Monday, November 24, 2008

One Day Arabs and Israelis Will Be Equals

"Israel will see Hamas and Hizbollah as equals. How many have to die first?

Divining the News (DTN)

Whatever peace plan gets going, it’s likely to be close to 242.

Obama with Rahm and other Clintonites on his Admin, will push through a pax Israeliana. It is unlikely that Hamas will be on board. At the same time the carpet will be slipping out from under the Dollar and the Markets and the Banks. There will be a race to seal the peace before Rahm, Ross and Hillary are run out of town.

Israelis in power might want to provoke a war with Iran, with the knowledge this will drag in America.

The western allied gulf states remaining subservient to America is dubious. A people power will rise. Meanwhile polls are showing a right wing shift in the Israeli electorate, presumably this is motivated more by a concern for security than a greater Israel.

It sounds to me like the death of democracy, like giving the reigns of power to offshoots of the pre independence fighters, aka Rahm. It is hard for a peace lover to be optimistic. Sorrily I say: Hillary, Rahm and Ross are about as bad as it can get. No different to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld.

Will America go with a bang or a whisper?

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