Friday, November 28, 2008

Cooking Up a New Cold War

"Czech Senate approves US missile base

PRAGUE - The upper chamber of the Czech Parliament yesterday approved a deal with Washington to accept a US missile-defense installation. The deal still needs approval by the lower chamber, where the vote is expected to be close because the governing coalition has too few seats to guarantee passage....

Most Czechs and opposition parties are against the missile defense plans and demand a nationwide referendum on the issue. Jan Tamas, an organizer of numerous public protests against the radar, called yesterday's vote a major setback. --more--"

It is always a setback when militarism and the money wasted on such wins.

LA GUAIRA, Venezuela - President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia agreed to help start a nuclear energy program in Venezuela, and then departed for Cuba yesterday in a tour aimed at restoring ties that have dwindled since the Cold War....

Next thing you know, the Zionist AmeriKan MSM will be telling us Venezuela has a bomb!


Business deals also were high on Medvedev's agenda: Russia pledged to help Venezuela with oil projects and building ships, while Chávez's government signed a deal to buy two Russian-made Ilyushin Il-96 passenger jets to add to the state airline's fleet for long-range flights....

Medvedev also said Russia is ready to "think about participating" in a regional socialist trade bloc led by Chávez, possibly as an associate member. Chávez launched the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas, named for South American independence hero Simón Bolívar, as an alternative to US-backed free-trade pacts.

Cuba is the last stop on a four-nation tour, which included visits to Peru and Brazil and talks in Caracas with Bolivia's president, Evo Morales, and Nicaragua's president, Daniel Ortega. --more--"

So HOW DOES it FEEL when SOMEONE F***S AROUND in YOUR BACKYARD, AmeriKa? Then QUIT SHI**ING in Russia's Caucasus!!!