Friday, August 29, 2008

War Lobby Stronger than Chicken Lobby

I guess it depends on which "bidness" you are in that determines whether your concerns will be heard.

"Russia bans 19 US poultry producers" by Associated Press | August 29, 2008

MILWAUKEE - The nation's chicken producers faced more bad news yesterday as Russia said that 19 US poultry producers will be barred from exporting their products there, a move that would deprive them access to a key market.

Meat producers are grappling with high costs for grain and fuel and an oversupply of meat that is keeping prices down. They're focusing on exports, which are seen as key to offsetting domestic weakness and they're benefiting because of the weak US dollar.

Seems strange and a bit odious that there is an 'oversupply" of meat when so many in America are starving and hungry!

Russia is an important market for many poultry producers, including the nation's largest chicken producer, Pilgrim's Pride Inc., as well as Sanderson Farms Inc. and Tyson Foods Inc., the world's largest meat company.

Shares of many meat producers, including top hog producer Smithfield Foods Inc., tumbled yesterday on worries about potential cuts by Russia to chicken and pork imports.

Maybe if they were Zionist firms their concerns would be taken more seriously. I wonder how many illegals these plants are employing, too.