Thursday, January 31, 2013

False Flag Attack All Set For Super Bowl

UPDATE: I saved the Super Bowl!! All that happened was a power outage  -- undoubtedly caused by Iranian cyber-hackers. 


I hadn't thought much about it, but it is something I've been hearing. Then I realized I've seen the signs for a while now.

"There is a “strong likelihood’’ that Israel would strike Iran in April, May, or June."

That was a year ago and they are getting very, very impatient. 

‘‘There’s now an indication that they’re trying to develop, or trying to train, a militia within Syria to fight on behalf of the regime.’’ 

Isn't that what we are doing, Leon? 

Word is out that Iran could be behind a cyber Pearl Harbor (where have we seen that before, huh?) to save the private banking system. Seems like I saw that warning somewhere else. So what USraeli-created virus is it going to be, Stuxnet, Dooku, Flame, or Gauss?

Then I saw that Venezuela was flying uranium and various components for nuclear weapons to Tehran. What, they aren't getting yellowcake from Niger this time? And Venezuela just happens to sit upon a heap of oil and has a sick leader? Talk about a two-fer!

Next is a report that Iran was smuggling the military contraband... to insurgents inside Yemen. Really? Shi'ite Iran is helping Sunni extremists that consider them worse heretics than western unbelievers and is slaughtering Shi'ites by the boatloads in places like Iraq and Pakistan (or so I am told)? Iran helping Al-CIA-Duh? Is there really no limit to the pile of crap they will place in front of us?

Nope: Iran, Hezbollah are growing threats to hit US, specialist says

Bin Laden determined to attack inside United States! 

At least Northern Command won't be running any phantom war games this time, right?

"One threat he said is increasingly on the minds of officials here is the potential for retaliatory attacks on American soil if the nation gets involved in another conflict overseas, such as in Iran or Syria." 

Or a non-retaliatory strike, right?  Maybe something like this to be blamed on them

Except as it turns out, Muslims didn't do 9/11; Israel and her various helpers in various western intelligence agencies did.  Odd thing is there weren't any planes last time, and they won't be needed for the nuclear bomb that is going to go off in New Orleans. And no big deal for the war-planners and globe-kickers, either. They already sacrificed New Orleans once in Katrina. The only part that has been built are the elite and tourist sections. 

And now it has come to my attention that the halftime show will be featuring a reunited Destiny's Child singing their new hit "Nuclear?"

Meanwhile, Israel has warned of an attack on Syria as a preemption over chemical weapons. Fool me once, you f***s!

Yup, Iran says an attack on Syria is an attack on Iran, so Israel attacks Syria! They don't think we see through this s***, and they don't see that the rest of the world no longer believes anything they say? 

Do the psychopaths running the planet truly believe we will fall for this bullshit, or do they just not care if it blares from the completely discredited mouthpiece media as long as it provides them cover for their crimes?

And if that isn't enough to convince you, maybe prophecy will. The antichrist shall be fatally wounded in the head for seven years before making a miraculous recovery and thus heralding the official beginning of World War III.

And what do they see in the days after their war criminal action?

‘‘The assessments are for a war that will last 30 days on a number of fronts.’’

These guys never change, do they?

Another scenario:

"Iranian missiles designed to rain warheads down on the United States."

I'm surprised the AmeriKan press isn't screaming that now.