Friday, August 29, 2008

Another AmeriKan MSM Lie About Russia

Yeah, I am STEAMING about this one!

Nothing like putting up a BIG, STINKING, FUCKING LIE, Zionist-controlled AmeriKan MSM!

Please see:
China Sides With Russia

Now read this to find out what LIARS the AmeriKan JEWSMEDIA IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Russia fails to gain support on Georgia action from Asia" by Olga Tutubalina and Peter Leonard, Associated Press | August 29, 2008


DUSHANBE, Tajikistan - China and several Central Asian nations rebuffed Russia's hopes of international support for its actions in Georgia, issuing a statement yesterday denouncing the use of force and calling for the respect of every country's territorial integrity.

WTF is with the GOD-DAMN LYING, Amerikan jewsmedia?!!

A joint declaration from the six-member Shanghai Cooperation Organization also offered some support for Russia's "active role in promoting peace" following a cease-fire, but overall it appeared to increase Moscow's international isolation.


Russia's search for support in Asia had raised fears that the alliance would turn the furor over Georgia into a broader confrontation between East and West, pitting the United States and Europe against their two main Cold War foes.

That's what the GLOBALIST MASTERS are HOPING FOR, not fearing!!!!

China has traditionally been wary of endorsing separatists abroad, mindful of its own problems with Tibet and Muslims in the western territory of Xinjiang. The joint statement made a point of stressing the sanctity of borders - two days after Russia sought to redraw Georgia's territory.

The GOD-DAMN LIES get to be a BIT MUCH, don't you fucking think, shit MSM?!!!!!!

The Asian alliance's statement offered some praise of Moscow's actions, at least in the context of the peace deal signed five days after the war began Aug. 7. The alliance said it supports "the active role of Russia in promoting peace and cooperation in the given region."

In other words, the Asians DID NOT REJECT Russia!!!

Readers, seriously, what is with the GOD-DAMN LYING AmeriKan jewsmedia LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

The four Central Asian members of the group - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan - all seemed reluctant to damage their relations with Europe and the United States.

I'm so sick of SHIT being passed of as "news!"

In a rare gesture of conciliation, Russian forces turned over 12 Georgian soldiers on the border of Abkhazia. The Georgians were seized Aug. 18 and paraded - blindfolded and hands tied behind their backs - on top of Russian armored vehicles. The soldiers appeared unharmed yesterday.


FUCK YOU, AmeriKan jewpress!!!!!!!!!!!!

But there was also new conflict in the region. South Ossetia claimed to have shot down an unmanned Georgian spy plane that was scouting the skies over the republic. Georgia denied the report and its parliament later urged the country's leadership to break off diplomatic relations with Russia, calling it an "aggressor country."

Yup, MORE GEORGIAN AGGRESSION minimized by the jewshit AmeriKan press -- and I am FUCKING TIRED OFF IT!!!


Oh, and about the EU:

BRUSSELS - Struggling for a coherent response to the Russian military actions in the Caucasus, senior European Union diplomats yesterday agreed to increase assistance to Georgia but shied away from threats to impose tough sanctions against Moscow.

Four hours of discussion in Brussels ended with an agreement to review relations with Russia, condemn its actions in Georgia and warn that business cannot continue as usual.

Reliant on Russia for much of its energy needs, the EU knows it has limited leverage over Moscow and experts have warned that most of the potential sanctions would prove ineffectual - or even counterproductive.

Hey, go piss 'em off, EU, so you can FREEZE this winter for the holy shit stink state of USrael!!!!