Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last Day For MSM Newspapers?

It could well be, readers.

Therefore, the amount of posts to this blog may be receding. For the third day in a row, the Boston Globe (which I purchase every morning for three bits) has driven me into a rage with its agenda-pushing crap.

This comes from a faithful, decades-long purchaser, reader, and consumer. Even as little as two years ago I still looked forward to getting my AmeriKan newspapers (I still bought the New York Times then), getting out my pens and deciding which stories and items I would cover.

Now, I can't even get past the first page without anger at the agenda-pushing lies, and the flip-through is horrendous. In fact, I think it's giving me chest pains today. Maybe it was the hyperventilating sighs as I turned the pages and read the articles.

I don't think I'll be highlighting as much today, and the commentaries may be a bit sparse. I've simply had it with the lying, distorting and obfuscating of AmeriKan "newsmedia."

There are simply too many other good blogs to read and post, and too many other things to do rather than waste time with newspapers