Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Last Day I Buy the Boston Globe

This is the same thing the New York Times did, and I will never purchase them again.

"The newsstand price of the daily Globe outside of Greater Boston will increase to $1. The increase is the result of rising operations costs, including newsprint, labor, and materials."

A 33% increase for a scitte sheet of lies?

They want me to pick up the tab for their failings due to the incessant lies and agenda-pushing garbage?!!

And what is truly sad, they actually have a few worthy (in their own slanted, biased way of presentation) articles. I'll be picking and posting today, readers, but this may be the last day. I've noticed when I don't purchase a newspaper, I'm less likely to go to the website, read the articles, or post from AmeriKan MSM. Used to have tons of articles up here directing to NYT and BG, but with the budget-saving measure to be imposed by me tomorrow, I expect even less from them now.

The relationship is finally over, readers, and truthfully, reading the AmeriKan MSM hasn't been a good experience.
The raging soliloquys are testament to that.