Friday, August 29, 2008

Occupation Iraq: Shit Shovel Deluxe

I'm sick of horse shit propaganda, as you can probably tell from my commentaries and limited MSM posts today. I've had it, I've truly had it.

"Senior Iraqi official accused of militia ties; Suspected of aiding bombing that killed 10" by Robert H. Reid, Associated Press | August 29, 2008

BAGHDAD - A senior official in Nouri al-Maliki's government was in custody yesterday, suspected of ties to Iranian-backed Shi'ite militias and plotting a June bombing that killed 10 people, including four Americans, Iraqi authorities said.

The arrest of Ali al-Lami - taken Wednesday as he left a plane arriving from Lebanon - reinforced suspicions about Tehran's influence within the Shi'ite-led Iraqi government and could open wider investigations into Shi'ite networks, including possible links to Lebanon's Hezbollah.

That does it!

I'm cutting the rest of this propaganda piece, except for the last paragraph!

Separately, the military said a US soldier died of wounds he received after coming under fire while patrolling northern Baghdad on Wednesday. Another soldier was killed in a roadside bomb attack while on patrol yesterday in Baghdad, the military said.

Baghdad? Killed in Baghdad? I thought the surge secured that shit?


Btw, no report from the ongoing operations in Diyala, huh?

No Iraqis killed yesterday, shit-eater MSM?