Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shame on You, World!

"Shame on You World - What More Evil Can You Do To Gaza Strip?

by Hiyam Noir, PalestineFreeVoice

Shame on You World Gaza Is Bleeding to Death
Photo Fady Adwan PalestineFreeVoice Images

November 11, 2008

GAZA-The impact of the long siege,with sudden and frequent electric outrage and the presence of the Israeli intruder is perceived by the Gaza Strip community as extremely devastating and humiliating.

When the electricity break down, the darkness consumes everything,the skies over this coastal Palestinian region, are very frightful until the children light their candles and their friends and families begin to march in protest, demanding a stop to the criminal embargo on Gaza Strip.

The European Union has legally claimed that the Israelis must follow international law and provide sufficient fuel to restart the power plant in Gaza Strip.However what the Israelis are providing in electric power to Gaza Strip is not enough, in consequence, the Gaza Strip community has plunged into darkness again.

After the siege began, at a first glance on the impoverished Gaza Strip,where more than 1.5 million Palestinian citizens live their lives,you can see empty streets and village roads, 90% of the daily routines of living in Gaza Strip has ceased from functioning,the main cause is the fuel crisis

The Gaza community,have shortage of basic services, in particular regarding, transport, sanitation and civil defense services.One of the effects of the monstrous, arrogant and barbaric siege a clear violation of international law,is a severely damaged sewage systems which has increased the deterioration of Gaza Strip environmental conditions.

Some residents living in rural areas in Gaza Strip do not have car service or access to other public transportation's.The residents have problem to travel to their family graves,many are suffering from medical problems, some traumatized residents even lose consciousness or die before the heroes in this drama, the tirelessly working, worn-out drivers and medical-rescue teams of the Gaza Strip ambulance service, arrives to transport the sick, wounded or dying people to hospital.

Pregnant women can sometimes not find transportation to do routine check-ups in medical clinics or give birth to their child.Water systems does not function close to hospitals,there are high levels of residual chlorine in drinking water, and arising health complications from the fuse of harmful oils, used frequent in transport vehicles instead of diesel.

As a result of the sudden cuts of electric power, usually during more than 12-18 hours, many residents including the children,are suffering from insomnia, deprived of their sleeping routines, people fall asleep in darkness,wake up in darkness.

Sometimes the breakdown of the electricity continues until the morning.When the power is turned on as sudden as it disappear,and while its last, the problems of the heavy sudden use of electricity, result in a severe lack of warm water, no warm water for a bath or a shower, no warm water to wash off your face when you wake up.

The devastating damage caused by the Israeli occupation, while in the process of growing up, the scale of the children's trauma is unmeasurable.The small children can not perceive clearly the meaning of the events unfolding, the older children and the young adults are anxious and depressed thinking of what they can expect of the future.

Compared with the life that flourished in the Palestinian community before the imperialism - Zionism arrived on Palestinian soil, the life nowadays in Gaza Strip is incomparable, and more then difficult to ratify.

Gaza Strip stands today at the edge of the threshold ,in becoming a humanitarian catastrophe.The unimagined suffering is further deepening day by day.There is no area excluded from this disaster, everything is significantly affected, in particular the infrastructure of education, health care, agriculture, industry, transport and the bakeries.

It is paramount for Palestinian supporters in the international community to activate serious efforts on all levels, in order to pressure state leaders,and human rights organizations all over the world, to force Israel to respect its obligations under international treaties and human right laws.