Thursday, June 28, 2012

Philly Fireworks on the Fourth of July



Symbology is very important.

Philadelphia was the American nation’s first capital and still possesses bragging rights as the ‘Birthplace of Independence’.

Additionally, the city hosted both the First & Second Constitutional Congresses, and later the Constitutional Convention that followed the Revolutionary War. The Declaration of Independence was signed here for pete’s sake. The first presidential mansion (George Washington’s) of course was here as well. Everywhere one looks there are constant reminders and references to Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, William Penn, Betsy Ross, etc., etc.

What target to better stir up and conflagrate the emotions of horror, despondency, disgust, pride & vengeance than the city of Brotherly Love under attack?

However, Philadelphia is also a city that has been beset with MAJOR ‘Urban Decay’ problems in recent years, even more so if one includes the Greater Philadelphia metro area, and in particular the semi-ghost towns of Camden and Chester just next-door, two of the most violent places in all of North America.

In terms of financial and cultural liabilities (as viewed through the eyes & minds of the wealthy elite), only Detroit, Baltimore and possibly St. Louis rank anywhere near Greater Philadelphia, as comparable urban wastelands of similar size.

Like the other cities just mentioned, Philadelphia has seen a steady population decrease over the last half-century, as well. This scarred old metropolis in fact has lost roughly a quarter of its population during that period.

Well, actually, it’s mostly just the White folks who’ve left en masse. Percentage wise, the Black and Hispanic populations have increased significantly over the same period. Even the Asian presence in the city has risen from virtually zero in 1970 to the now statistically relevant figure of 6.5%. The great White exodus though, has impressively matched the overall drop step by step, Whites accounting for 65% of the population in 1970 but just barely 40% in 2010.

It should also be worth mentioning that in recent years, and perhaps partially due to the demographics cited above, Philadelphia has become one of the ‘bluest’ cities in America. Indeed it is today veritably a ‘liberal’ bastion, somewhat analagous to an East Coast version of San Francisco. Barely 12% of the registered voting public now are still affiliated with the Republic Party.

Geography is important as well here, and access to the city (for a team of ne’er-do-wells) would be child’s play. Not only is Philadelphia situated amidst a veritable phalanx of freeways smack in the middle of the ‘Eastern Seaboard’ (only about 100 miles separates it from the large cities of New York & Baltimore, and only a little more to Washington DC), but the Delaware River leads directly from the Atlantic Ocean (similarly about 100 miles to the southeast) right up tothe city’s doorstep. While not big enough to accomodate giant ocean freighters or larger warships, the Delaware is still navigable for medium and smaller ships, and at least as importantly, would provide a rather effortless causeway for SUBMARINES (particularly suited for a hasty, yet stealthy, getaway). 


Well, part of the answer to this should be obvious to everyone. The fourth of July IS American Independence Day.

The City of Independence + the Day of Independence = Patriotic Jackpot.

But why THIS July 4th?

Well among other reasons*, the Occupy (Wall Street) Movement decided, way back last October, that it would hold a National General Assembly in Philadelphia on July 4, 2012. Yes, this is a rather transparent, though serious effort to correlate the gathering with the Constitutional Congresses and Conventions of two centuries ago. ‘Fiendishly’, the OWS group is going to ‘outrageously’ call for the reversal of the Citizens United ruling; revamped tax codes; single-payer Medicare for everyone (instead of the mandated insurance program known as Obamacare); and preventing both elected and appointed officials from ever working for the corporations they’re supposed to regulate, etc. etc. You know, ‘radical stuff’.

In a best-case scenario for them however (and worst case for the moneyed interests), this could ultimately serve as the LEGAL impetus and justification needed to push the movement towards a significantly more equitable and just society.

But again, simply the enduring presence of this potentially very significant Threat to the Pirate Capitalist Feudalism that is in power is merely one of several reasons that make the timing (and place) so important.*

Irregardless, 8 1/2 months will have been more than enough time for the ZIO-CON Black Ops Teams to have things ready and all put into place. 


What, are you kidding?

In one fell swoop, perhaps with a strategically placed mini-nuclear device near Independence Hall itself, Patriotic Fervor would be unleashed on an almost unbelievable scale.

As the initial fallout of the ‘attack’, you will see a nearly instantaneous wholescale invasion of Iran.
Even Russia and China, who both count Iran as a strategic trading partner, if not an actual ally, would dare not raise even a murmur after such a brutal ‘assault’ was neatly found to implicate the ‘land of the Ayatollahs’ (and Aryans too, but that’s another story).

Secondly, the Occupy movement will play the role of the ideal patsy facilitators: ‘Why, it was their flagrant anti-patriotism and callous attacks upon America’s cherished institutions (the banks?) that served as the conduit for this action!’

The two will be equated again and again by the evening puppetry spectacle that passes as televised news, until they are inseparable in peoples minds. ‘Opposition I-S Terrorism’, in ANY FORM. Get it?

Needless to say,  shortly thereafter you will then see the wiping out of dissent all across the land, and very likely not only in this country. The closest allies, Canada, England, Australia, etc., should soon follow suit.

Gone will be the ‘free’ internet as you’ve come to know it. Ditto the taken-for-granted ability to assemble and congregate. Say sayonara to speech and press as well, of course. Freedom of movement will not be overlooked either. You WANT to go to Dallas? You will be required to purchase, and then have approved, a special travel permit (just as certain big-rig drivers are obliged to do even today).

Don’t like the NDAA laws that Obama just signed, but secretly hope they’ll only be used for renegade ‘bad Americans’ in places like Yemen? Just wait until it is instituted VERY thoroughly in even the smallest communities in the country. Ever belong to the Green Party or attend an Ecumenical Council on Human Rights seminar? You will be on a ‘rancheria’ in Nevada or Montana in no time.

CHANGE WILL certainly be upon us.... 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where Are We, America?

You can be forgiven for wondering where I've been. 

Given the election results in Wisconsin, Greece, and other places I would say reaching for number 5 (frown).

"The Five Boxes of Liberty
  1. The Moving Box—right of association, in particular territorially via migration
  2. The Soap Box—right of free speech
  3. The Ballot Box—right to a voice in your government
  4. The Jury Box—right to a trial by jury of your peers
  5. The Ammunition Box—right to threaten or use appropriate violence in self-defense

And as we all know "those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

It's what I've spent six years here trying to prevent.