resident and a former Marine who has been confined to a wheelchair since shrapnel from a 122mm rocket pierced his torso in Iraq in 2004. The Luceys spoke with Crosby and his colleagues for hours, sharing a vision of an agency that helps veterans receive the benefits and services to which they are entitled and eases their transition into civilian life....

You know, SUPPORTING the TROOPS!!!!

I may rage in hurt and bitterness sometimes, but that is the FIRST ITEM in my military budget!!

THE VERY TOP PRIORITY: Getting veterans the health care and services they deserve!!!


Massachusetts has no record of how many of its suicides were committed by veterans. But nationally, at least 283 combat veterans who left the military between October 2001 and the end of 2005 have committed suicide. Among current members of the military, the suicide rate nearly doubled from 9.1 confirmed suicides per 100,000 troops in 2001 to 17.3 in 2006.

This year, the Army reported that at least 121 Army soldiers committed suicide in 2007, compared with the 99 soldiers who killed themselves in 2006....

How come the lying MSM isn't giving us the TRUE NUMBERS, readers?

"CBS discovered that in 2005 alone "there were at least 6,256 [suicides] among those who served in the armed forces. That's 120 each and every week in just one year."

Why are they providing partial and confusing information?

I think we all KNOW WHY at this point, hmmmm!

All we ever hear about in the Zionist-controlled War Dailies is the fictitious Muslim suicide bomber!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Oh, I would have loved to have been there!

I would have JOINED IN LUSTILY!!!!!

"VIDEO - Bush booed at 2008 Nationals home opener"

I'll bet the tech guys put some cheering mask over the booing.

They can do that you know!

I know, because they do it when the college kids yell bullshit about referee calls!


If you watched it in full, did you see the SPORTS ANNOUNCER PUSHING the AGENDA?!

I guess that's what all the ARMY ADVERTISING BUYS, huh?

Take Me to the Convention

Watch the GREAT VIDEOS this blogger posted!!!

"Democratic delegate crowd BOO representative for insisting on Clinton in Obama district"

"Related: The Fix Is In: Superdelegate loyalists will choose Clinton for nomination that may culminate in DNC riot a la 1968

The humiliating defeat of Zionist traitor Hillary Clinton in primaries

10 Things I Hate about Liberty, starring Hillary Clinton

Presidential candidate Mike Gravel rebukes Hillary Clinton for her evil chortle

Wealthy Elite invest in Hillary Clinton for Prez campaign to protect Aristocracy

(Wealthy aristocrat) Hillary Donors Warn Pelosi: Endorse or We'll Pull Our Money

Clinton Campaign Stands By Harsh Letter To Pelosi

This same statist bitch rips into Obama campaign in interview

Hitlery Clinton Panders to My Mother

She'll get a kick out of this!!!

Mom loves the Stones, and wants a woman president so bad!!

Only problem is, she's a Ron Pauler!!!

"Clinton likes the Stones, and so does her mother"

Call her a Honky Tonk Woman: Hillary Clinton is a big fan of the Rolling Stones.

Speaking to reporters aboard her campaign plane yesterday, Clinton said she was eager to see "Shine a Light," the new documentary about the rock band that opens Friday.

Clinton said she attended her first Stones show as a high school senior in 1965, and has been a few times since. The film, which depicts a Stone performance in New York in 2006, includes a clip of Keith Richards meeting Clinton's mother, Dorothy Rodham. Clinton said her mother is an even bigger fan of the Stones. "I thought she was going to just levitate," Clinton said of introducing Rodham to Richards and Jagger (AP)."

Then why did Fleetwood Mac get the campaign theme in 1992?

Knowing her the way I do, Mom will probably pull the lever for Hitlery against McCain, but she has stopped giving $$$ to DemocraPs.

And as far as Democrats go, she is in the Obama corner because she is tired of Hitlery's lying! (like
we all are)!

"Obama rallies crowd at Penn State"

"by Devlin Barrett, Associated Press | March 31, 2008

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Shivering in blankets of Penn State's colors, about 20,000 people filled a campus lawn yesterday to hear Barack Obama say he can win the Democratic nomination even if rival Hillary Clinton stays in the race.

Supporters stood in long lines for hours to hear Obama ahead of the April 22 Pennsylvania primary.

On a sunny day with temperatures in the low 40s, most bundled up for the type of large-scale rally that has become the candidate's trademark.

"It's been a while, and it's a little cold, but we really like Barack. He's inspiring," said 19-year-old Caitlin McDonnell, wrapped in a blue Nittany Lions blanket...."

It is really sad to know the kid is going to be disappointed.

This makes me madder than the lying -- the deception and disillusionment of the youth!

Why do we have to lie to them?

Isn't it bad enough we lie to each other?

And the kid won't be the only one disappointed; the feeling will be the same in these quarters.

And the potential talk of assassination that has been raised on the blogs from time to time -- the thought absolutely disgust and chills me.

That should NEVER HAPPEN, and if it does, CUI BONO, readers?!

WE ALL KNOW WHO -- Hitlery and the Globalist crowd!!!!!!!!

McCain's Minder

And you know who he's working for, don't you, readers?

Joe the Jew is a Zionist through and through!!!

"Independent Lieberman calls Democratic Party 'hyperpartisan'

Senator Joe Lieberman blasted the Democratic Party yesterday as protectionist, isolationist, and hyperpartisan.

Speaking on ABC's "This Week," Lieberman, Independent of Connecticut, said it is not the same party that made him its vice presidential candidate in 2000.

"It's not the Bill Clinton-Al Gore party, which was strong internationalists, strong on defense, pro-trade, pro-reform in our domestic government," he said. "It's been effectively taken over by a small group on the left of the party that is protectionist, isolationist, and very, very hyperpartisan. So it pains me."

You pain me, you piece of Zionist shit!

What a SHIT-SHOVEL of Zionist garbage!

DemocraPs are PART of the WAR PARTY!

Lieberman, who won reelection to the Senate as an independent after losing the 2006 Connecticut Democratic primary, still caucuses with Democrats. But he has endorsed Republican John McCain's presidential bid, and said yesterday that McCain reflects the legacy of John F. Kennedy.

Don't defame his legacy by citing him in the same breath as McCain, you piece of shit!!!

McCain, he said, is "a reformer, somebody who understands ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country and remembers the other part of the Kennedy inaugural, which said that we will bear any burden, pay any price to assure the survival and sustenance of liberty.

And Iz-ray-HELL, above all!!!!!!

That's John McCain."

That's why I'm for Obama now!

Lieberman also blasted Senator Barack Obama for voting against a resolution to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group and gave Clinton credit for supporting it ( AP)."

That's why I'm for Obama now!!

Readers, did you know Lieberman stole the 2006 Senate seat?

Consider the odds, folks:

"Lieberman's Opposition in 2000 and 2006 Received the EXACT Amount ..."


And now Joe is in the catbird seat in the Senate, controlling which party runs the chamber?


How to Rig an AmeriKan Election

This crap is absurd, and if they can't certify legal, truthful elections, I don't have to obey them.

It is an ILLEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT here in AmeriKa!!!

Also see
: Stolen Elections (Part 1)

Stolen Elections (Part 2)

"Despite the extra planning, state ballot shortages persist"

How can you be short of ballots?


Well, then, PRINT THAT MANY!

What is so hard about that?

"by Deborah Hastings, Associated Press | March 31, 2008

NEW YORK - It's a simple question with no simple answer: Why do polling places across America keep running out of ballots when it's no secret that this contentious primary season keeps breaking voter turnout records?

Actually, it's not that hard to figure out if you think about it.


For one, even the best-made plans have gone awry; officials in state after state have ordered more ballots, only to see turnouts exceed their most ambitious estimates.

Some states, California, for example, extended registration deadlines, in part to give would-be voters more time to sign up for the first Democratic presidential nomination race between an African-American man and a woman.

But some election officials say those extensions have necessitated a form of fortune telling when it comes to deciding how many ballots to order.

Not helping is the fact that ballot printing is a highly specialized field with a limited number of companies willing to take on the heavily monitored and time-consuming burden of producing and delivering voting cards.

Price per ballot can range from 20 cents to more than $1, depending on complexity. Lead times for printing can range from months to weeks to days, depending on circumstances, including the proximity of Election Day.

You know, with all these FUCKING EXCUSES, why should we believe ANY RESULTS?

Fucking excuses, excuses, excuses!!!!

So with Pennsylvania's April 22 primary looming, and nine other state nominating contests scheduled for May, election activists wonder if even more voters could be subject to huge lines and disenfranchisement caused by an insufficient supply of ballots.

"We're going to keep having this problem," said Doug Lewis, director of the Election Center, which represents voting officials across the country. "Running an election sounds pretty simple until you try to do it. Folks just don't understand how much advance planning goes into setting this up.

Well, if you guys can't do it RIGHT then GET OUT of the WAY and WE WILL!!!!!

"If you run out of ballots, it's because your crystal ball isn't good enough," Lewis said. "Every time you cut the time between the voter registration deadline and the election, you severely impact the voting system."

Sigh! They have MONTHS to do this!


California discovered that on Super Tuesday, Feb. 5, when massive numbers swarmed the polls and record-setting votes were cast by mail. In the Bay Area, ballots ran out. State officials, who had closed registration rolls only two weeks before, were admittedly not prepared for such a surge and were still counting ballots weeks later. California's vote was certified March 15.

I notice they usually run short in poor, minority, Democratic districts (like Cleveland).


On March 4, precincts in Texas and Ohio ran out of ballots, too. In Cuyahoga County, Barack Obama's campaign obtained a federal court order to keep polling places open an extra 90 minutes because of ballot shortages.

Yeah, that's what I just said!!!!

Virginia's Chesterfield County was the only county in the state to run out of ballots on Feb. 12. Lawrence Haake, the general registrar, has been vilified by critics who say he mismanaged the primary and failed to heed warning signs from other states where polling places were deluged by turnout that reached as high as 80 percent.

More than 38,000 Democratic voters showed up, nearly four times the number that cast ballots in the last presidential primary. Republican turnout was very low in comparison, about 23,000 votes.

Who cares what the party breakdown was?

You know how many voters are registered, and what their affiliations are!

You know what the primary rules are!


Despite his disbelief, Haake said he did increase his Democratic ballot orders, from 30,000 in January to 42,000 in February after nervously eyeing Super Tuesday contests in 24 states. Virginia is an open primary state, meaning registered Democrats can vote a GOP ballot, and vice versa.

"I had no way of knowing which way they'd vote," Haake said. Haake said he's learned his lesson. For November's general election, he's ordering 110 percent of the voter registration total. "We're going to have enough ballots even if everybody on the rolls shows up," he said.

And SOME EXTRAS on hand so we can RIG SOME ELECTIONS!!!


He can't get enough ballots before, and now he is going to make sure he has too many, huh?

I'll bet McCain wins a lot of the extra votes -- and the Democrats get tossed in the trash.

It has happened before!!!

In North Carolina, New Hanover County elections director Bonnie Williams is taking Haake's strategy a step further. She has ordered 100 percent of the voter registration for both Democrats and Republicans, even though her state has closed primaries, meaning voters can't cross party lines."


Is that ever setting up a rig job!!!!


So if they aren't fucking up your vote, they are lifting your wallet in the booth!


The Korean Piece of the Puzzle

That part of the world isn't going to be left out of the upcoming World War III (less than a week to go now).

When you place Korea in the bigger overall puzzle, this makes a lot of sense

"N. Korea threatens South with destruction"

How come this article isn't a different version, readers?

What up with that?

"by Kwang-Tae Kim, Associated Press | March 31, 2008

SEOUL - North Korea threatened South Korea with destruction yesterday after Seoul's top military officer said his country would consider attacking the communist nation if it tried to carry out a nuclear attack.

The statement from North Korea's official news agency marked the third straight day of bellicose rhetoric from the North, which is angry over the harsher line the South's conservative new president has taken against the country since assuming office last month.

I'm kind of tired of the shit spin, readers, I really am!

"Our military will not sit idle until warmongers launch a preemptive strike," said an unidentified North Korean military commentator. "Everything will be in ashes, not just a sea of fire, if our advanced preemptive strike" begins.

On Friday, the North test-fired a barrage of missiles into the sea and warned it would "mercilessly wipe out" any South Korean warships that violate its waters near their disputed sea border.

How come Pakistani tests don't garner the same level of concern and outrage?

Or India's?

Good thing America never test weapons!

Such rhetoric by North Korea at times of increased tensions is not rare, and it comes just two days before a scheduled visit to South Korea by the chief US negotiator in North Korean nuclear disarmament talks.

South Korea's Defense Ministry reacted calmly.

A senior military officer at the ministry said officials were working to ensure the public would not worry about the North's recent actions and statements. He declined to elaborate and asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak to media.

Yesterday's statement from North Korea also warned that the North would suspend all scheduled inter-Korean dialogue unless Seoul retracts and apologizes for the remark by its new top military leader.

Kim Tae-young, chairman of the South's Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a parliamentary hearing Wednesday that the military would strike a suspected North Korean nuclear weapons site if Pyongyang attempts to attack the South with atomic bombs. His office later said he was talking about a general military principle dealing with outside threats, not about launching an unprovoked preemptive attack on the North....

Yeah, RATCHET UP that situation to for NO REASON!!

Never mind that the North Koreans are STARVING!!!

Boy, THAT STORY went right away, huh?

Yeah, the Zionist press has to get back to DEMONIZING OFFICIAL ENEMIES!!!!

I've had it with THAT, too!!!!

The Protests That Override All Others

No matter how puny!

And they did it again... web censorship!

Here's the article that should be there, and the one that totally proves my point about the OVERWHELMING SELECTIVITY in PROTEST COVERAGE in the Zionist-controlled, AmeriKan War Dailies!

"China Gets Olympic Flames Amid Protests"

"by Nicholas Paphitis Associated Press March 31, 2008

ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Chinese spectators cheered Sunday as Greece handed off the Olympic flame for its journey to Beijing and relay through 20 countries. But protesters brandishing Tibetan flags stole the limelight.

With MSM help, of course!!

Some two dozen activists chanted "Save Tibet!'' and unfurled a banner reading "Stop Genocide in Tibet'' before police intervened, detaining 21 protesters outside the Panathenian Stadium. Most were later freed....


Antiwar groups turned out HUNDREDS and we get ZERO COVERAGE!!

Case closed on the AGENDA-PUSHING BIAS of AmeriKa's Zionist-controlled media, readers!!!!

The relay has become a magnet for Tibetan protesters and human rights activists, who disrupted the March 26 flame-lighting ceremony in Athens and dogged the weeklong Greek leg of the relay.

"We just wanted to show our support for Tibet, peacefully, and when we displayed the flags we were taken away by police,'' said Klara Vrhova, a Czech member of the Students for a Free Tibet group.

Marina Staroyianni, a Greek member of the group, said protesters wanted 'to let the whole world know that China is violating human rights'' in Tibet.

"A lot of people are now talking about the problem, throughout the world,'' she added.

Yeah, because of the Zionist media!!

Where's Palestine, Jew press?

Case closed, readers!

The flame goes Tuesday to Almaty, Kazakhstan, and then on to Istanbul, Turkey, and St. Petersburg, Russia. Those stops are not expected to bring problems, but the following three could: London, Paris and San Francisco.

London's route on April 6 is sure to be lined by thousands of demonstrators, who are expected to have a wreath-laying ceremony to commemorate those killed in Tibet's recent unrest. Tibetan exiles say almost 140 people have died, while the Beijing government puts the number at 22.

Pro-Tibet demonstrators are expected to be just as numerous in Paris on April 7. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is the first European leader to suggest a boycott of the opening ceremony as a possibility to protest China's handling of the unrest in Tibet.

In San Francisco, the only North American city hosting the torch, officials shortened the April 9 route through the city and have abbreviated the ceremonies. Mayor Gavin Newsom has said no one will be prevented from expressing his views, but permits are required to gather near the torch.

Another difficult stop comes April 17 in New Delhi. India is home to Tibet's government-in-exile and many Tibet rights groups are located in the country....

I love how the Zionist-controlled press lets you know where and when all the protest are going to be.

Do I need even type case closed, readers?

So if it is global warming or Tibet or immigrants or gays, they will cover extensively, but when it comes to the antiwar or Muslim protests... ?

Unless it serves Zionist purposes, like Sadr's protesters in Iraq!

Yeah, we can't leave there!

And there wasn't just one article about Tibet in the newspaper, oh, no!!

The Tibetan protests are worth TWO ARTICLES in the Zionist-controlled War Dailies!!!

"300 protest China's human rights violations"

A mock Olympic torch relay drew about 300 protesters to Boston Common yesterday to rally against China's alleged human rights violations as the country prepares to host the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

The stop was said to be the first in North America for the Human Rights Torch Relay, an international campaign against Chinese human rights abuses that has held similar events in 80 cities worldwide....

Do I even need to type it, readers?

Antiwar protesters are out there every week, and... ???

The issue of human rights in China has been in the international spotlight, especially after director Steven Spielberg withdrew last month as artistic director of the games. Spielberg said he was stepping down because China, Sudan's largest trading partner, had not used enough of its leverage over the Sudanese government to resolve the conflict in Darfur....

Yeah, "Of course no American journalist will ask Mr. Spielberg how come his snub to China is calculated to coincide with the Tibet riots? Surely he could have taken this principled stand before getting his advance payment from the Chinese government. Darfur is an old story after all. Nothing new about Hollywood becoming another discreet instrument of U.S. foreign policy."

The event began at 8 a.m. in Hopkinton, where the torch-bearer, Paul Guzzi, a physical education teacher at Hardy Elementary School in Wellesley, kicked off his 27-mile run to downtown Boston. After Guzzi arrived at the Common at about 12:15 p.m., the Tianguo Marching Band from New York City played the coalition's theme song, "Human Rights Torch," and participants began following Guzzi around the Common in a procession.

One spectator, Donald Connetti, 70, of Greenville, R.I., said he changed his plans to attend the games this summer in Beijing because of the country's human rights issues.

"I believe that China should be free like America. We were led by founding fathers that guided us, and that's what China needs now," Connetti said, adding, "All you need is a governmental change."

Free to be what, SPIED UPON?!?!

Free to be POOR?



Michael He, 40, of Westborough, said he came because he is a practitioner of Falun Gong, a spiritual group many say has been persecuted in China. "Human rights abuses and the Olympics cannot coexist in China," said He, who emigrated from China 20 years ago.

So what is AmeriKa's excuse for attending?!

After all, WEES TORTURE!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday, the Massachusetts State Senate passed a resolution in support of the group, declaring next month "Human Rights Torch Relay Month."

In addition, Senator Edward M. Kennedy sent a letter of support, noting, "We as a nation also have an obligation to speak out about China's recent actions in Tibet and its role in human rights abuses in other nations as well."

Oh, just what I love: HOT FART MIST from a GAS-BAG!!!!

And WHERE is that BOOMING, THUNDERING VOICE on Iz-ray-HELL, fat-fuck?

State Senator Diane Wilkerson, Boston City Councilor Michael Ross, and Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch attended yesterday's rally, during which there were no arrests, police said."

Of course no one was arrested; this was STATE-APPROVED, thus no need for any GOVERNMENT AGENT PROVOCATEURS!!!!

I think my point has been made, readers.

So if it is the global-warming fraud or China or immigrants or gays, the protests make the papers no matter how sparse.

But if the protests are against the wars and occupation of USrael, they are to be found where?


Like a SPLASH of COLD WATERBOARD on the face, ain't it, readers?

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The Swedish and the Swiss

We create the problem, the Swedes clean it up.


"Strained by influx of asylum-seekers, Sweden denies Iraqis"

"by Louise Nordstrom, Associated Press | March 31, 2008

SOLLENTUNA, Sweden - The fear of being sent back to Baghdad has taken its toll on Mustafa Aziz Alwi.

He says he cannot sleep and has lost about 20 pounds since his petition for asylum in Sweden was rejected in January.

"They told me it's because it's calmer in Iraq now, that I can go back and be happy. But they don't know that it's death there," said Aziz Alwi, 25, wiping away tears in an interview at his cousin's apartment in the Stockholm suburb of Sollentuna.

Oh, no, no, Iraq is returning to normalcy!

I know because George W. Bush told me so!

Had his case been decided a year earlier, he would probably already hold a residence permit. Sweden has given shelter to about 100,000 Iraqis, 40,000 of them since the US-led invasion in 2003. That's far more than any other Western country has approved, including the United States, which admitted just over 1,600 Iraqi refugees in the 2007 fiscal year, nearly 400 short of the annual goal of 2,000, and a big reduction from an initial target of 7,000.

But Sweden has gradually tightened its asylum rules, worried that its generous welfare system can't cope.

You point that out here in Zionist-controlled AmeriKa and you are branded a racist!

The effects became evident this year, when immigration statistics obtained by the Associated Press showed only 28 percent of the petitions were approved in January and 23 percent in February, down from 85 percent in January 2007.

While Sweden has won praise for the welcome it extends to Iraqis, the government sees the surge of newcomers as out of control and has appealed in vain to fellow European Union states to share the burden.

"We find it totally unacceptable that some countries do a lot while others do very little," Migration Minister Tobias Billstrom told the AP.

"When very many people arrive within a very short period of time, it puts an enormous strain on the system, like schools and healthcare," he said.

In 2007, more than 18,000 Iraqis applied for asylum in Sweden, four times more than in Germany and 10 times more than in Britain, according to the European Council of Refugees and Exiles, an advocacy group.

But the numbers dropped sharply this year, with only 835 asylum-seekers coming to Sweden in February, down nearly 40 percent from the previous month to the lowest level since July 2006. In the first three weeks of March, only 376 Iraqis sought asylum in Sweden, suggesting the downward trend continues.

"Unfortunately we're not surprised," said Bjarte Vandvik, secretary general of the European Council of Refugees and Exiles. "It was going to happen sooner or later. The lack of solidarity in Europe . . . has had this very unfortunate effect."

Sweden's turning point came last July when the Migration Board, citing decisions by the nation's highest immigration court, said the situation in Iraq could not be described as an armed conflict.

Are you f***ing KIDDING ME?!?


Although I wish the world would call the Iraq situation what it is -- an OCCUPATION!!!!!

As a result, asylum-seekers now must show that they have fled specific threats of violence; general turmoil is no longer sufficient grounds.

Some international refugee specialists say they've noticed a recent drop in refugees both inside and outside Iraq as security there has improved.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that about 2.5 million people are displaced within Iraq, while 2 million more have fled to neighboring Arab countries.

Courtesy of the U.S. INVASION! THIS ALONE disqualifies any "success" that is claimed over there!


Only about 1 percent have sought asylum in industrialized countries, the UN said. Of those, Sweden stands out.

The country of 9.1 million emerged as the favored Western destination for Iraqis in 2006. The general unrest in Iraq was reason enough to win a residence permit.

The industrial city of Sodertalje, 22 miles south of Stockholm, exemplifies the result.

Nicknamed "Little Baghdad," Sodertalje is home to more than 6,000 Iraqis, mainly Christians, who account for about 7 percent of the city's population."


Isn't it sad that Saddam Hussein protected Christians more than the allegedly Christian George Bush?

Almost as if Bush is some sort of

Here is his chance to prove it:

"US probes contract on Iran gas supplies"

BERN - The United States has demanded to see a Swiss contract for natural gas supplies from Iran to determine whether it violates an American sanctions law against Tehran, the US Embassy in Switzerland said yesterday. A posting on the embassy website questions whether neutral Switzerland's position as representative of American interests in Iran and Cuba could be affected. The Swiss Foreign Ministry declined to comment (AP)."

How about probing all the WAR LOOTING and THEFT instead?!

Of course, I only get a picture of the Persian parade in my Zionist War Daily!

Wouldn't want those people to appear human, would you?

And if I hadn't looked closely, I'd have missed it!

: "Dancers dressed in traditional Persian attire made their way down Madison Avenue during the fifth annual Persian Parade yesterday in New York"

And USrael is going to flatten the place in less than a week!!!