Saturday, August 30, 2008

War Criminal Has More Credibility Than U.S. Official

At this point, I'm willing to believe Karadzic over some gloabalist U.S. liar!

"Karadzic refuses to plead at tribunal; Bosnian Serb ex-chief challenges court's legitimacy" by Kevin Sullivan, Washington Post | August 30, 2008

LONDON - Former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has argued in submissions to the court that the proceedings against him are illegal because he was offered immunity from prosecution by former US diplomat Richard Holbrooke. Karadzic suggested that Holbrooke, who negotiated the Dayton peace agreement ending the Bosnian war, promised that Karadzic would not be sent to The Hague if he did not subvert the Dayton deal.

Holbrooke has denied any such arrangement, calling it a "completely untrue" and "an old story by one of the worst mass murderers in the world." Prosecutors told the court that even if such a deal existed, it would have no legal standing at the tribunal.

U.S breaking its word again.

You would think these guys would learn not to trust us.


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Btw, The timing and causes of Milosevic's death are still suspicious!!!

"In March 2002, Milosevic presented the Hague tribunal with FBI documents proving that the United States government and NATO provided financial and military support for Al-Qaeda to aid the Kosovo Liberation Army in its war against Serbia.... Evidence linking him to genocides like Srebrenica, in which 7,000 Muslims died, was continually proven to be fraudulent. In fact, Srebrenica was supposedly a 'UN safe zone', yet just like Rwanda, UN peacekeepers deliberately withdrew and allowed the massacre to unfold, then blamed Milosevic."

Nothing is EVER AS IT SEEMS in the lying, agenda-pushing AmeriKan press, folks!

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