Friday, October 25, 2013

Skittling This Blog

I know this really should not have much to do with anything; however, I just saw this on television and can't help but wonder if there is nothing but cock-sucking yes men (and women) in the meeting rooms of advertisers these days. I'm just wondering why no objects to such sick and suggestive shit being aimed at teenagers? Encouraging them to French kiss for candy? What sort of sick and demented pervert comes up with such ideas, and why does no one in the meeting raise objections?

Don't get me wrong, I'm for love and candy over hate, violence, and war any day of the week. That's why I'm here. But that is not what we are talking about in this corporate advertising campaign featured by a war-promoting corporate media. Someone should be scuttling that that piece right away!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shutting Down Israel

It's real concern for some:

"Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Bali, the furlough of US government workers is imperiling American interests worldwide, including by delaying security assistance to Israel and potentially weakening enforcement of sanctions against Iran...

Don't worry, Johnny, the war machine just received an exemption by interpretation (like the Hitler high command that was declared pure Aryan after being identified as Jewish). 

And is that a stretch or what? See where John (Kohn) Kerry's true concerns lie? And yet he is so popular here!

Kerry [called] the shutdown a distraction... and an ‘‘opportunity for mischief’’ by those who oppose US policies.... 

So when is the next Israeli-sponsored false flag, John? 

As for it being a distraction, yeah, and I fell for it somewhat.


"Isn't it funny.   People had united in a way I had not seen before regarding the 'Bomb Syria' situation.  I went to all the various websites from the 'hard left to hard right' and I found people were uniting as never before in the comments.   People were coming together and not 'hating' one another for being Republican or Democrat.   People were committing "All the elected officials are not for the people, no matter the party affiliation, they are all on the same side."   People were waking up to who the D.C. officials really are.

Those in D.C. began to 'fear' the public regarding Syria as the public was standing up in Unity regardless of 'Party Affiliation'   They had to Stop that so the game of 'Government Shutdown over Party affiliation' has come into play.

The latest government shutdown is a perfect example of a created crisis for division of the people....


Good point fingering that number!

Kerry said Obama had been presented a challenge ‘‘by a small group of people within one branch of the United States Congress.’’ 

He is referring to the 800-pound gorilla in the room, no doubt. 

And if so, tell it to Nuttinyahoo's friend Cantor.

Turns out the "enemy" Khamenei is right!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Israel Stands Alone

That is what happens when you are an asshole:

“If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone,” Netanyahu said....

You already do as a pariah of apartheid for your oppression of Palestinians. 

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s communications minister, said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 10 television that Netanyahu’s speech had been meant to convey the Israeli government view that Rouhani had been seeking to deceive

The highlight is the only truth there because that is what we are seeing yet again from the Zionists: an Israeli government once again seeking to deceive the world into war.

“The world needs to understand that the niceness attack is an attack of lies that is aimed to achieve nothing but the removal of the sanctions, and if Israel shall find itself alone it will also act alone,” he said....

Well, that is one thing Israel can never be accused of, and that is being nice.

Netanyahu repeated his warnings that Israel reserved the right to preemptively strike Iran....

Meaning they view themselves as ABOVE INTERNATIONAL LAW and should be EXPELLED from the U.N.!

Netanyahu said a nuclear-armed Iran was the equivalent of 50 North Koreas. He reminded his audience that, in Israel’s view, a nuclear-armed Iran posed an existential threat to Israel..... 

We don't care anymore, and we are tired of hearing endless Jewish whining. So flat-out tired we no longer listen. I didn't watch his damn speech. If I had I would have needed to vomit.

“That’s why Rouhani got elected in the first place,” Netanyahu said. “That’s why he launched his charm offensive.” 

Something an ISRAELI LEADER could NEVER DO because they HAVE NO CHARM AT ALL!

He called Iran a rogue regime that had stockpiled nuclear material for what Netanyahu described as a rush to build a bomb.... 

Remember, what Israel accuses of others is conduct of which they themselves are guilty.

as a bookend [to] an aggressive diplomatic outreach....

You gotta love the Jewish ma$$ media. Even Iran's peace overtures are "aggressive."

Israel’s president, Shimon Peres, whose position is ceremonial but who speaks around the world as a respected elder statesman, largely echoed Netanyahu’s warnings....

Amazing that a war criminal can be considered a "respected elder statesman" until you realize that is a qualification for the title of "respected elder statesman." Consider the source of the prism through which you are viewing this, folks.

But in contrast to the display of unity during Netanyahu’s meeting Monday with Obama at the White House, the Israeli prime minister hinted at their differences in how to deal with Iran....

I'll give you a hint at mine: do this one yourself. Leave us the f*** out of it.



"The Israeli leader was publicly more subdued while sitting side-by-side with Obama at the White House. He thanked Obama for his efforts to curb the Iranian nuclear program and for calling on Rouhani to back up his words with actions. And in a possible sign of moderation, Netanyahu repeatedly said Iran must give up its “military” nuclear program, raising the possibility that Israel might be open to tolerating limited nuclear activities by Iran. In the past, Netanyahu has said that Iran must halt all enrichment of uranium, a process that can have both military and civilian uses."

So Bibi was just being two-faced and talking s***, huh? Nothing new there. And this arrogant idea that Israel will tolerate Iran's legal right to do something is typical of the self-internalized Jewish arrogance known as chutzpah that is deeply embedded in the psyche of AmeriKan reporting, especially after they stole nuclear secrets (and maybe the bombs themselves?) and did the exact thing they accuse of Iran (and even worse things)!

Also seeObama is Okay?

I always said I had two qualifications for president: would he stand up to Israel, and would he....

Okay, so I have one qualification for president. I hate his piecemeal health plan, but that is a bit lower on my list of qualifications for president. This blog was founded and has always been antiwar first. Obomber has been a disappointment so far, and continued covert CIA actions around the Globe are unacceptable; however, that does not mean he still can not change. Maybe this is a small start, maybe not. As someone once said when asked if it was too late to apologize, the answer came back "Never."  

UPDATE: Woman killed after police chase near US Capitol

I know it is a product of the times we live in, but was this event a warning to Obama?