Saturday, August 30, 2008

Americans Can Kill Afghans With Impunity

Can you say fascist dictatorship, America?

Because you got a fuehrer!!!!!

"The note delves into arcane issues such as customs duties and driver's licenses. It devotes only a few sentences to "the conduct of ongoing military operations," giving US troops "a status equivalent" to diplomatic immunity and exempting them from any Afghan "disciplinary authority" or legal jurisdiction"

"US, Afghan military relations governed by diplomatic note" by Karen DeYoung, Washington Post | August 30, 2008

WASHINGTON - For the past six years, military relations between the United States and Afghanistan have been governed by a two-page "diplomatic note" giving US forces virtual carte blanche to conduct operations as they see fit.

Although President Bush pledged in a 2005 declaration signed with Afghan President Hamid Karzai to "develop appropriate arrangements and agreements" formally spelling out the terms of the US troop presence and other bilateral ties, no such agreements were ever drawn up.

But following a US-led airstrike last week that United Nations and Afghan officials have said killed up to 90 civilians - most of them children - Karzai has publicly called for a review of all foreign forces in Afghanistan and a formal "status of forces agreement," along the lines of an accord now being negotiated between the United States and Iraq.

The prospect of codifying the ad hoc rules under which US forces have operated in Afghanistan since 2001 sends shudders through the Bush administration. Although most civilian war deaths in Afghanistan are caused by Taliban forces, those resulting from the highly visible airstrikes are a particular cause of public outrage that neither Karzai nor the administration can afford to ignore.

Yeah, the Taliban are the ones doing the killing.

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US forces operate up to 90 percent of all strike aircraft in the country.

Translation: the MURDERS are OURS, Americans! Ain't you proud?

The note delves into arcane issues such as customs duties and driver's licenses. It devotes only a few sentences to "the conduct of ongoing military operations," giving US troops "a status equivalent" to diplomatic immunity and exempting them from any Afghan "disciplinary authority" or legal jurisdiction.

Similar legal immunity is included in US status-of-forces agreements with more than 80 countries. Civilian casualties, long a recurring problem in Afghanistan, tripled last year as thinly spread US and NATO forces grew more dependent on air power against a resurgent Taliban.

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Although the number of civilian deaths attributed to international forces during combat action on the ground has remained relatively static at fewer than 100 each year, casualties due to air strikes have reached more than 200 through the first eight months of this year, compared with 321 in 2007 and 116 in 2006.

Translation: The "international forces" are HIDING THEIR MASS-MURDER!!!!!! With the AMERIKAN JEWSMEDIA'S HELP!!!!!!


So how do you know I'm right and they are liars, readers? Observe:

"Joint inquiry on deaths of Afghans proposed" by Carlotta Gall, New York Times News Service | August 30, 2008

KABUL, Afghanistan - In an interview in his Kabul headquarters, General David D. McKiernan said he did not agree with the UN and Afghan government reports that as many as 90 civilians had been killed in the bombardment. But he raised the military's tally of all those killed, including militants, to up to 40.

And your proof is what, mass-murdering asshole? Because YOU SAY SO?


His overall estimate was slightly higher than that of an official Pentagon review released this week, which repeats the military's earlier assessment that five civilians and 25 militants were killed in the raid on the night of Aug. 21 and into the early morning of Aug. 22. But McKiernan also contended only five civilians had been killed.

How do they know that? What investigating did this prick-shit military do?

Answer: NONE!!!! They are JUST SAYING IT!

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If the Afghan and UN reports prove to be accurate, the raid by US and Afghan special operations forces on the village of Azizabad may have been the deadliest for civilians of any carried out by US forces in Afghanistan since 2001. It has also exposed a wide gulf between the US military and the United Nations and Afghan government.

Do they ever qualify the "sucide" bombers, readers? Ever give them an IF?!?

And as far as the UN vs. the US, I'll believe the U.N. on this one!!!

AmeriKa's military LIES!!!!!!!!

McKiernan said he was not informed before the UN special representative in Afghanistan, Kai Eide, issued his statement that a human rights team had found convincing evidence that 90 people, including 60 children, had been killed in the air strikes.

"I am very disappointed in the United Nations because they have not talked to this headquarters before they made that release," the general said. "I share his concern about civilian casualties," he said of Eide. "But what I believe is that we have to work together to find out what the facts are before we make public announcements."

This from the KNEE-JERK DENIERS who then come back after their "investigations" and say, yeah, we did it!!

Finding out facts before making public announcemnets might be a good idea for your LYING, LAW-BREAKING, MASS-MURDERING, WAR-CRIMINAL BOSSES, too, asshole!!!!!!

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