Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hillary Supporters Back Palin

So says the AmeriKa's falgship purveyor of horseshit!

"Can You Cross Out ‘Hillary’ and Write ‘Sarah’? "by Kate Zernike

Democrats, who make up the party that has long claimed the bigger pool of up-and-coming women, were quick to dismiss Ms. Palin as not experienced enough to be a heartbeat from the presidency. Mrs. Clinton’s supporters will never back her, they insisted, because she is against abortion rights.

Not. So. Fast. That underestimated, or at least underappreciated, the raw feelings of many Clinton supporters, and particularly the women among them, despite the almost flawless display of harmony in Denver.

At the very least, Ms. Palin’s selection unleashes gender as a live issue again, just when Democrats thought they had it under control. (This might not be a bad time for Mr. Obama to reconsider that question of retiring Mrs. Clinton’s campaign debt.)

What is that, a little NYT joke? Look at this shit fucking journalism.

Yeah, the gender issue is live again -- just as the agenda-pushing dividers and propagandists at the NYT want!

And I guess gender is only an issue for Democrats, huh? I guess Republicans are allowed to be misogynists, etc., that's not a problem.

Lynn Hackney and Kim Hoover might perfectly illustrate the emotions of those whom Ms. Palin counts as “not finished yet.” They had gathered 20 equally passionate Hillary supporters at their home in Washington on Tuesday to watch Mrs. Clinton’s speech. “The Kleenex was flowing,” said Ms. Hackney, who declared the speech “brilliant.”

Thursday, when 38 million Americans watched Mr. Obama’s speech, they watched a movie, “The Squid and the Whale.” No matter what Mrs. Clinton urged, they cannot support Mr. Obama.

“To go against Hillary is not easy for us,” Ms. Hackney said. “We don’t take that lightly. We just don’t think he has a message. We don’t think he’s good for women.”

And McCain is better for you?

“It’s not about being bitter for Hillary,” she said. Still, “I think the Democratic Party took women for granted in the primary, they didn’t step on sexism when they should have, and I can’t support them.” Her phone, she said, began “burning up” when Mr. McCain announced Ms. Palin as his choice. “The fact that he went out on a limb to pick a woman, I’m very impressed by that.”

Then go ahead and vote for the fossil, who gives a fuck?

Yes, they said, they were troubled by Ms. Palin’s opposition to abortion rights. But Ms. Hoover said she felt betrayed by pro-choice groups, and in particular politicians like Senators Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who were helped into office by pro-choice groups like Emily’s List but came out early to support Mr. Obama over Mrs. Clinton, despite her being the first viable pro-choice woman to run for president.

Ms. Hoover has stopped giving to Emily’s List as a result. “It doesn’t make sense to me that, frankly, Emily’s List didn’t hold them accountable for having been elected on that platform but then not supporting that platform,” she said. “The setback for the pro-choice movement is almost deserved.”

That makes me HAPPY! See: My Abortion Evolution

How are they not supporting the platform? Obama is pro-choice, too!!

These bitches will grab at anything to hold on to their bitterness.

Let it go, "ladies."

Lanny Davis, who was special counsel to President Bill Clinton and who came to exemplify the die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter so much that he was barely speaking to a son who supports Mr. Obama.

And these are the "tolerant" liberals, huh (Davis also a Zionist, readers)?

At the same time, the move is such a bald bid for the women’s vote that it might backfire. It seems likely that most Clinton supporters backed their candidate for her experience, not her gender. They may resent being reduced to the sum of their hormones.

They don't seem to resent when the paper turns every woman's issue into a referendum on abortion. I guess women don't care about war, peace, economy, spying, etc, etc, etc. They only care about themselves, huh, NYT?