Thursday, November 6, 2008

Occupation Iraq: Israel's Post-It Bombs

"Definitely smells like Mossad's SOP.

"Bombing with 'sticky IEDs' rises in Iraq; Mid-, low-level officials targeted" by Ernesto Londono, Washington Post | October 10, 2008

Iraqi insurgents are increasingly using magnetically attached bombs known as "sticky IEDs" to assassinate mid- and low-level Iraqi officials, Iraqi and US officials said. Rigged with magnets so they will adhere to the undersides of automobiles and detonated by remote control or with timers, the bombs have been used in Iraq sporadically since 2004"

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"15 killed, dozens hurt in Baghdad bombings; Iraqi capital sees violence rise after quiet few weeks" by Riyadh Mohammed and Katherine Zoepf, New York Times News Service | November 5, 2008

BAGHDAD - Fifteen people were killed and dozens wounded by bombings in Baghdad yesterday, according to the police and hospital officials, part of an uptick in violence after a relatively quiet few weeks.

Wait until you get to the second article of the post!!

In al-Mashtal, a predominantly Shi'ite neighborhood in eastern Baghdad, an improvised explosive device hidden in a fishmonger's stall killed seven people and wounded 18 when it exploded in the afternoon.

A police colonel, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters, said that the explosion was caused by a so-called sticky IED, a small bomb with an adhesive backing that can be unobtrusively attached to the underside of a car, or even a table.

In al-Qahera, in northeastern Baghdad, another improvised explosive device killed four people and injured eight. Abu Rajaa, a shopkeeper who witnessed the blast, said it was caused by a sticky explosive device attached to a pickup truck parked in front of his shop.

Another bombing in Baghdad singled out the convoy of Ahmed al-Barak, a Shi'ite government official who leads a commission on property disputes. Barak was unharmed, but a passerby was killed and five of his bodyguards and several bystanders were wounded. Also yesterday, Iraqi customs police in Najaf Province announced the discovery of a large bag full of C4 explosives, wires, and detonators - enough materials to make half a dozen suicide vests, organized into individual do-it-yourself kits - near the Saudi border on Sunday night.


"Al-CIA-Duhs" Catch-and-Release Program

Saadon al-Jaberi, a spokesman for the customs police in Iraq's central region, said the bag was found after Iraqi customs police received intelligence reports that terrorists were trying to enter Iraq from Saudi Arabia. The American military did not comment, and it was not possible to independently verify the findings of the customs police. --more--"

Yeah, and the Zionist press would like to keep that quiet.

And remember what I noted above about the "uptick" in violence?

From today's paper:

"Military to reduce presence in Iraq" by Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press | November 6, 2008

WASHINGTON - Spurred on by a continued decline in violence, the US military will reduce its presence in Iraq to 14 combat brigades this month, at least two months earlier than originally planned. --more--"

They are something, aren't they? This tells us our force structure over there NEVER had to do with violence, and that the whole SURGE has been a DAMNABLE LIE!!

Sure looks like Bush won Iraq just before he left though, huh, Americans? Then why are we still there?