Thursday, November 6, 2008

Congress Approves of Colombian Killers


"GAO: Plan Colombia succeeds in part

BOGOTA - The nearly $5 billion US aid package known as Plan Colombia failed to meet its goal of halving illegal narcotics production in this Andean nation, says a US congressional report released yesterday.

The General Accounting Office report does, however, note that the mostly military assistance helped Colombia markedly improve security, with kidnapping and murder rates falling and the military greatly reducing the leftist rebel threat.

Keep reading to see why, readers.

"Prosecutors have been investigating a rise in alleged army killings of noncombatants with the aim of exaggerating unit performance against leftist rebels"

US officials are making it clear that aid for Colombia, an estimated $657 million in fiscal 2008, will now be trimmed because of the US financial crisis. Despite record aerial eradication, coca cultivation rose by 15 percent in this Andean nation during Plan Colombia's 2000-2006 run, the report says. --more--"

More on those KILLERS!!

"Colombian Army chief resigns; Acts after officers found negligent in civilian deaths" by Chris Kraul, Los Angeles Times | November 5, 2008

BOGOTA - The Army commander, General Mario Montoya, resigned yesterday amid a widening scandal surrounding the Colombian armed forces' alleged practice of inflating body counts by shooting innocent civilians and claiming them as guerrillas killed in combat.

Hey, you don't want the war to END, do you?

Family members said a dozen young men from the poor Bogota suburb of Soacha were lured by "recruiters" to the northern border state of North Santander on promises of high-paying jobs, then killed by the army and buried as anonymous guerrilla casualties.

Navanethem Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said at a press conference Saturday that extrajudicial killings were "widespread and systematic" and that international courts should investigate the alleged murders if Uribe failed to prosecute wrongdoers.

In October 2007, an assemblage of human-rights groups issued a report alleging that extrajudicial killings by the Colombian military had risen sharply over the previous five years. In July 2008, Montoya had received much of the credit for helping direct the dramatic rescue of three US hostages, former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and 11 others from leftist rebels who had held them hostage for more than five years.

Yeah, about that "rescue": Running With the "Rescue"

Is their NOT ONE TRUTH that the newspaper will tell?


Appointed head of the army in February 2006, Montoya led it to significant gains in its fight against the country's largest rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, regaining chunks of territory that had been under insurgent control. But Montoya has also been accused of questionable practices. Intelligence reports, for example, indicated that in 2002 he cooperated with paramilitary forces in a security sweep of a poor Medellin barrio that left 14 people dead. --more--"

We all know Colombia's army is a bunch of mass-murderers; it is just hidden in the Zionist papers because they are an ally and fulfilling their role!