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Obama Year Two: Continued Betrayal and Failure (Part I) - by Stephen Lendman

Last December, a two-part article discussed Obama's year one betrayal and failure, accessed through the following links:

In year two, the pattern continued, revealing domestic and foreign policies that:

-- outdid George Bush by exceeding his harshness, lawlessness, belligerency, and public trust betrayal;

-- maintained a 30 year agenda of shifting public wealth to the rich, as well as supporting capital, not public welfare, including targeting middle class households for destruction;

-- looted the nation's wealth, wrecked the economy, and consigned growing millions to impoverishment without jobs, homes, savings, social services, or futures;

-- let hunger, homelessness, poverty, and those uninsured grow to unacceptable levels;

-- backed Wall Street's financial coup d'etat by greater Fed empowerment, as well as institutionalizing speculation, "too-big-to fail," super-wealth, and big money power;

-- plans new global monetary measures to control the world's money;

-- continued America's permanent war agenda by expanding imperial adventurism, increasing covert and overt aggression on new fronts with out-of-control military spending, exceeding the rest of the world combined at a time America has no enemies;

-- became the latest war criminal Nobel Peace Prize recipient;

-- executed his first successful coup d'etat in Honduras against its democratically elected president, then backed the fascist regime replacing him;

-- failed attempting regime change in Iran;

-- continued providing military, economic and political aid to the world's most ruthless, corrupt despots;

-- maintained a longstanding policy of supplying Israel with annual billions, more on request, other add-ons and extras, interest-free loans, the latest weapons, munitions and technology, unrestricted US market access, free entry of its immigrants, and unbridled support for its illegal belligerence, occupation, and crimes of war and against humanity;

-- presides over a bogus democracy under a homeland police state apparatus, sacrificing due process, judicial fairness, and other civil liberty protections in the name of national security;

-- continued torture as official policy, extraordinary rendition to prison hellholes, and for the first time, targeted US citizens for assassination;

-- invoked the state secrets privilege to prevent lawsuits by victims of rendition, torture, abuse, and those opposing warrantless wiretapping;

-- targets whisleblowers, dissenters, Muslims, environmental and animal rights activists, anyone challenging state power, and civil rights lawyers who defend them too vigorously called terrorists or threats to national security;

-- endorsed preventive detention without charge for those at Guantanamo considered dangerous, but no evidence allows prosecuting them;

-- expanded Bush administration spying and secrecy;

-- refused to prosecute its officials, suppressing proof of their culpability;

-- planned cybersecurity tyranny, threatening a free and open Internet, consumer privacy, and civil liberties; more on how below;

-- waged war on organized labor through fewer jobs, less pay, reduced benefits, and gutted work rules, including health and safety on-the-job protections;

-- tried controlling the media more aggressively than Nixon;

-- denied budget-strapped states financial help, forcing them to slash welfare programs, education, health care for the poor, and other vital services when they're most needed;

-- continued to commodify public education, end government responsibility for it, and make it another business profit center;

-- promoted dangerous vaccines for a non-existent threat;

-- promoted health care legislation that rations care; enriches insurers, drug giants and large hospital chains; places profits above human need; and keeps a dysfunctional system in place; Peter Singer's July 15, 2009 New York Times article endorsed administration policy, headlined: "Why We Must Ration Health Care," saying it's essential to apportion a "scarce resource" to those who can afford it; others will get only what they can pay for;

-- on the pretext of improving food safety, enacted agribusiness-friendly House legislation, harming consumers, small farms and food producers without improving America's industrial food system; on November 30, the Senate passed its own version; more on that below;

-- wants so far not passed legislation to let corporate polluters reap huge windfall profits by raising energy cost, while creating a speculative bonanza through a new carbon trading derivatives scheme;

-- cracks down harder on undocumented immigrants than George Bush, deporting a record number in FY 2010; others are held in over 300 detention facilities in nearly every state in the country, treated like criminals or terrorists; and

-- promoted a national ID card for all citizens and legal residents to be able to monitor them everywhere at all times.

Year two: Obama's destructive agenda continued.

Militarizing and Exploiting Haiti

An earlier article explained that Haiti is no stranger to adversity. Except for a brief time after its successful 1791 - 1803 revolution turning slaves into citizens and during Jean-Bertrand Aristide's tenure, it's experienced over 500 years of severe oppression, slavery, despotism, colonization, occupation, reparations, embargoes, sanctions, deep poverty, starvation, unrepayable debt, and natural calamities from destructive hurricanes to powerful earthquakes, most recently on January 12. It devastated greater Port-au-Prince, killing up to 300,000, leaving around 1.5 million Haitians homeless with little aid and no help to rebuild.

Some countries reacted quickly, mostly a few Latin American ones, including Cuba and Venezuela. Washington did nothing, deploying marines and paratroupers instead, militarizing the country, obstructing, not providing aid, promising $1.1 billion, delivering none, planning only exploitation of Haiti's resources and cheap labor.

Haiti was opened for business, occupied to be plundered, its people on their own, sink or swim under circumstances assuring mass suffering, starvation, disease and for many, death. Only corporate interests mattered at a time of dire need.

Eleven months later, Haiti is still plagued by rubble everywhere, extreme deprivation, promised aid undelivered, none from Washington, 1.5 million without shelter in streets and other open spaces, and now raging cholera, and the aftermath of a sham election, institutionalizing coup d'etat rule.

Washington's imperial hand orchestrated it, denying Haitians any chance for real change. It represents another betrayal by a president showing contempt for essential needs, human rights, and basic freedoms, at home and abroad, even under the most dire conditions.

America's Permanent War Agenda

America glorifies wars in the name of peace, historian Gore Vidal titling his 2002 book, "Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace," saying:

"Our rulers for more than a century have made sure that we are never to be told the truth about anything that our government has done to other people, not to mention our own."

It's persisted mainly since Franklin Roosevelt goaded Japan to attack us. It then continued in Korea, Vietnam, numerous proxy wars, the Cold War until the Soviet Union's 1991 dissolution, and now Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and new wars to be launched at opportunistic times against unnamed enemies.

Obama is America's latest warrior president, talking peace, waging war, packaged as liberating ones for democracy, freedom, and justice against bogus threats, when, in fact it's an imperial agenda for wealth, power, and unchallengeable global dominance.

He lied calling Afghanistan a "war of necessity, not choice," doubled the force contingent since taking office, yet stays mired in an unwinnable quagmire. He also destabilized Pakistan, plans control over the Caspian Sea's oil and gas riches, as well as energy routes to secured ports for export.

He approved US military bases encircling Russia, China and Iran, obstructing their solidarity and cohesion. He promised change and delivered betrayal, nearing year three of his tenure. Like his predecessor, he aroused global anger, his agenda endangering everyone, including Americans, heading the country for tyranny and ruin.

Enacting Obamacare

An earlier article called March 21 a day of infamy when House and Democrat leaders bullied, bribed, cajoled, muscled, and jerry-rigged Obamacare to pass, despite most Americans opposing it with good reason. Ralph Nader called it a "pay-or-die system that is the disgrace of the Western world," costing double what other Western countries spend and delivering less, rationing care to enrich corporate providers while making a dysfunctional system worse.

Henceforth, junk insurance policies will leave millions underinsured. Costs will remain out-of-control. Insurers can still deny care by delaying, contesting, preventing or over-charging people from accessing it. Everyone must have coverage or be penalized if opt out, a provision many states are contesting. A Virginia federal judge just ruled it unconstitutional, a battle the Supreme Court will decide. Company-provided policies will be taxed as ordinary income, harming working households most of all.

Physicians for a National Health Program denounced it, saying the new law "will enrich and further entrench (private insurers, forcing) millions of Americans to buy" defective coverage leaving most worse off than before at a cost of hundreds of billions of tax dollars given predators to game the system for profit, the public losing out. Moreover, 23 million Americans will remain uninsured, "translate(d) into an estimated 23,000 unnecessary deaths annually and an incalculable toll of suffering."

Obama's centerpiece domestic policy scammed the public with a package of expensive mandates, new taxes, and sweetheart deals, creating a fragmented, dysfunctional, unsustainable system, denying Americans what they urgently need - universal coverage, an expanded, improved Medicare for all, everyone in, no one out, what neither party or Obama delivered.

Capitulating on Financial Reform

Omitting real structural reforms, Democrats, Republicans, and Obama agreed on a patchwork of half-measures. Instead of restraining financial fraud, too-big-to-fail empowerment, an out-of-control Fed, and casino capitalism's ability to game the system with public money, it institutionalized business as usual. The Financial Times (FT) quoted a Wall Street banker saying "We are all breathing a sigh of relief here....we can live with this." Indeed so since Wall Street lawyers wrote it. The FT added: investors believe the "overhaul in financial rules would not have a significant impact on the industry's structure and profitability."

Indeed not by:

-- empowering a financial aristocracy;

-- letting Wall Street run the country;

-- institutionalizing fraud, speculation and bailouts;

-- leaving executive pay, bonuses and perks untouched;

-- letting credit agency scams continue;

-- permitting giant banks, insurers and other financial firms to get bigger; and

-- establishing a toothless Consumer Financial Protection Bureau along with other anti-reform provisions.

Bottom line: the worst of bad practices will continue, besides teams of lawyers devising ways around whatever regulations emerge. According to University of San Diego Law Professor Frank Partnoy, "Wall Street has always been very skilled at getting around rules, and this law will be no different," especially with its loopholes, half-measures, and overall weakness. Bankers got the best deal big money can buy. The public again was scammed.

Part II will conclude Obama Year Two: Continued Betrayal and Failure.


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Maybe it will bury these liars and their pile of s*** forever:

New York Times claims global warming creates the record cold weather!


Here is the letter I just sent to the New York Times, which they probably will not print, but you should post anywhere you see more of this warm = cold nonsense.

I hope the New York Times is smart enough to understand that this claim that global warming makes cold weather is not science, but science fiction; a plot device lifted from the science fiction movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, and interestingly enough the same film Al Gore stole computer-generated ice cracking from for his so-called “documentary”.

The global warming cult and its financial arm, the “Carbonazis”, have invested a huge amount of time and money and political capital selling the need for a carbon tax to the world, to fund the new global environmental authority as a step towards global government. But three harsh winters in a row have sounded the death knell for the warmista predictions, and this “hot climate makes cold weather” nonsense is a Hail Mary pass to save the agenda in the face of harsh winter reality setting in, by claiming that the cold weather is what the theory of global warming predicted.

Yet we know this is nonsense. Back in 2000 the Hadley CRU (the institution at the heart of the Climategate email and software scandal) stated “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”.

In 2008, scientists were claiming there would be no ice at the North Pole.

Also in 2008, the warmistas were claiming that winter as a whole no longer existed!

And only last October, the UK Met Office declared that global warming would result in a very mild winter this year.

Interesting fact: the Chairman of the Met Office board, Robert Napier, is or has been:

* Chairman of the Green Fiscal Trust*
* Chairman of the trustees of the World Centre of Monitoring of Conservation
* a director of the Carbon Disclosure Project
* a director of the Carbon Group
* Chief executive of the World Wildlife Fund UK

He is also a member of the Green Alliance.

Entire careers and funding have been built on the theory that the Earth is getting warmer, and people like JUDAH COHEN, whose blurb indicates is part of the global warming establishment, are writing now that heat causes freezing in an effort not to lose their jobs and funding despite having totally blown predicting what was going to happen.

There is more at stake here than just academic tenure and scientific funding. Around the world, local governments struggling with the harsh economy have heard the constant proclamations of warmer winters and have slashed their budgets for winter preparations, secure in the knowledge they would not need as much road grit, ploughs, or fuel oil as previous winters.

The result is that the disaster of these last three winters has been magnified by lack of adequate preparation. Already Britain has sold out of standard snow tires and is running out of road grit. Budgets for winter contingencies are already exhausted across Europe, and most tragic of all, the millions of people made homeless by the Wall Street excesses of the last ten years are freezing to death as heating fuel for shelters and warming centers runs out. Dozens have died just in Santa Barbara California.

The blood of all those dying in winter accidents on unprepared roads, or freezing to death, is on the hands of those academics, media pundits, and scientists, who all signed onto the global warming agenda because it was fashionable and trendy and the source of vast amounts of research grants, together with the investors who planned to do to the entire world with carbon what Enron had done to California with electricity; force people to buy a carbon credit, a mythical commodity literally created out of thin air that was planned to fuel the next great Wall Street bubble.

The New York Times does itself and its readers a grave disservice when it runs op-ed pieces by environmentalists with clear conflicts of interest, especially when said op-ed ignored a decade of predictions of warmer winters to claim that record cold is what their pet science-fiction theory actually predicted, and that one can make ice by heating a pan of water on the stove.

Shame on the New York Times for not exercising due diligence in vetting these global warming propaganda pieces. One would almost think the Times has reverted to those pre-Titanic days when you reported that intelligent life was building the canals on Mars!

Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
War is Peace
Warming is Cooling
(Apologies to George Orwell)

Michael Rivero 



"A little bit of history about the NY Times.

Back in 1912, the New York Times was just another New York paper, fighting for circulation with sensational stories about the how the canals on Mars had actually been photographed and revealed in the August 27th issue the construction of 2 new canals by the Martians in 1911.

As part of their attempts to lure more readers, the New York Times had invested in a Marconi wireless set, a radio receiver whose antenna was atop the building that housed the New York Times, but whose operators were featured in a street level room with large windows, not unlike a department store showcase window. Passers-by could gaze through the window at the Marconi operators playing with this latest high-tech gizmo.

But on the night of April 14th, the wireless operators at the New York Times picked up second and third hand reports of a ship in trouble out at sea. Details were sketchy, but the night editor of the Times knew that a story about a ship sinking was going to sell more newspapers than a ship that was saved, so in the absence of any real information the New York Times rolled a special late-night edition. The editor had guessed right, and the next morning the New York Times was the only newspaper on the street reporting that RMS Titanic had sunk the night before. That one story transformed the New York Times overnight from just another tabloid into New York's top newspaper; a position they have held ever since." -- Wake the Flock Up

I'm so glad I no longer read or visit the New York Times website.  What a PoS paper.  

I will say one thing for the fart-misting fascistas: The rage they provided as I am shoveling snow warms and fuels me.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The More the Merrier

'Tis the Season:

Mid-Holiday Ramblings


What a year.  But wait - not so fast:  Yogi Berra said "the game  ain't over 'till it's over."

We are all trying to determine how to plan and prepare for the future - after all - we all know we are responsible for ourselves.  So we absorb information - evaluate it - take decisions - and hope for the best.  Hardly a novel experience.

 Yogi Berra  also said that "it's tough to make predictions - especially about the future."  Actually I think it's easy to make predictions about the future - the hard part is getting them right.  But amidst our economic no-man's-land - our task is further complicated by a lying, self-serving corporate-bought-and-paid-for media - part of an attempt at "total propaganda" - belied by chinks in the armor available only because the internet has not yet been "adjusted" to the likes of Cass Sunstein and Joseph Lieberman - champions of the war on freedom of speech - the FIRST AMENDMENT.  Yes - somehow we still have slivers of light penetrating the corpora-wet-blanket media that so desperately and traitorously tries to smother the fires of liberty.

Ironically the "future" we are living in right now, in other words the outcome of our recent past was completely predictable if one is a student of history.  But who's "history?"  Yes - history is a spiderweb ready to ensnare - so how to traverse the mine-field of propaganda, manipulation, corporate-media, nanny-state elitists, religious extremists - all of those skewing our perceived reality presented to us by those working only to the advantage of their pet cause?  How to winnow the truth from the lies?

1.  911 Truth - anyone - and I mean anyone - that pretends that the attacks of 911 happened the way we were told - must be ignored as a source of reliable information.  I say this for several reasons.  First - they are incapable of thinking for themselves.  WTC7 was never hit by an airplane - was not really on fire that bad - etc... - the videos are available showing the building dropping like a rock.  The videos are available of  Lucky Larry Silverstein admitting that they "pulled" the building - after talking to the fire dept. commander.   The entire story is crap from A to Z - supported by elements of our government with many fingers of evidence pointing to another certain middle eastern government in the possession of nukes.  I don't know where to begin if you are unfamiliar with the topics I'm bringing up here - obviously you are a Rush, Laura, Neil, Sean, Glenn, Hartmann, Rhodes, Olbermann, Schultz, Miller, Press - fan.  They are all ignoring the issue of 911 - which is evidence that they work in lockstep - pretending with their circus - that they don't like each other - while they talk about God, Guns and Gays - and other topics that for the most part Americans really are not divided on.  These people are all shills supporting an agenda of global government - pretending to be on one side or the other of issues that wouldn't even have "sides" without their constant hammering on the air - to ensure that issues that are unimportant clutter the airwaves while every penny and square inch of property you own is stolen from you by international bankers.  911 Truth serves as a great acid test for Wikileaks - Julian Assange is an anti-911-truth person. This means he is not to be trusted - period.

2.  The Federal Reserve-  This secretive organization of thieves must be dissolved forever.  Ron Paul recently took over oversight of this group?  Yeah - that's what I thought I read.  Ron Paul will reveal this outfit of usurous internationalists for what they are.  That's exactly why volunteers must offer themselves up to serve as a security detail for Ron Paul.  Go ahead and laugh.  I'm not kidding.  Nobody has survived trying to get rid of these vermin banksters - except for Andrew Jackson - and that's 'cause the powder in the pistols that would have killed him musta' got damp in the Washington D.C. humidity.  We have got to have a public debate on how to set up a monetary system that serves our economy - that can expand when necessary and contract when necessary - with the checks and balances in place - enforced by law - that ensure that the crookery is taken out of our financial system.  We will NEVER have a functioning nation unless we fix this problem NOW.  The leaders that have stepped up to address it publicly must be guarded from assassination or they will be killed.

3.  Food Supply - our food supply is being corrupted - again - under the evil guidance of monsters like Monsanto - while the FDA and USDA watch football games or something - maybe they are drunk - or maybe just fluoridated.  Regardless - the food supply of this nation - the containers - the water - the food - the agricultural structure - is a complete disaster - and a major security risk to the nation.  Without food we are DEAD.  Without good food we are DEAD.

4.  Water - same as the food supply.  Poisoned - the information is out there.  The criminals responsible for poisons presently existing go unpunished.  Without clean pure water we are DEAD.

5.  Education - this is a complete success.  Yes - I really mean that.  Because as a so-called "conspiracy theorist" (superior critical thinker) I am convinced that the public education system in our ailing nation has been deliberately hijacked by people who's intention is not to produce coruscating masterpieces from diamonds-in-the-rough - but to stamp out conformist debt-slaves - ignorant of the very foundations of the tri-partite government responsible for the little freedom they've been able to experience in their young limited lives.  Our education system is a complete success - our youth know nothing.  That's not to say they won't be part of solving the problem - because they are far from stupid.  In fact - the "educators" will be the first victims of their own success as these former "kids" mature and see that they were lied to.  Many will want answers.  Many will want revenge.

Despite being indoctrinated and cowed by modern Gestapo-cops- where the lesson to be learned in every case is "obey" - Always "obey" and don't resist - they will do the opposite.  They are young - and they are truly the most free among us - because they have nothing to lose.  They are to be most feared by the scum that have put us in the position we are in.  Maybe after the veterans.  We'll see.  Hard to draw a line here since many of the younger generation were double-screwed - via "education" and via military "service" to Halliburton.

6.  TSA, DHS etc... - these Gestapo-agencies have been created for one reason - to cow YOU.  The machines at the airports, to the benefit of the likes of Chertoff etc..., scream corruption, recklessness regarding public health, disregard for basic human dignity - and defy everything that is American.  They are a disgrace.  They are - to put it plainly - NAZIs.  I am not throwing that term around loosely.  Search for former posts on this blog that will make the case.  Incrementally like the drip of an anesthetic - the population is lulled into a hypnotic state one step at a time - until - it is normal behaviour to have some perverted swine at the airport grabbing your genitals - and the genitals of your children - and viewing the naked body of your children - WHILE YOU WATCH!  And you stand there - like a good victim - and do nothing.

7.  Federal spending - this topic is THE issue on all the phony radio programs broadcast on AM here in C-ville and other cities.  Everybody cries about the deficit - the spending  - but there is a glaring lacuna that serves as a common denominator - a truth-telling flare:  Dems and Repubs omit the cost of the wars that are sucking the life out of this country.  Suddenly Americans are "lazy."  Suddenly Americans don't want to work.  My ancestors worked their asses off in coal mines - and we work our asses off every day - as does everyone I know - regardless of nationality - and everybody is losing.  Everybody is working for peanuts - except for the government welfare-queen workers.  They live an insular existence in Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, DC, parts of Maryland - as they leech their money from us - in return for the "service" of spying on us - the taxpayers footing the bill for their "services" keeping us "safe" from ourselves.  This insane circle-jerk is dangerous.  But no wonder.  Think about it - all of these order-takers have security clearances - the union-card of the modern world.  A security clearance is a job guarantee in the military-security apparatus.  A security clearance is one of the only things of value in this world that is awarded to a person for having done - NOTHING!  Yes - if you've never done anything - you have the best chances for the meal ticket known as the security clearance.  And to maintain it - just make sure you continue to do NOTHING.  And make sure you are a perfectionist when it comes to living your life like a pathetic follower - a sheeple - the exact opposite of the true American - the rebel.  But hey - the paychecks are good right?

8.  Obama - this topic is a waste of time.  It is time for the fake puppet show known as American politics to install a Republican in the White House.  Palin has been presented to the Wal-Mart public - but she's so f'n stupid - even the dummies know something has gone horribly wrong.  Also - didn't she quit her post as governor?  Regardless - the acceleration of events requires that the presidential crown be tossed over the net at a faster rate - because the elected liars are just flat out lying and doing whatever they want - so blatantly - that the biggest suckers can't ignore their intuition - that they were lied to during the campaign.  Obama doesn't care about any of that.  Obama is running for prez of the world - the UN - so the US presidency - just like the footstep he walked over briefly known as his Senatorial spot - is nothing  but a temporary walk up the world corporate ladder.  The "progressive" talkers have already - with perfect synchronization - ended their support for him - and all wised up at the same time.  This will throw the election to the fake "right" - the public will vote in a fruitless election - and America will march toward war with Iran, a North American Union, a super-national currency, and more debt-enslavement - that is - as long as Americans allow it.

Conclusions:  Face the facts - your leaders - except for a few are bought and paid for professional liars.  Many have allegiances to causes that require that America as we know it be dissolved.  A financial crisis bad enough to stampede the masses into a corner where they will agree to "anything" that will fix the problem - is just part of the plan.  Unchecked immigration is allowed because the end effect is the diluting of American culture - so the merging of Canada, US, and Mexico will actually make sense when the move is made.  The Federal Reserve will ruthlessly attempt to eliminate anyone and anything that attempts to dilute their stranglehold on America.  Unless each and every American stands up and does something, anything, no matter how big or how small - this country will succumb to the international criminals that got us into this debt, these wars, and cause all hatred directed toward our nation.

A return to enforcement of our own laws must happen.  A return to respect for human life is essential.  Crooks must pay.  I think it was Ghandi who said something like:  "What you do may seem insignificant - but do it anyway."

We all have our talents.  We all have our limitations.  We all have to eat, pay some bills and basically keep a roof over our heads.  But as citizens, if we really want to live in a free republic, have to perform our DUTY as citizens - and that means holding our government accountable.

Holding them accountable means FORCING them to do their job.  That means that Eric Holder must be FORCED to address the issue of torture or get lost.  That means 911 Truth has to be addressed.  That means that anybody carrying out extrajudicial murder of American citizens - or any human being must be put on a list - either as the murderer - the one giving the orders - or the judge pretending that somehow this is all legal - they all need to go on a public list - so when we sort all this out - they will pay for the bloodstains they've put on our flag.

We will wash the bloodstains out of Old Glory - YOU - my friend, my fellow citizen - MUST find your place and do whatever - no matter how small - action to make the American republic, once again - that beacon shining the light of liberty to the foundering ships-under-oppression - and bring them all to shore - to a shore of peace, prosperity and human dignity.