Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lebanese Love U.N.

Probably because they are preventing another Israeli assault and invasion!!!!

Nothing about the daily Israeli violations of the no-fly zone, and a p.r. piece for UN troops in the Middle East.

This is globalist agenda-pushing at its best (worst).

"UN mission in Lebanon brings inner peace; Troops use culture to combat trauma" by Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times | August 31, 2008

EBEL AL-SAQI, Lebanon - The yoga instructor chuckles, and the three-dozen or so women follow along, giggling nervously before bursting through some invisible layer of restraint or sorrow and laughing with abandon. Grins widen into smiles, tentative squeals bloom into full-bore howls.

The yoga instructor is teaching inner peace, but he's also trying to keep the peace: He's Warrant Officer Mal Singh of the Indian Army, part of a 30-year-old United Nations force stationed in Southern Lebanon. The laughs die out, some of the women wiping tears from their eyes as they gather up their handbags and head home.

"If we feel peace inside ourselves, maybe we will have peace," says Hoda Munzer, a 35-year-old owner of a nearby clothing shop, who has taken a break from work to attend the class with her 9-year-old daughter, Sueen, in this hilltop community near the Israeli border.

For decades, southern Lebanon has been shaken by war, most recently in 2006, when fighting between Israel and the militant group Hezbollah displaced 1 million people and wrecked dozens of towns and villages. The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, or UNIFIL, is perhaps not aptly named: It has been here since March 23, 1978, its numbers bolstered to about 13,000 after the 2006 conflict.

Yup, the shit jewsmedia of the U.S. can't even say ISRAEL INVADED!!!!

I am SO SICK of the fucking JEW BIAS of the AmeriKan MSM and HERE I GO AGAIN!!!! ANGER!!!!!

While serving here, the blue-bereted troops also try to heal the psychic wounds of traumatized residents, serving as cultural ambassadors of sorts. In addition to the Indian troops' yoga instruction, French troops have taught the many Francophone residents courses in poetry.

Chinese troops demonstrate tai chi, and the South Koreans offer tae kwon do. The Spaniards teach Español, now trendy in Lebanon. Italians have shown off their pizza-making skills. The UN peacekeepers also offer medical and dental clinics and computer classes, and they have plans to supply more artificial limbs for people wounded by old land mines and other ordnance.

Yeah, left there by ISRAEL!!!

See: Israel and the Bomblets

The efforts are all meant to endear the troops to a local population that has violently resisted incursions by Israeli, French, American, and Syrian forces over the decades.

This kind of shit bias towards the west and Zionists is really steaming me. Better get through this article quick!!!

"When we do such things, it brings us closer to the people," said Major Rishi Raj Singh of the 850-strong Indian battalion stationed here. "The return is immeasurable. We don't spend a lot of money, and it's immensely popular."

It's part of the changing nature of UN peacekeeping operations since they began 60 years ago on May 29, 1948, when the fledgling world body dispatched its first batch of blue-helmeted international troops to maintain a truce between the newly founded state of Israel and its Arab neighbors.

"The warfare environment is much more complex than before," says Major Chang Sec-jeun of the South Korean force based near the Shi'ite town of Burj Rahhal. "You have to consider not just military dimensions, but nonprofit organizations, economics, and civilian life. We keep the peace with the local population. We keep the peace together."

The South Koreans teach tae kwon do in workshops that attract up to 50 young students, many of them on edge over Lebanon's simmering conflicts. "The tae kwon do helps release their frustration and stress and give them . . . what do you call it? Catharsis?" Chang said.

The troops have set up tae kwon do studios in three Southern Lebanese towns. They hope to have two more by the end of summer, eventually offering 10 classes a week for up to 500 people. The students, ages 11 to 13, line up in formation at the beginning of each class.

"We learn to concentrate and control ourselves," says Abbas Hammoud, a 13-year-old who, like many children, suffered nightmares after the 2006 war. "And to defend ourselves."

Tae kwon do classes not only build character, but also create good will among a key population group, Chang says. "It's not just physical training," he says. "It's also mental and spiritual."

Yoga, tae kwon do, and pizza are temporary salves, but for at least an hour a week, the women concentrate on personal serenity, not the ever-present possibility of war.

"Yes, there have been many wars, but everybody here loves life," says Amal Ashqar, a 32-year-old with dark brown hair to her shoulders.

"Yoga teaches us about flexibility and friendship. We think about the way we breathe and the way we stand. It gives us peace."

Yeah, the U.N. brings peace, right!

What is sad is when I was a full-blown lefty, I actually believed in that piece of shit globalist organization.

After finding out they run sex rings and poison people with their vaccines as well as their plans for global government, they can forget it now!