Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Picking Up the Pieces of the Mirror

Seven years bad luck for Google?

"All I Can Say is... "Whoomph, They it Is."

by Visible

Before I get into the text of today’s brief, whatever that is going to be, I want to let you know that for some reason, the comments section here at Smoking Mirrors has been shut down. There’s no evidence of why in my control panel. People who read here on a regular basis probably know that for months now I have not been able to control my page or font colors. There are other problems as well. Also, I can’t post anymore without having to do a lot of html-related editing and it takes me more than ten times as long to get anything up now. It’s been incipiently incremental (did I just say that? Does it even make sense? Heh heh…) and it’s getting worse. My web page was under regular attack as well.

I can’t reach the authorities at ‘Google’ BlogSpot and that is no more of an accident than what’s happening at my blogs… all my blogs are affected but so far only Smoking Mirrors has had comments cut off. Should they take the next step and attempt to silence me completely, you should go to and I’ll have some kind of a message there if worst comes to worst. As for comments, please go to Visible Origami and leave your Smoking Mirrors commentary there. I will also announce whatever is happening, if this blog disappears, at that site and if they all go… well… go to the webpage. For all I know I won’t even be able to put this up here now (oops… there’s another one of those strange comments by me). I’ll work around this one way or another. Okay… enough about me… let’s go to Visible’s perspective on the big spinning disco ball of the here and now.

Today's Brief... as follows

As I look out on the great sea of faces that are correctly identified as fish, I am reminded of something I will occasionally say… “It’s ironic that when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there.” They don’t look like the same people immediately. It takes a while for the government software to morph them into the mold.

Now some might say… “Visible, this is a great and historic moment. Let the people have their hopes and dreams for their brief hour of life.” If they were to say that, I would complement them on the elegance of their sentence structure first and then I would say, “Yes… I intend to give Obama a honeymoon period right up to the moment when I see if he uses the inaugural address I wrote for him.”

I hate to rain on anybody’s parade; certainly not on that great sea of dancing fish with their mouths open for the glittering confetti that hides the hooks. However, after all, they are fish and fish are plentiful and often tasty too. As long as there are oceans and seas, there will be fish to swim in them… unless we wind up in Terminator-Land and even then, there will be something swimming there and something will eat it or vice versa.

We now enter the scariest two and a half months of the last decade. As Zionist catamite, Joe Biden said; reading from the script handed to him, “I expect Obama to be tested by (insert the name of your favorite Boogeyman here) within the first six months.” That’s probably not verbatim but it’s close enough for rock and roll. Those six months start today.

You may be very, very sure that the pinheaded front man for the fascistas is going to be very motivated to do whatever he is told to do in these next 80 odd days. The moment the last lottery ball dropped, Plan B went into action. For some time, America has been under the control of some extremely nasty people and they’ve marched from condition to condition and from event to event all the way to where we are now standing, sitting, lying or whatever your posture may presently be.

People swept up in this moment’s euphoria are not going to want to hear this. They haven’t much wanted to hear much of anything that is an inconvenient truth. I’ve maintained for some time that the amount of stupid and deluded people is a lot greater than the hard core 30% regular cast from “The Trailer Park Boys”. As you can see… near half of the people chose to vote for a new standard bearer for the old regime. They were ready to be just as happy as they thought they were the last eight years for another four years with Senator Freeze-Dried and the woman who wants to be Greta Sustern’s replacement at Fox.

People think they won something. They’ve got this ticket in their hands and they are going to go down to the One Size Fits all Warehouse and claim their bright, shiny whatever the hell this thing is. They can put it on the mantel next to the photo of their dead son or daughter that didn’t come home from Iraq. For all I know, this thing will rotate and glow in the dark and they can use it for a TV antenna.

I have no way of knowing if Obama is a good man or not. I know he was groomed for this by particular forces since a good while ago. He’s a member of the Council of Foreign Relations that was set up by David Rockefeller who, as we all know, is… well; it’s hard to say what David is because there aren’t any words for it. Let’s just say that David is not one of the good guys in the same way that a T-Rex would not make a good house pet.

There’s an illusion that has been around for a long, long time and that illusion is that the man or woman who looks like they are in charge are actually in charge. Au contraire. There are exceptions to this, as in the case of dictators and sundry, yet even then there is the possible implication that something you can’t see is controlling them. In the case of Barack Obama, he hasn’t been around long enough to make even the usual work related associations of any length because he hasn’t been around for very long.

They’ve fast-tracked him to be sure. It’s not an accident that he’s on the Homeland Security committee that is run by Smoking Joe Lieberman. It’s also impossible to be associated with that particular operation and not know that 9/11 was an inside Job. It’s impossible to be a senator and not know this. Even an ordinarily curious mind might wonder what a dual national Zionist is doing heading that committee AND… that other dual national Zionists hold nearly all of the important posts over at Homeland Security as well as The Justice Department. No… don’t strain yourself. It’s mere coincidence that the two percent demographic happens to be where they are.

Let’s get back to the final days of the Boy Emperor, Bushligula. Well, going back isn’t the proper term because you’re in it now. You are “moving through a dimension of sight and sound.” Uh huh… The next 80 days, Bushligula is going to be wishing it was only James Gannon on his back instead of a fire-breathing dragon of a priapic butt bandit. As much as Bush may have enjoyed his Hollywood moments of mass murder, treason and all the rest of the crimes on his lengthy laundry list of offenses… this retarded psychopath does know the meaning of fear because, as some of us know, he’s a mortal coward. It’s there in the eyes for those with the ability to spot it. He’ll be having some interesting meetings now and going over some seriously bogus intel as his handlers plot which Tavistock robots to use in the coming ‘event’.

Let me be perfectly clear in a moment of digression here. If this new congress does not immediately move to get the machinery in operation to try this evil sonofabitch for war crimes then that should tell you all you need to know about what’s really going on for all the smiling fish and shining confetti of this historic moment filled with garlanded dancing girls and dreaming knights on horseback.

As I’ve said before, you really can’t expect the people who screwed things up to be the one’s to fix it.

I wish you well and I hope your dreams come true and I am ready and able to endure the sort of censure one can expect from pissing in the punchbowl but don’t say you haven’t been warned. I’m going to give Obama a period of grace, like I said… I’m not going to talk stink about the guy while he’s getting his pants on and shaving in the mirror; unless I see Rahm Emanuel headed for the White House as chief party planner. I might say something about that. I might do some bios for your edification of the genealogy and background on certain appointments but I’ll leave Obama alone for the moment.

In closing, I will say this… President Obama and anyone who cares about him and is in a position to do something had better vet the Secret Service well because there are some interests out there who would love to have Joe Biden in the driver’s seat. If Obama should seek to take the high road then he should know what has happened to others who have attempted that and take the necessary precautions. MLK and JFK should ring a few bells.

Alright… you can go back to dancing in the streets now. This is a Hollywood moment and there’s a catchy beat pumping out of the speakers. I sincerely hope your dreams come true. Just remember what kind of a hangover might be tap dancing in your head when the party’s over.