Saturday, August 30, 2008

Katrina the Sequel

God is speaking to you, Americans, and he ain't happy with you and your mass-murdering ways.

"Gustav strengthens into hurricane; Katrina's 3d anniversary is marked ; May strike US by next week" by John Moreno Gonzales, Associated Press | August 30, 2008

NEW ORLEANS - The news came only hours after New Orleans laid to rest the last seven unclaimed Katrina victims. A horse-drawn carriage brought the bodies for entombment at a memorial site, and the mayor helped guide a gleaming casket into a mausoleum.

They are only consecrating the bodies from Katrina NOW -- just in time for the next killer!!!? Can you say GOVERNMENT NEGLIGENCE, readers?!

The ceremonies were tinged with an awareness of how far the city has come since Katrina, but also a trepidation about the possibility of another storm.

Oh, really?

"Though pockets of New Orleans are well on the way to recovery, many neighborhoods have struggled. Many residents still live in temporary trailers, and shuttered homes still bear the black "X" that was painted to help rescue teams looking for the dead."

Doesn't sound like it has come that far -- unless you are an elite richer and their MSM mouthpiece!

"I think God is reminding us that on the eve of Katrina, God can bring nature back," said Russell Honore, the retired Army general who headed up rescue efforts three years ago.

See? Even the general agrees!!!

Gustav has been blamed for 71 deaths on its path through Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

That number goes up every day, but still gets one sentence.

Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi had already called for the evacuation of Katrina-scarred residents still living in trailers and other temporary housing.

Yeah, but the place has recovered. Still in those POISONOUS TRAILERS after THREE YEARS?

America, how much more evidence do need to convince you this government DOESN'T GIVE a SHIT about you?

This?: FEMA Seeks Immunity for Willful Negligence and Poisoning of Americans

New Orleans said it is prepared to move 30,000 residents in an evacuation. Unlike Katrina, there will be no massive shelter at the Superdome, in fact, no shelter at all was planned for the city. It was unclear what would happen to those left behind.

Well, we can take a pretty good guess based on the past conduct of this criminally negligent government!