Saturday, November 1, 2008

Millions of Afghans Face Starvation

I've raged, I've railed, I've protested, I've called for an immediate halt to the slaughter. Rather than do that here, I'm just going to tell you how heartbroken I am.

Heartbroken that such misery has been inflicted on a people far away who NEVER DID ANYTHING TO US! That false-flag, black-op of 9/11 cuts to the soul of humanity with its false premises and wanton mass-murder (and
torture)!! No matter what you think of their culture, customs, or religion, they are INNOCENTS! EVERY SINGLE ONE!!

Some of you may be out there thinking "look at this guy wailing for the Muslims"; however, that has nothing to do with it. They are INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN who NEVER DESERVED this MISERY INFLICTED UPON THEM!

What do I want? What is my solution? Step one: STOP the KILLING, END the OCCUPATION(S), APOLOGIZE PROFUSELY, and HELP THEM if they want it! If they want us to leave them alone, well, that's fine, too!

"Millions of Afghans Face Starvation


An estimated 8.4 million Afghans are now suffering from 'chronic and transitory food insecurity. (Google)

What did those women and children ever do to deserve this?

October 31, 2008

With a combination of a summer drought, poor irrigation and rising global food prices, a famine is unveiling in Afghanistan with third of Afghans are suffering chronic food insecurity, a British think-tank warned on Friday, October 31.

"While the eyes of the world have focused on violence which is increasingly terrorist in character, an estimated 8.4 million Afghans, perhaps a third of the nation, are now suffering from 'chronic and transitory food insecurity'," Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) analyst Paul Smyth said in a press briefing on its website.

"Whatever the effect of insurgent violence on the UN-mandated mission in Afghanistan, it is widespread hunger and malnutrition that will place a greater obstacle in its progress." RUSI said that many Afghan have already started migrating from their areas in search of food. "Some are eating grass and a tiny number have died of starvation."

British charity Oxfam warned earlier this year that around five million Afghans are facing food shortages. RUSI warned that a famine will blow out when the snowy winter season begins:

"When temperatures plummet and snow cloaks the Hindu Kush, millions of desperate Afghans will look to the UN, ISAF and their own government for help or survival. If the international community is found wanting, we can expect increasing frustration and anger from a population which once saw the international intervention in Afghanistan as a source of hope."

Nearly 1,700 Afghans died in the severe winter last year.


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Whatever you think of the "
Taliban," they NEVER DID ANYTHING TO US!!!!

We ALL KNOW WHO REALLY DID that BLACK-BAG INSIDE JOB of 9/11, and it wasn't the tribals running around the hills avoiding US and NATO air bombs and artillery batteries!!!!