Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama Keeps Gate(s)Keeper at Pentagon

There goes the towel into the ring on "change" America, because we while be having NONE of IT!!! The ONLY CHANGE you are going to get is FOR the WORST, America!!!


"Gates expected to stay on in '09" by Bryan Bender, Globe Staff | November 26, 2008

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has agreed to stay on at the Pentagon well into next year, providing some continuity as the nation fights two wars and putting a Republican face on President-elect Barack Obama's Cabinet, two officials with direct knowledge of the transition team's deliberations said yesterday. --more--"

Is THAT what you voted for, America? CONTINUITY?

Hmm, I THOUGHT you voted for CHANGE??

Wow, is that balck man ever slick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!