According to PressTV “A bomb planted in a Mosque in a southeastern Iranian city near the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan has reportedly caused civilian casualties.

At least twenty people have been killed in the bombing in the city of Zahedan while more than fifty five others have been injured.”

This happened only yesterday, May 28th 2009, and already the internet is buzzing with theories as to who did it. Most are pointing at Israel, and rightfully so.

No group or individual has claimed responsibility for the attack and within minutes of the blast, a second explosive was defused at the Mosque.

This picture literally struck a chord with me, seeing that the media often portrays Mr. Ahmadinejad as a stoic, unmoving monster with no sense of humanity.

The man is much more than what the media shows us and has defied all instituted obstacles, made generally in order to demean and degrade him.

There are no leaders that can be compared to President Ahamdinejad, nor shall there ever be.

He is indeed, a real leader.