Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reading Newspapers Hurts

Today I found myself barely through the world and national sections before I found myself lacking in enthusiasm and overcome with a feeling of dejection. The lies, obfuscations, and agenda-pushing just get to me after a while. The repetitive nature of what I just describes is what is the worst. I compare it to something you would leave in the toilet after eating some corn; you know, the little pieces of truth that appear in an otherwise indistinguishable log of, well, you know what it is. Don't make me say it today please.

What is so tragic is that even a few years ago, I looked forward to reading the New York Times before going to school. Even when I began blogging after graduating I still would get my red and blue pens out and open the newly-purchased, shiny piece of you-know-what on top of the kitchen table with my hot cup of coffee (from the Asian Indians -- you know, Hindus). At the time I was also purchasing the Boston Globe and cross-referencing and cross-checking the stories. That all ended when I stopped purchasing the New York Times in 2008 as part of a series of New Year's resolutions.

(And you want to hear something even more peculiar? Since I stopped reading the Times, my visits to their websites have steadily declined to nearly nothing. I only go there now when a blog directs me)

Now, I can't even describe to you the pain that is within my chest, the feeling of... I can't really describe it. Disheartening isn't the right word; discouraging, yeah, but it doesn't capture the essence; enraging, yes, but that dissipates and then you are left with... ? Despair is what I'm feeling, but again, too mild a word. The repetitiveness of the agenda-pushing lies and omissions amalgamate to form a hydra of fronts to fight on, with multiple layers of deceptive division that need to be peeled back and examined in depth. And yet we never get any of that in the MSM newspapers I faithfully adhered to for so many years!

I still purchase the Boston Globe (see post below). Old habits are tough to kick -- talking decades of purchases -- and doesn't someone need to find the kernels amidst the lies?
But at what cost? My health? My very soul? Yours? How much time must I spend relinking and relinking little fart bleats of truth day after day after day? I get tired of that, hence tired of the agenda-pushing lies and obfuscations!

I don't know how far I'm going to get with the posting today, and I'm sorry to let you down, readers. Maybe it is time for me to take a break.
I'm looking at the paper on the desk now and I don't even want to touch it.