Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bloody Murder Being Prepared For British Olympics

I heard there were gaps in security. I heard Syria was going to arm Al-CIA-Duh with some sarin gas for the London tube. Or maybe it will be some biological agent. Or maybe it will be Iran giving CIA-Duh operatives from Pakistan a nuclear bomb.  Whatever it is going to be the MOUTHPIECE MEDIA is already laying the groundwork for their next STAGED and SCRIPTED production!  

Update: Israel blames Iran for Bulgarian bus blast that killed 3

Oh, ANOTHER FALSE FLAG ATTACK with the finger instantly pointed at Iran! Rivero is right: these guys are desperate beyond belief to ignite a third world war. The knew paradigm is radical Islamic extremism = western intelligence operation, and the world won't be fooled again.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaa.....

Not really, not yet, but I will be. I better have a hell of an explanation, right?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Work is Done

Especially when I can't edit. Six fucking years was long enough. Oh, I got my cursor back! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Blog is Broken

 Update (10:30) back to the same old shit. Can't space, can't edit, can't do anything.

See what I mean? Spacing is all f**8ed up. I guess you guys got what you wanted. Truth is, after six long fucking years of futility I was tired of doing this. Everything I set out to prevent has or is coming to pass, so fuck you American people.  I was going to write a post saying I failed you, but the truth is you have failed me.  Your apathetic and willful ignorance has allowed it all, and you are going to be getting what you deserve. You have no idea the pin that awaits you. a (I tried to enter that a between the p and the i and you see where it landed)

Been going on for a week now. Might be able to get an article or two copied into a draft, but an't edit it after saving and closing. can't ev

Update (6:19): Now they work.

Update (6:49): works here, not at my other blog, otherwise thought of as the Obama years.  Go f***ing figure.

Update (9:36): still works here, not at other site.

Update (10:51): now the cursor works. Whatever.

11:00 check.  I'm done. Fuck this.