Sunday, November 9, 2008

AmeriKa's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

(Blog author's note: I alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays)

"The Strange Case of Dr. Obama and Mr. Emmanuel

No… I don’t want to be here this morning writing about this. It’s not just because what I see is at odds with the majority view. That’s always been the case. It’s small comfort also that following events have proven me right most of the time. Believe me; I don’t want to be right. I’d much rather be wrong and find that I had misjudged the world and the motives and intentions of the people who think they run it.

I’ve considered just writing about other things for awhile, I thought that today I might write about the gay marriage thing. My take on that isn’t going to make a lot of people happy either. So be it. I’ll write about ‘this’ and that today. What’s ‘this’? This would be the strange case of Dr. Obama and Mr. Emmanuel.

In Mr. Emmanuel’s case he wakes up each morning thinking he’s a regular on The Sopranos. He likes to think he’s a bad ass who keeps the peace down on the docks and makes sure the right people are in charge of shipping and receiving. Maybe he is a bad ass the way some people are who know who to call when they want things done. It’s said he’s the Deputy Chief of Mossad for North America. Some say he’s the chief. His daddy was an Irgun terrorist who hasn’t sweetened in his old age.

In times past it was The Vatican that often ran things and some say it still does. Sometimes it was The Romans and sometimes it was the Greeks. Sometimes it was The Persians or somebody else. These days, the way it looks to me, it’s The Zionists. People will tell you that Ersatz Israel is the idea that Israel has a right to all of the land from Jerusalem to the banks of the Euphrates. I don’t know if that’s a circle drawn or just a push in a particular direction. What I do know is that it doesn’t stop at the Euphrates. I’ve come to see that Ersatz Israel means the whole world.

No one has ever taken over the whole world. Some mysterious something stops them. It could be something as simple as a stomach ailment or a coalition of nations. Sometimes these dreams of unending hegemony are destroyed from within when it becomes impossible to maintain all the outlying areas under occupation. Whatever it is, so far, it’s always shown up. The same thing is going to happen to Israel and the United States of Israel and all the little death squads operating around the world.

If this was another time and it was The Vatican, or The Romans or whoever it was, I’d be as opposed to them as I am presently opposed to The Zionists. It’s the idea of anyone believing that it’s okay to subdue and enslave others; the idea that it’s okay to practice genocide on a people that they displaced in their dreams of world conquest that gets to me. I don’t like bullies. I don’t like slavers. I don’t like the prisons of materialism that constrict movement and bind freedom to a wheel of enterprise for the profit of a few. I don’t like any of it and I never will.

No other nation on Earth is causing so many problems for the whole world as is Israel. Besides orchestrating 9/11 and ushering in an age of manipulated paranoia; besides engineering the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars, besides the present, tireless effort to attack Iran who hasn’t attacked another nation in eight hundred years, besides controlling the world’s press and the common mind with endless lies and misdirection, I guess it’s the Palestinian situation that bothers me the most. Before the Zionists came to Palestine there was relative peace in the Middle East. The actual, legitimate inhabitants of the so-called Holy Land lived without major conflict among each other. Arab Muslims, Jews and Christians lived side by side as if that were a perfectly natural thing to do. No matter what the historical revisionists say. No matter what lies are put forth about what was before and what came after, the Zionists went to Palestine and began systematically killing and expelling the residents of that land without any provocation but some phony, divine imprimatur from a make-believe God.

Since Israel was artificially carved out of Palestine there’s been talk of peace processes and failures and success but there is no peace process and only failure because the intention is that there will be no peace until the Palestinians are gone altogether and one has only to look at the shrinking map to see the truth of it. The Yom Kippur and Six Days War were all started by Israel and then blamed on others. The recent mass murder in Lebanon is a good example of how this sort of thing happens and how the cause of it is always laid at the doorstep of the victims. Israel is an abomination and one has only to study the words of the True Torah Jews to get some clarity from those most in a position to know. There are various places to go if one cares to know.

To even talk about certain aspects of proven lies can result in the destruction of one’s good name and even a prison sentence and no where else on Earth is this true about anything similar as it is with this. It would seem that the eternal victim is actually the greatest oppressor. To be quite simple, that’s how it is. That’s how it is.

Dr. Jekyll Obama has to know about these things. How can a man who speaks of hope and change appoint Mr. Hyde Emmanuel into a position that completely negates any possibility for ‘hope’ and ‘change’? Is it possible that Dr. Jekyll does not know what Mr. Hyde did when putting forth the most conservative Democrats in states across the land in 2006 so that it didn’t really matter who won? Does he not know how this compromised the promise to end the war in Iraq which was Dr. Hyde’s intention all along?

What are Zionist Jews doing in complete control of Homeland Security when Israel was the perpetrator of 9/11 to begin with, along with sympathetic agents in various intelligence services in America and abroad? Dr. Jekyll has to know this… or maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he doesn’t remember anything after he drinks the potion and Dr. Hyde appears.

There are a lot of people that Dr. Jekyll could have brought in to manage the laboratory. The strangest thing is that Dr. Jekyll has told the people he is going to usher in an era of hope and change and you really have to wonder what will happen when this hope and change comes about. I can’t imagine a more ‘in your face’ appointment. Twelve hours after winning the election, Dr. Jekyll went into the House of Hyde and then, ‘poof!’, ‘presto!’, ‘abracadabra!’…just like that, Dr Jekyll disappeared and only Dr. Hyde was left. It’s as if Siegfried and Roy vanished and left nothing but tigers on the stage.

No… I didn’t want to have to write about this. This makes me feel like I went to sleep in my bed and woke up next to a dumpster in some unknown city with an empty bottle in my hand. It makes me feel like some horror movie I was watching on TV crawled into my living room like the guy in Wes Craven’s, “Shocker”. It is starting to look like we are up that particular creek, not only without a paddle but without a canoe as well.

I think I’ll just move right on to my next piece on the Gay Marriage issue which will feel like switching from the shower scene in “Psycho” to “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”. Well, Thanksgiving is coming and you get one guess as to who the turkey on the table is going to be. The good news is that it looks like Christmas is going to be cancelled. The bad news is what you are going to be celebrating instead.

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