Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Saying Goodbye to the GOP

They never, ever, once mention RON PAUL.

Am I even a Republican anymore?

What does "Republican" mean?

"Getting GOP back on track" by Scot Lehigh , Globe Columnist | November 26, 2008


US Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine.... who enjoys a reputation as a commonsensical, results-oriented senator, holds a singular distinction: She was the only Republican running for federal office in New England to win. Thus she bears listening to.

"Unfortunately, the Republican Party is perceived as being a party that just says no as opposed to a party that is offering constructive, positive alternatives to Democratic plans," she says. "We have to become more relevant to the day-to-day concerns that people have. That means offering solutions on problems like healthcare, climate change, and a host of other issues."

Notice how she stuck to PERIPHERAL ISSUES like the BOGUS ENVIRONMENT ISSUE? Nothing about WAR or the ECONOMY!!!!

As for the CONSTRUCTIVE SOLUTIONS part, well, THAT was RON PAUL and I still have not recovered from the ongoing insults, disparagement and disrespect -- and probably never will.

Sensible Republicans might also want to abandon the party's fixation with protecting tax cuts for a small slice of upper-earners and focus instead on shoring up the middle class. They might conclude that it's time to jettison wrong-headed notions that deficits don't matter and that tax cuts pay for themselves, and return to the prudent Main Street Republicanism of years past.

They might abandon a good-versus-evil view of the world and embrace a foreign policy based on a sober evaluation of global complexities.

Umm, hellooooooooo!!

We are ALL OUT HERE waiting for a DAMN APOLOGY first!!!!

They might conclude that economic and fiscal issues should take precedence over social issues - and that the GOP can't be a big, tolerant tent if conservative zealots try to veto those whose views don't conform to theirs.

I keep waiting for this guy to state the OBVIOUS! Will he type RON PAUL into is ops piece? Because THAT is who he is TALKING ABOUT!!! He and others like him!! Like me!!!!!!!

"What binds the GOP together should not be the social issues as much as economic issues and governing issues," says Ron Kaufman, White House political director under President George H.W. Bush.... --more--"

(Blog author -- once again -- shaking his head in disgust at the distortions, obfuscations, omissions, and outright censorship of AmeriKa's MSM. Worthless, sigh)

Good-bye, GOP!!!!