Friday, November 21, 2008

America's Number One Bigot

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Now I am not going to dignify by repeating any of the manure spread around about our former President by these insects, because anyone who regularly stops by the homosapien underground already knows the truth. So do [America's true bigot numeral uno] and the rest of the Zionist hornets nest inhabitants. They know the truth, they simply don't want the rest of the American Riff-Raf getting wind of it. And we all know they get a lot of assistance from America's Zionist media in order to keep the lid on. So I simply challenge the hornets to invite an expert in Apartheid, the beloved international statesman, Mr. Nelson Mandela, to Israel, to resolve the Apartheid controversy once and for all. If anyone knows apartheid, Mr. Mandela does. Mr. Mandela, you may recall, was a leader of an organization dedicated to overthrowing the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Now you should fully expect the queen hornet of Zionism to cry foul here. You see, Mr. Mandela, my designated umpire for the resolution of this dispute, spent a good portion of his life in a South African prison. And though eventually the world would come to see his captors apartheid regime as the pariah that it was, it continued to have one true and steadfast friend. That would of course be their kindred spirit in apartheid, Israel. Israel from its inception was a true blue supporter of the racist regime, supplying arms and military expertise to the South African Army, Navy and Air-force. They even offered their border policing expertise to South Africa to keep out those seeking to overthrow their friends brutal government. In exchange, South Africa provided Israel with shipments of uranium (and of course blood diamonds) that later provided the material for its nuclear weapons. There should be no doubt that Israel's wonderful friendship with the racist government lengthened Mr. Mandela's stay in prison. It also lengthened the period that Black South Africans were subjected to their hideous oppression. Thus there is a potential for bias on Mr. Mandela's part.

Mr. Mandela however is a man that is larger than life. He has already forgiven his enemies. I expect he has also forgiven Israel for its complicity in his peoples oppression as well. Consequently, he remains the perfect person to determine if Israel is, or is not, an apartheid state. I expect our former president will be completely exonerated and his observations about Israel confirmed after Mr. Mandela has completed his investigation. Then you will clearly see America's true bigot numeral uno. He resides at Harvard Law School....

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