Saturday, August 30, 2008

That Cab Ride Will Cost You

This is for all those who think the hot air surrounding global warming isn't important.

You PAY for the HOT FART MIST, America, in more ways than one.

"For cabs, higher fares and hybrid future; Credit card machines also mandated for Boston" by Stephanie Ebbert, Globe Staff | August 30, 2008

A cab ride across Boston just got more expensive, though potentially less annoying and polluting.

A Boston taxi trip will now cost $5 for the first mile and $2.80 a mile after that, up from $2.40 - one of the highest rates in the nation. At the same time, cabdrivers are being required to phase in an all-hybrid fleet, to install credit card machines, and to stop, except in special circumstances, chatting on cellphones with passengers in the back.

Boston cabs will now charge higher rates than New York, San Francisco, Chicago, or Miami.

"It's a constant source of customer complaint to us that the driver was on the cellphone, which is why it [the ban] was originally conceived," said police Captain Robert Ciccolo.

Patrick B. Moscaritolo, president and chief executive officer of the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau, said: "Everybody's having to give a little here. The passenger has to give in terms of paying a little bit more. The owner has to give in terms of investing in these newer vehicles. And the drivers have to give in terms of looking at this job as a profession, rather than as a sideline."

Yup, SPREAD THOSE CHEEKS, Americans!!!!!!

Though some taxi drivers are embracing the use of hybrid vehicles for the boost in mileage, many remain skeptical and resist the idea of a requirement.

"What we oppose is the time frame - and the fact that these cars have not become mandatory for other governments and agencies," Donna Blythe-Shaw, an international staff member for the United Steelworkers union, said.

Oh, so the GOVERNMENT doesn't have to CONVERT, huh?

Yeah, MORE FUCKING FART MIST HYPOCRISY from the fucking globalist agenda-pushers of government!!!

Yup, I am going to let fly with a FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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